How To Import SPC Flooring From India?

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How To Import SPC Flooring From India?

  • Jul 19 , 2023
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How To Import SPC Flooring From India?

Are you tired of finding highly durable and evergreen stylish flooring for your space? We’re sure till now you might have landed up to dozens of flooring types. But, your inner self would not be convincing with your choice. 

So, to make your choosing easy to some extent, Floormonk made an initiative to introduce SPC flooring. This flooring is winning everyone’s hearts across all boundaries through its evergreen durability and stylish appearance.

The good news is that Floormonk is welcoming tile dealers and manufacturers to import SPC flooring from India. Wow, that sounds interesting. 

Now, you might think, how can you import the SPC flooring without any kind of prior experience? Well, this is where Floormonk is grabbing the attention. It will be available for you throughout the import process, from manufacturer selection to import of the SPC tiles.

That learning stage starts with this blog. Through this blog, Floormonk will guide you through the entire import process of its SPC flooring. 

Researching And Selecting The Right Manufacturer/Supplier

Your flooring manufacturer or supplier will be the one who will be responsible for delivering SPC tile to your doorstep. So, you will have to research a lot for all the manufacturers before handing them your deal. 

But how will you get to know who is the best and who is not? No worries, as you have Floormonk as your guide. Here, we’ll share some tips on how to find the perfect SPC supplier.

Checking the Manufacturer's Experience and Track Record

If you want to start any business, what would you do - immediately start it or research the niche perfectly? Of course, you will use the researching weapon. Perfect research about anything will always save you from diving into the pitfalls. 

So, while choosing the SPC flooring manufacturer, we would suggest you research a bit. Ask some basic questions: For how many years has he been serving the flooring industry? Is the manufacturer delivering qualitative products? 

Reviewing Client Testimonials and Feedback

The second most important weapon for you will be the manufacturer’s client testimonials. Believe me, testimonials will help you in getting the real side of the manufacturer. So, if you are continuously getting to hear positive feedback about the flooring manufacturer, then there should not be any second thoughts in your mind. 

Inquiring about Product Specifications and Raw Materials

Whatever number of years of experience a manufacturer holds is a sheer waste if it isn’t manufacturing qualitative products. Because what will your clients be expecting? 

Highly qualitative products. And, keeping this tip in mind, make sure the SPC manufacturer you choose manufactures qualitative end-products. Otherwise, low-quality products will never bring you the right value for money and, equally importantly, good during and after-sales support.

Visiting the Manufacturer's Facility or Requesting a Video Tour

Understandably, you cannot surpass the manufacturer selection process by sitting on your home couch. Yes, you will have to invest time in cherishing the project facility and check how the process rolls on. And, even if you are not able to visit the manufacturing units physically, you can simply request a video tour of his site. Simple.

Verifying Certifications and Quality Standards

The authority of a manufacturer always defines its capabilities. The more powerful the authority is, the more capable the manufacturer is of standing up to your expectations. And the same thing holds for the flooring manufacturer

Now, what defines any manufacturer’s authority? Well, it is his certification and quality standards. So, make sure your eyes get to see innumerable ISO and CE certifications for his products while 

selecting a manufacturer. So, now we hope that you have got a clear-cut idea of how you would conduct in-depth research on your manufacturer.

Finding The Best SPC Flooring Manufacturers In India

Every particular country has its outstanding products that help it stand out from others. And, for India, the tile industry is that treasure that is just expanding at an unbelievable pace and stretching its reach across the whole world. 

Morbi City, located in Gujarat, is the king of tile manufacturing in the entire India. It’s hard to believe - this small city has more than 900+ tile manufacturers and dealers. Oh, such a long list.

