Cork Flooring Manufacturer In India

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Cork Flooring Manufacturer In India

  • Apr 28 , 2023
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Cork Flooring Manufacturer In India

Do you really feel tired of maintaining dull floors? Then, we'll introduce you to a new floor statement - FloorMonk, which is India's leading cork flooring manufacturer! This floor not only looks gorgeous and personalized, but it will also give you unmatched viable and durableness.

At Floormonk, we know the importance of choosing the right flooring option for your space. That's why we always give our customers top-quality cork and SPC flooring that is functional as well as beautiful.

Today, we'll cherish the advantages of cork flooring and explain to you why Floormonk is the best choice for all your cork and SPC flooring needs in India. No matter if you're a commercial property owner or homeowner, just read this article and know the benefits of Floormonk for your work.


What is Cork Flooring?

Nowadays, Cork flooring is highly grabbing everyone's attention. It's not only idiosyncratic but also very friendly with our nature. The bark makes this type of flooring of the cork oak tree. That's why it's good enough to make your home or office eco-friendly.

What is Cork Flooring?

Cork floors are made by removing the bark from cork oaks, which grow naturally and eventually become an inexhaustible resource. The bark is then crushed, pressed, cut into sheets or planks, and installed on a subfloor.

Flexibility is the greatest benefit of cork flooring. The natural properties of cork allow it to recover weighty concussion and squeeze without pulling it permanently. Hallways or cooking areas are considered high-traffic areas. That's why, for both zones, cork flooring will be the right choice.

Cork Flooring also has soundproofing properties. This flooring will be the perfect choice for your bedroom because it can reduce the noise. The formation of this material gives you acoustic absorption and obstructs reflection, which is very important for your home, especially when you have children and pets.

Moreover, cork flooring is a perfect option for washrooms and cooking areas because it is water resistant, temperamental, and blight. Also, you can feel comfortable when you are working on the floor because it gives you a perfect surface. Cork flooring is a perfect option for everyone searching for a viable, stable, and eco-friendly option.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

If you're searching for a viable and nature-friendly flooring solution, there's good news for you - Cork flooring is also available in India. Below, we'll share with you some advantages of using cork flooring: 

Benefits of Cork Flooring

1) Durability:

Cork flooring is Extremely stable and can resist heavy foot traffic. It is not only scratch-resistant, but also it can prevent all types of damage.

2) Sustainability:

Just because it's built with hydroelectricity, like the bark of cork oak trees, it is degradable and can be reused.

3) Noise reduction:

Cork flooring has common soundproofing properties, which means it can minimize the unnecessary sounds in your office or home.

4) Comfort:

Cork Flooring gives you comfort when you walk or stand on the floor for long times because it's very soft and moist.

5) Health Benefits:

For those who have allergies and inhaling problems, cork flooring is the suitable choice because it can reduce the allergy, fungus, and blight.

After reading all these advantages, you can clearly get an idea why cork flooring is the perfect option for your space. At Floormonk, we'll give you a variety of cork flooring options that are not only personalized and stable but also look attractive and nature-friendly.

Floormonk's Cork Flooring Options

Are you searching for a viable, mutable, and comfortable flooring option? Something that can give you natural beauty and coziness in your home? Look no further than Floormonk's cork flooring options!

For making your residential or commercial space complementable, select Floor Monk because it gives you personalized cork flooring options, and you'll also get multiple coloring options and different types of styles/finishes.

Floormonk Cork Flooring Options

Whether searching for traditional cork tiles or modern plank designs, Floormonk's cork flooring options always make you happy with their high-quality features and attention to detail. Customers always want to taste high-quality standards so they can trust their home choice.

Floormonk's cork flooring not only gives you the promise of its viability but also can give you the best quality. Cork flooring is a nature-friendly and inexhaustible option that can help you reduce your space's carbon footprint with its multiple advantages.

Conclusion: The Perfect Flooring Solution for Your Space

Suppose you find the perfect flooring solution for your home, then best of luck to you for selecting cork flooring from Floor Monk. This is not only nature-friendly and viable but also long-lasting. It gives you the perfect covering against sound and weather changes.

Selecting FloorMonk as your cork flooring manufacturer means you are stress-free because this flooring quality is really high, and it can fulfill your needs.

If you're searching for a waterproof, highly substantial, and easy-to-maintain flooring option, Floormonk's SPC floors are not for you. No matter whether you've plans for flooring installation for residential or commercial settings, you can get multiple coloring options, styles, and finishes, which make you the right flooring option.

So why are you waiting? Contact Floormonk today and reach the first step towards transforming your home with our high-quality and nature-friendly cork and SPC flooring options!

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