11 Myths About Laminate Flooring

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11 Myths About Laminate Flooring

  • Sep 20 , 2022
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11 Myths About Laminate Flooring


Choosing the proper flooring for your house or workplace requires research. It's practically hard to choose the best option until you understand the facts.  This really is particularly true in the case of floors. In addition to the numerous options, your selection will be permanent. Several customers who want an economical yet long-lasting floor alternative pick laminate flooring. 
Laminate floors produced now closely mimics hardwood because it is composed of recycled lumber compressed with polymers extensively diffused and analyzed. Yet, there are some misunderstandings concerning this floor option that some customers are typically hesitant to go for it.
This article lists the most commonly held myths and examines them to determine whether there is any merit to these myths. So may form an opinion as to whether laminate flooring is appropriate for your household or workplace. 

The 11 Most Common Myths about Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has always been popular for a long time because of its lifelike aesthetics, long-lasting wear surface, and low cost. However, with such a lengthy background comes a plethora of myths. We have detailed below the most common types of myths that are going around against Laminate flooring, so as to help you make up your mind.

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Laminate Flooring Is Not a Lasting Option

One of the biggest myths that surround Laminate flooring is that it doesn’t last long or that it isn’t durable. Although laminate flooring isn't among the most moisture-friendly alternative out there, it is quite sturdy. In reality, laminate flooring is much more immune to scratches and dents, unlike many wooden flooring. 
Laminate flooring is made up of four layers: the foundation, substructure, patterned structure, and wear strands. As a result of this, and significant advancements in the wearing surface, in particular, laminate flooring is currently one of the most lasting floorings available. With proper maintenance, this flooring may survive for many decades whilst also appearing attractive.

Laminate Floors Area Easily Damaged by Water

This was the case in the past, Laminate flooring had a poor name for managing moisture poorly, and it is prone to retain water and expand readily. Previously, a single leakage might cause a lot of problems and moisture-related damages. But everything is evolving, and so have the production and composition of Laminate flooring options.
Innovative waterproofing elements in laminate flooring are proven to be difference makers. A water-repellent coating protects the surface, keeping spillage and water away from reaching the base. Each board is firmly joined to avoid moisture from leaking in. Certain water-resistant laminate flooring has added layers that loop around the corners of the panels to provide additional water resistance at the seams.

Laminate Flooring & Vinyl Flooring: Same Products, Different Names

Laminate and vinyl are both faux floor surfaces, but the distinction between a laminate board and strip or tiles vinyl is immediately discernible. While comparing premium vinyl flooring to laminate, the distinction is much less clear.
The fundamental distinction between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl floors is in their composition. Different stacking and raw substances are used; while laminate flooring is made out of a stiff fiberboard foundation that is covered with a pattern and wears layer. Vinyl boards feature a stronger, better pliable base constructed of water-resistant polymers. Because the laminate's base components are not waterproof, it is not suggested for use in excessive moist regions such as the restroom or basements, wherein dampness can cause harm from beneath.

Laminate Floors Are Not Easy To Maintain

Many individuals believe that laminate flooring is hard or takes much time to maintain. This is unquestionably far from reality. Since laminate is laid firmly, it is sleek and faultless, with no joints to catch dirt. So, to maintain the laminate flooring appearing wonderful, all one needs to do is sweep clean or vacuum over on a regular basis. Using any of these, or even a moist towel, may readily assist in the removal of dust, grime, as well as other visible particulates.

However, avoid using damp mopping since moisture can seep into even the smallest microscopic gaps. You may also use several basic tips and tricks to keep dust and grime from scraping and ruining your laminate floors.

Laminate Flooring is Not Attractive

Laminate flooring has gone a long way since its inception and now comes in a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles. If you are considering laminate flooring for your house, research the newest styles and patterns. Earlier laminates were more functional but unappealing, but current laminates are not. 
There are several options available now that resemble practically every sort of hardwood and stone surface. They feature a high-quality design or picture of natural substance as the outer skin, which is covered by a preventive covering. Many varieties even have the material's design and grain imprinted on the top surface, making it impossible to distinguish the laminates from actual oak or marble.

Laminate Floors are Expensive

Modern laminate floors perfectly replicate organic elements, giving many customers the sense that it is pricey. However, laminate flooring is significantly less expensive than wood floors as well as certain types of rugs and tiles flooring. 
The numerous benefits of laminate flooring cannot be contested, and the structure's elegance and longevity combine to provide a rich appearance and touch, which is likely the source of such misunderstandings. As you consider its simplicity of care and lifespan in relation to the amount you spend, you can confidently declare that it is a cost-effective option for any household.