From such a huge list, how would you find the qualitative SPC flooring manufacturer in Morbi? It’s such a tough task. But don’t worry, here Floormonk will share some important tips that will help you land in a manufacturer having amazing SPC flooring options

Price Consideration

One common mistake that most people make in choosing the manufacturer is they measure it on the basis of their product’s pricing. Generally, costly products mean the tile products are qualitative (but not in all cases). Similarly, low pricing means low quality on the majority of occasions. But, you may come across a few selected tile manufacturers who supply unbelievable quality at an exceptionally lower cost than the rest of the market.

There are many manufacturers in the world who, despite charging high, actually fail to provide quality. There are also the ones who, with low price tags, will be making every common man’s dream come true through their highly qualitative SPC tiles. And, in business, you have to always follow some money-saving strategies.

So, go for the manufacturer that offers high-quality SPC flooring at reasonable prices. And for this, you will need to have some research work on your hands. Check the expertise, testimonials, and certifications for landing in the cost-worthy and qualitative SPC manufacturer.

Ensuring Quality and Meeting Standards

One thing that you always need to keep in mind is that for importing SPC flooring, you will have to check its quality. Keep in mind your clients will always expect you to deliver them highly qualitative flooring products. So, just imagine what outcome you will need to face if you land them low-quality SPC tiles.

Of course, your business image would lie down in the sand in no time. And, because of whom would you face such troubling outcomes? Of course, your SPC flooring manufacturer. But what if you would have thoroughly checked its quality beforehand? It would have saved you. 

So, before closing the deal with your SPC manufacturer, always testify to the quality of their SPC tiles. You can even demand their certifications. In short, you should always check the quality standards of your particular SPC manufacturer to the best before investing money.

Shipping and Logistics

Now, you researched the SPC flooring manufacturer, and you found one. Congratulations, you have got SPC flooring in hand. But hold on. By just having the SPC tiles in your hand, will you be able to import them? Not at all. There is one whole process of shipping your SPC flooring from India

Well, import logistics includes innumerable factors. A few of the most common and important ones are CNF (Cost and Freight), FOB (Free on Board), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight ). 

Seeing these factors, your mind may grab all the confusion of the world. But don’t worry, we’ll explain it all.

In CNF, the seller looks after the buyer's overall costs, like the shipment cost, freight, and insurance. Now, importing is not at all free of cost. Depending on the destination, some charges are imposed on the seller. And CIF takes care of these charges. Finally, for handing your SPC shipment to the ship, you will need to process some documentation about which FOB takes care.

But it is not over yet. The next thing that you will have to think about is document delivery - the main thing that will allow your SPC flooring to sail. 

Last but not least, SPC tiles are fragile. So, you would have to take care that they are not damaged while in transit. Otherwise, you will land up in a difficult situation. You can save your SPC tiles by having their perfect packaging. And who will do this? Your flooring manufacturer.

So, you can see how, by taking care of these simple things, you can easily ship your SPC tiles.

Payment Options and Security Measures

Finally, you have imported your SPC flooring from India, and now it's time for the payment. So, how would you be doing it? Well, it is very easy. We’ll explain some of the most secure payment options. When it comes to paying for your imported SPC flooring from India, you want to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. 

Telegraphic Transfer:  This is one of the most common payment methods used by many buyers. But, here, you will be required to transfer the money into your flooring supplier’s verified account.

PayPal: We all know PayPal. It is very secure. But, its only problem is you will have to pay some charges.  

Letter of Credit: It proves to be a great option for those who cannot afford the advance payment. Here, your bank will simply issue a letter of credit to your supplier on your behalf. But, remember one thing, it is very expensive. So, for a small amount, you cannot afford to have it.

Making payment is a very crucial part of your SPC flooring import. So, before making any payment to your flooring supplier, be sure that you have not landed in a fraud game.

Import Quality SPC Flooring


Now, we’re sure that you have fitted this import process of SPC flooring in your mind. As we have seen, Morbi is one of the biggest tile manufacturing hubs in India. And, in Morbi, who is the biggest SPC flooring manufacturer? With no doubt, it is Floormonk. 

So, if you are the one who wants to try their hands in importing SPC flooring, then you should visit Floormonk.

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