Introducing the
Future of Flooring

India’s Leading Manufacturer Of Premium SPC Flooring.

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Introducing the
Future of Flooring

India’s Leading Manufacturer Of Premium SPC Flooring.

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Modern technology meets the design of nature

A ground-breaking, lifelong alternative to wood and stone floors. Aesthetics and performance must coexist in modern living. With the introduction of cutting-edge technical solutions, flooring accuracy and precision have reached whole new heights. FLOORMONK® Floor offers a wide variety of products that embody high-end luxury and style. It is flooring with mesmerising designs and the greatest craftsmanship.

Floormonk SPC Structure

Our Recent Projects

Elevate your space with SPC floors, the embodiment of durability, sophistication, and water resistance.


Project Location: France

SPC Flooring Shade: Luna


Project Location: Rajkot

SPC Flooring Shade: Alamo

District Court

Project Location: Pune

SPC Flooring Shade: Bari

Living Room

Project Location: Surat

SPC Flooring Shade: Luna


Project Location: Ahmedabad

SPC Flooring Shade: Fluid


Project Location: Nepal

SPC Flooring Shade: Velish

Why choose SPC over Vinyl, Laminate or Ceramic

Experience the beautiful similarity to wood as well as the material's affordability, toughness, and environmental friendliness. Say goodbye to traditional flooring and hello to SPC for a stunning and long-lasting flooring experience.

Product Application

Whether it's a bustling workplace, a cosy house, a quaint new shop, a fancy restaurant, or a lavish hotel lobby.
There are several uses for FLOORMONK® SPC flooring.

Relive The Beauty Of
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