How To Install SPC Planks On Stairs?

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How To Install SPC Planks On Stairs?

  • Mar 14 , 2024
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How To Install SPC Planks On Stairs?


Welcome to the world of SPC Flooring for stairs - a resilient, versatile, and stylish solution for your stairway renovation undertakings. SPC, which is an acronym for Stone Polymer Composite, has recently become a popular option in the home improvement market thanks to its incredible durability and attractive appearance. Its high resistance to moisture and scratches, combined with the ease of installation, are what makes SPC flooring the number one choice for homeowners who are interested in a staircase makeover.

In this complete guide, the readers will look into the various details of installing SPC plank flooring on stairs, provided that the transition is seamless and the finish will be long-lasting. Regardless of whether you are a veteran DIY expert or a novice renovator, this guide will make you feel like a pro by arming you with the right information and courage to take on the stairs project. 

Come with us to the world of SPC flooring for staircases, where style and functionality come together, and every step is evidence of quality care and craftsmanship!

Preparing for Installation

Before starting the installation process, it is essential to build a solid foundation. This is where preparation comes under the scanners. First of all, measure, measure, measure! Precision is of great importance that the planks of SPC be tight on each step. Now that you've got your measurements down, you can move on to gathering the materials you will need: adhesive, underlayment, and of course your planks.

Installing SPC Planks on Stairs

Remember the underlayment. It's not just a decoration; it serves as a primary component in blocking sound and dealing with water. Also, you might want to take into account skirting given that with each step (literally) you may have to deal with it. As you set up the area, picture the superb transition that is going to happen, using SPC flooring on the staircases, ensuring durability and style. There you go, time to get your sleeves up, reach for the tools, and let us prepare like an expert for this exciting SPC journey!

Steps for Installing SPC Planks on Stairs

SPC stairs plank installation requires careful precision and attention to detail. Every single step should be taken cautiously so that the antique structure can be saved from falling apart without losing its look or functionality.

Step 1: Cleaning the Stairs

Step 2: Installing Underlayment

Step 3: Cutting The Planks

Step 4: Gluing The Planks

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Step 1: Cleaning the Stairs

Before a stair installation, it's necessary to remove the old flooring as well as any trash. It also gives confidence for proper installation and better connection of the SPC flooring for staircases. Spend some minutes performing a thorough examination of the substrate to avoid any flaws that may affect the outcome. Recall that, having a clean canvas is a key ingredient to a perfect spray painting.

SPC Flooring for Staircase

Step 2: Installing Underlayment

The next step is to get rid of the old stairs and put the underlayment down. Through this stage, we achieve not only the absorption layer but also the reduction of noise levels. Cherish the underlayment is being cut to the size and firmly attached to the stairs. A correctly implemented underlayment underpins a quiet and comfortable staircase.

Step 3: Cutting The Planks

Precision goes hand in hand with accuracy when you are cutting SPC planks to cover the area of each step. Measure twice, cut once--a phrase to live by during this one. Be sure to use a high-quality saw or cutting tool to obtain clean and precise cuts. Pay close attention to details like corners and edges to keep a uniform look during the entire installation process.

Step 4: Gluing The Planks

Having the planks cut to size, we can now apply an adhesive and attach the planks to the stairs. Follow the seller's instructions for adhesive use to make sure you apply it correctly and it sticks properly. Ensure to hammer each of the planks tightly in place by removing any air spaces and gaps. It is a key stage with a purpose to make a lasting link between planks and stairs.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

As the installation is completed, attention is shifted to the final touches to ensure that the installation looks clean and professional. Trim off extra pieces and see to it that the edges are not loose and all flush with the stairs. Try to implement a wrap to cover the gaps and achieve a smooth transition between the steps and the surrounding environment. With diligence to detail, this last step is sure to produce a quality appearance that will only bring out the beauty of the staircase.

SPC plank installation on the stairs may seem intimidating for a beginner. However, with the proper tools, techniques, and caution, it is a project everyone can attempt to do without any fear or doubt. Perform these tasks carefully, and you will shortly find yourself with a nice-looking and stand-up-to-wear SPC flooring on your staircase.


But in any advanced SPC plank installation on the stairs, the role of precision and attentiveness cannot be overstated. The exact process here confirms a strong and eye-catching surface, let alone the classiness and function of SPC flooring.

Through picking up Floormonk's reputable brands for SPC flooring materials you are not just going for quality materials but also you are contributing to a smooth and pleasant transformation. Thanks to the utterly inserts and the clean lines of Floormonk's SPC flooring planks, the necessity of Skirting faded away, so that your stairs get a very modern and stylish look. Because of Floormonk’s SPC floor's ability to bend any cutting or splicing along the edges is not required.

Try SPC On Stairs

No matter whether your purpose is to renovate your home or revamp the commercial space, pay special attention to the method of installation if you aim to purchase SPC flooring for the staircase. The use of correct methods and materials should help you to deliver the perfect outcome which does not get damaged easily, thus making your space both beautiful as well as useful.

The SPC flooring for its strength and ease of maintenance is installed with the help of our durable products and relax while we make your installation procedure easy and convenient.

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