Advantages Of SPC And LVT Flooring

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Advantages Of SPC And LVT Flooring

  • Jul 26 , 2022
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Advantages Of SPC And LVT Flooring

SPC LVT Floor tiles are something that gives you an edge over regular floor tiles due to their various beneficial points. The floor tiles are made with various grades of other components. They are the main reasons why SPC and LVT Floor tiles are in demand. The strength and stability of these tiles are a huge plus point for places where the temperature disparity often takes place. 

Due to its water-resistant body, it is impossible for the water to get into the subfloor. It has an immaculate I4F 2G Click Lock working system. SPC flooring has a great absorbing functionality with the pad attachment system. 

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Waterproof and soundproof system: 

The SPC Flooring contains stone powder (CaCO3). So, it is a great product when exposed to humid substances like water. Also, there are no chances of mildew emerging in the humid atmosphere. 

Fire resistant benefits: 

Fire causes the most dangerous incidents. Also, fire generates smoke and toxic gasses during burning. However, the SPC flooring has a fire rating of NFPA Class B Class. SPC flooring has the quality of being a flame retardant and will automatically distinguish the flame within 5 seconds. This will result in a safe atmosphere where people will not lose their lives due to this issue.

Dimension Stability:

SPC Flooring has a good benefit at dimension stability when you compare it to traditional WPC or laminate material products. 

Scratch Resistant product: 

SPC flooring is a great product because of a coating called water, and the flooring becomes scratch-resistant due to this impact. 

SPC Flooring

Is SPC flooring identical to luxury vinyl? 

SPC flooring is in no way a luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl contains high-quality adhesives and finishing materials. This leads to a major reduction in noise and dirt accumulation over time.

SPC floors are a product that is made of recycled materials, and this includes a lot of residual chemicals and other contaminant things. Also, the SPC floors do not generally have visual attraction. They are great options in designs like the luxurious vinyl options.                                                                                                                                                     

Is SPC flooring always scratch-resistant? 

This is a fact that is not sure as per quality standards, as the results are disparate as per different surface areas. However, if you are in search of a scratch-resistant surface, LVT is a far better option than surfaces like wood or surfaces like glass. The reason for this is the microscopic polyvinyl alcohol beads that help in the resistance of scratches and splinters. 

How long does the impact of LVT Flooring go on? 

The impact of LVT flooring can go anywhere from the time range of 15 to 20 years. It entirely depends on the type of floors that you have had installed and how recently they have been cleaned. It's very important that the floors are cleaned regularly with a mop that has been diluted in ammonia as well as water to remove the dirt build-up or debris.

In addition, vacuum cleaning is regularly needed at moderate suction levels to clean the debris or dirt that has built up over time. 

Is LVT entirely water-resistant? 

LVT is not entirely waterproof, but it offers a number of advantages that outweigh this one advantage. It is a great choice for residence owners as LVT is constructed of compressed malt straw, and it offers a great layer of insulation as well as weather protection.

It also has an eco-tex seam sealing ability, which makes water damage impossible, and bacteria can never live under your roof. Thus, the EPS Foam is one of a kind, as it ensures soundproofing and stability even when the surface is wet.

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