Composite Decking Manufacturer In India

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Composite Decking Manufacturer In India

  • Dec 15 , 2022
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Composite Decking Manufacturer In India

8 Advantages of Installing the Wood Composite Decks With Floormonk

Every homeowner dreams of having a deck in the house. There is something special and inviting about the decks in the backyard that has led to the high demand for composite decking manufacturers in India. 

Floormonk has been a pioneer company in developing decks in India. The composite decks are the latest sensation in the construction industry. 

We have combined recycled plastic, wood powder, and chemical additives to form the wood-plastic composite. This material is eco-friendly, durable, and cost-effective option for builders. 

But can you really rely on the strength and potential of the wood composite material? Here are the benefits of the composite decking that will help to prove how this deck will be an advantageous addition to the property.

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Advantage #1: High environmental value

As we already said, we have combined wood fibers, plastic, and several other recycled materials to create this composite deck flooring.

  • By using the waste wood, we are offering the strength of the wood without cutting down more trees.

  • The process of manufacturing does not leave much carbon footprint.

So, it is safe to say that the composite decks will show your contribution to a greener tomorrow.

Composite Decking Manufacturer in India

Advantage #2: High durability

Wood powder is one of the most essential components of composite decks. Naturally, you can enjoy the strength of the hardwood without investing in real wooden structures.

Surprisingly, the weight of the composite decking is higher than that of the wooden decks. The reason is the higher density of the combined components than the real hardwood. As a result, the durability of composite decks is one of the prime benefits of composite decking. 

Composite decking will offer you the scope to paint it, stain it, apply some coating and experiment further if you feel like it while installing.

Advantage #3: Aesthetic impact

One of the many reasons why homeowners are preferring composite decks s the stunning aesthetic outcome. We are ready to use the wood-plastic composite decking to create innovative outdoor structures, including the pavilions in your garden, small bridges, or the decking floors in your new house.

Composite Decking Manufacturer in India

Floormonk is an affordable decking manufacturer. We can offer you the best styling without spending a lot of money on decks or other creative works. Beauty does not depend on how much you are ready to spend.
It all depends on how we can use the aesthetic beauty of the components and incorporate the beauty of the same in the structures that we make.

  • The color and styling should complement the designs around

  • There must be harmony between the decor of the house and the deck.

We can hand-make the composite decks. So, we can offer you a wide range of color options for the decks. Being the top-rated decking manufacturers in India, we have come a long way in offering maximum aesthetic appeal to the house with the addition of a perfect deck.

Advantage #4: Better insect resistance

If you are still trying to settle for the real wooden decks, then let us remind you of the weather of the country. The frequent rainfall with the high moisture content makes this place a perfect haven for the growth of insect colonies in the wood.

Composite Decking Manufacturer in India

But the moment we add wood plastic composite to the deck flooring specifications, we are offering you an option that shows high resistance to insects. The composite decks show maximum resistance to insects. And it has a protective impact on the environment too.

Thus, we will always recommend installing the WPC decks.

Advantage #5: Sustainability

We will be using recycled materials as a part of making the decks. The moment we depend on recycled products, we are inspiring the concept of saving natural resources. It is our way of reducing pollution without composing the style or quality of the decks.

Floormonk has earned the reputation of the best WPC deck manufacturer in India. And we are equally reputed for our relentless efforts in planning a sustainable solution to balance the ecological factors on Earth.

Advantage #6: No bar of location

Where do you want to install the deck? Is it inside the premises? Or in the backyard?

You can choose any location for installing the decks. It can be a scenic spot, a square area within the commercial premises, and more.

The composite deck pricing may vary depending on the levels of challenges that we have to overcome for installing the deck at your desired location. But we will never say that it is impossible to install the deck at the desired spot.

Advantage #7: Ease of cleaning

The surface of the wood composite decking that we make will be smooth and flat. Hence, cleaning won't be a big deal. You can use regular soap or liquid cleaners for cleaning the surfaces.

Composite Decking Manufacturer in India

And if we apply a coating on the surface, it can be an additional step to prevent the accumulation of dirt and stain. You can use the mops, brushes, and water pipes to clean the deck.

Advantage #8: Options of sizes

Being the top composite decking manufacturer in India, we can offer a wide range of size options for composite decks. We can offer the standard sizes as well as customize the structures depending on the size suitable in the available space. 

And if you are ready to accept the standard size of the decks, then you can get it as quickly as you want. 

Floormonk is the best decking specialists

Practical experience is the chief secret behind the successful projects of Floormonk. We have helped countless residential and commercial owners to install wood composite decks that will add to the value of the property. 

As you start planning the home addition in the form of a deck, allow us to assist you in the work of the most reliable composite decking manufacturer in India.

We have served several clients all across the country to get the perfect decks in their homes. Contact us if you are also eager to add beautiful decks to your yard. 

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