Laminate Floors are Easily Damaged

This is not the case, as laminate floors are one of the rare solutions that can withstand scrapes and damage. The upper wear coating of laminate carpeting is highly durable and protects the substance adequately. 
Laminate floors can survive minor scuffs nicely although it is not fully impenetrable. When comparing laminate flooring to vinyl and wooden floors, it is superior in terms of performance against dents and scratches. Nevertheless, it can acquire microcracks and imperfections over a long period and could be changed to avoid moisture from damaging the tiling via the gaps.

Laminate Floors are Expensive to Repair

Laminate flooring is made up of single boards that are extremely durable. However, if damages do emerge, fixing a laminate floor is straightforward and quick. Wax pencils could be all that is needed to keep your laminate floor seem stunning for several years. 
However, if the harm is extensive, isolated panels may be simply lifted and rebuilt inexpensively. Since the base level is not bonded or fastened to the ground, changing a laminate flooring panel is simple. Keeping this in view, it's typically a wise decision to stock up on spare panels.

Laminate Flooring is an Unhealthy Option

This is a prevalent worry among clients looking for a healthier solution for their homes. Laminate flooring was thought to generate toxic fumes such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and have a negative impact on health. This is a critical consideration for homeowners nowadays in terms of their family's health. 
The most modern superior quality Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is ideal for household installations, and all FloorMonk Laminate flooring is approved for improved indoor air health. Laminate also doesn't collect debris, pollen, or germs, which makes it ideal for families with allergies.

Laminate Flooring has Limited Options

This is another myth that is far from fact. Quite the contrary, they have a wide variety of design and pattern selections to choose from. If you want to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, laminate flooring may have a lot on offer! 
You can choose from a rustic wooden design to a more organic natural stone pattern. Also, the contemporary designs that could be done on laminate floors are limitless and you can experiment with a robust classical design or a contemporary pattern.  With a variety of colors and designs to pick from, flooring may easily enhance your home's interior.

Laminate Flooring Installation is Difficult and Takes Time

Another myth that has no supporting cases, the installation of laminate flooring is by far the easiest installation of floors among all flooring options. The setup phase is not just easy but also swift as well, and several customers accomplish the task by themselves. 
It is vital to highlight that unless you're absolutely sure, you must never try it by yourself since errors can consume energy, time, and expense. It is usually best to leave flooring projects to experts since it ensures that the task is completed correctly. Though we can still stress the fact that installing a laminate floor is very convenient as opposed to other alternatives.

What should I look for when buying laminate flooring?

When looking for laminate flooring, be sure to select one that is made from renewable resources. This includes materials like bamboo and wood pulp. Additionally, make sure the flooring is compatible with your specific needs. You should also be aware of the E-peel rating and other certifications associated with the product in order to choose a floor that meets your standards.
When it comes to selecting a color, decide on something aesthetically pleasing but neutral so it can blend easily into any room or décor.

Which laminate thickness is best?

There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting the right laminate for your flooring needs. The first is the weight of your furniture and objet d'art. lightweight materials like vinyl or linoleum should be used on floors that will only be walked on occasionally, while heavier materials (such as hardwood) may be more appropriate for areas where heavy use is anticipated.
The second factor to consider is how often your floor will be cleaned. If it's generally kept clean, then a thinner material might suffice. However, if regular cleaning is required, then a thicker layer might be necessary in order to prevent damage from acids or solvents used in cleaning procedures.

What is the best way clean laminate flooring?

Most people would use a vacuum cleaner to clean their laminate flooring, but this is not the only way. You can also use hot water and a mop or bucket of warm water. Be sure to rinse the floor thoroughly before moving on to the next section. Finally, you can spray your floors with an anti-bacterial product like Raid if there are any areas that seem to beparticularly dirty or smelly.

Advantages of laminate flooring?

  • Laminate flooring is a great option for people who are looking for an easy to clean floor surface.
  • It is also an affordable option and can last for a long time.
  • It does not require any special care, and can be easily cleaned with a wet mop and bucket.


Now, that we have addressed these myths and have debunked all, you may choose with assurance now that you have a better understanding of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is stylish, simple to maintain, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. Since we have clarified all misconceptions about laminate flooring, you can be certain that it's ideal for your home or office. And if you any further queries regarding a perfect flooring alternative you can contact us.

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