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Modern technology meets the design of nature.

A ground-breaking, lifelong alternative to wood and stone floors. Aesthetics and performance must coexist in modern living. With the introduction of cutting-edge technical solutions, flooring accuracy and precision have reached whole new heights. FLOORMONK® Floor offers a wide variety of products that embody high-end luxury and style. It is flooring with mesmerising designs and the greatest craftsmanship.

About Floormonk

Floormonk SPC Structure

Why To Choose SPC Over LVT, Laminate Or Ceramic

If you're wondering why SPC flooring is superior than any other sort of flooring materials in every aspect,
read on to learn about some of its important characteristics.

Product Application

Whether it's a bustling workplace, a cosy house, a quaint new shop, a fancy restaurant, or a lavish hotel lobby.
There are several uses for FLOORMONK® SPC flooring.

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