8 Reasons Why SPC Flooring Is Better Than Ceramic Tile

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8 Reasons Why SPC Flooring Is Better Than Ceramic Tile

  • Feb 13 , 2023
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8 Reasons Why SPC Flooring Is Better Than Ceramic Tile

For both home and commercial interiors, Ceramic tile is currently a trending flooring material. These tiles are made of clay and other natural materials, that's why it's very long-lasting and the cleaning process is very quick and easy. 

You can get these tiles with multiple colors and patterns. These types of tiles are mostly seen in washrooms, cooking areas, and entryways. If we give an example of ceramic tile flooring, the first name that comes to our mind is SPC flooring. 

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SPC click flooring is another name for this flooring type. This vinyl flooring is very luxurious. That's why most homeowners and builders prefer this, unlike the traditional common tile flooring. This SPC flooring has a number of benefits that make it an ideal option for many applications. Let’s know why SPC flooring can be a better solution instead of direct ceramic tile flooring.

Types of SPC flooring

Types of SPC flooring

There are lots of SPC flooring options you can select for your home according to your taste and choice:  

1. Rigid Core SPC: The Rigid core flooring has a heavy core made from stone plastic composite material. The tenure and stability make this flooring an impressive choice.

2. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) SPC: This type of flooring has a blend of wood and plastic features. It helps in creating a more natural appearance and feel.

3. Hybrid SPC: This flooring combines the advantages of several materials, like cork, foam, or rubber, to give increased convenience and sound insulation.

4. Glue-down SPC: Because this flooring is laid with adhesive, it is ideal for a wide range of subfloors.

5. Click-together SPC: This kind of flooring has a click-locking innovation that makes your installation process quick without any adhesive usage.

Materials and cost

For SPC flooring, the below materials are used:

1. Limestone powder: Gives the flooring a natural, stone-like appearance, such as strength and longevity.

2. PVC: Serves as the flooring's structure and provides flexibility and waterproofing.

3. Stabilizers: They are added to the mixture to make sure the flooring retains its stability and form over time.

The price of this sort of flooring varies based on the product's quality, brand, and thickness. Generally, SPC floor costs connect $3 to $7 per square foot, with some high-end items costing up to $8 or $9 per square foot. Installation prices can also vary depending on the project's complexity and location, but it normally depends on $3 to $7 per square foot.

Why is SPC flooring better than ceramic tile?

Why is SPC flooring better than ceramic tile?

1. Durability:

These floorings are a stone and plastic mixer, so you have to make them more immune to everyday use and another weep than ceramic tile. This makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or those areas where cracks or damages are at risk.

Durability of SPC Flooring

The SPC floor is also more repellent of fading when the flooring faces direct UV radiation from the sun. Furthermore, these floorings are more rubbing-repellent than ceramic tile. For some commercial areas like offices, restaurants, and outlet stores, this tile can make them an ideal choice.

2. Water resistance:

SPC flooring is completely waterproof, that's why it is an excellent choice for washrooms, kitchens, and other messy areas. Another one is ceramic tile; it is not completely waterproof, but also water can damage it easily.

Water resistance of SPC Flooring

Basement spaces are a very highly risky zone because water can damage this area easily, so SPC flooring can be an ideal choice. With the help of these types of floorings, there's no need to be concerned about water damage to the subfloor or through the grout lines.

3. Comfort:

Comfort of SPC Flooring

If you're searching for a soft tile, the SPC flooring is a better option than ceramic tiles. You can feel comfortable when you walk on. Furthermore, these floorings are much warmer than ceramic tiles. The room needs a warm surface, so these tiles are an excellent choice. This is not only for rooms but also needed in places where you can stand for a long time, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Easy installation:

Are you interested in DIY projects? SPC click flooring is a helpful option because it is simple to install by clicking the planks together. For Ceramic tile installation, you need a professional, and it will be costly and messy. Furthermore, flooring is intended to be put over most existing floors, removing the need for costly subfloor preparation.

Easy installation of SPC Flooring

These kinds of floorings are a great option for new or renovation projects.

5. Cost-effectiveness:

Cost-effectiveness of SPC Flooring

If you're searching for more affordable tiles, then SPC floors can fulfill your budget better than ceramic tiles. Furthermore, these floorings are meant to be floating floors, which removes the requirement for adhesive or grout, which can boost the process of installation when it comes to ceramic tile.

6. Design options:

SPC flooring comes in multiple options of colors, patterns, and finishes. So you can build a custom-made design that suits your taste and style. When the question is about patterns and coats, you can get limited design options in Ceramic tile.

Moreover, these types of flooring are designed to copy the natural look of hardwood, stone, and even ceramic tile, providing you with the finest of both naturality and luxurious.

7. Low maintenance:

If you're looking for easy maintenance and quick cleaner, then SPC click flooring is a good choice. It requires only sweeping and mopping on a daily basis. Also, ceramic tile needs sealing and grout cleaning on a daily basis to maintain its look.

Low maintenance SPC Flooring

Furthermore, these types of flooring are stain resistant and dirt, which can create a big problem with ceramic tile. These floorings are an excellent choice for these areas where people want a low-maintenance floor.

8. Environmentally friendly:

SPC floor is an environmentally beneficial option because it is created from a blend of recycled materials. On the other hand, Ceramic tile is made from common materials that are gathered, which are harmful to the environment.

Environmentally friendly SPC Flooring

Before finishing this blog, SPC click flooring provides numerous benefits in comparison to traditional common tile flooring, such as resilience to water, durability, comfort, ease of installation, affordability, flexibility in design, low maintenance, and a friendly environment are just a few of the benefits.

These factors make such kinds of floorings perfect options for homeowners and builders.

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