India’s Leading SPC Flooring Exporter

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India’s Leading SPC Flooring Exporter

  • Aug 09 , 2022
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India’s Leading SPC Flooring Exporter

In this technological era, the constant innovations in the advancement of technology have proposed various upgrades in our day-to-day lives. Most of which has almost made our tasks easy to go. The stone plastic composite flooring proves to be the best example of the same, bringing about a huge modification in the field of the latest flooring industry. Introducing the material globally, stone plastic composite has been the most adored object by the land owners. Wait! Before knowing about the services, firstly, let us understand the actual meaning of flooring.

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What is SPC Flooring?

The major constituents of SPC flooring include

  • Calcium powder
  • Polyvinyl chloride stabilizer

This composition consists of the ratio of two ingredients that make the stone plastic composite material. The top choice for indoor flooring in recent times is hard SPC flooring. It proves to be most suitable for all the dazzling home decor that has both elegance and performance. The crucial raw material of the flooring is calcium powder that is subjected to modification and softening to increase the flexibility and apply force on it to make it rigid enough to sustain an architecture.

To start having an idea about SPC flooring it basically contains a flooring material that is not hazardous; that is, it does not contain heavy metals like metal formaldehyde or other poisonous chemicals. Hence, you can definitely say that this floor material is 100% formaldehyde-free, making it harmless and safe to use.

What is SPC Flooring

Path to Innovation

Everyone these days has an idea about this tech-enthusiast generation, and so it is clear enough to say that they won't do any work without any prior research. Revolution and transformation is the tool to reach and instill Gen Y.

Do you want to know more about flooring? Discussing it with India's reputed SPC flooring exporter, Floormonk, you will learn that the flooring depth is not as high as you expected. This is a real thing. The ultra-thin design has been the best among the rest without limiting the quality of the floors.

  • To withstand the wear and tear of friction and repetitive scraping or rubbing is a prime feature of the surface printing material. It increases the service life of stone polymer composite flooring to a high peak.

  • SPC floor tiles are resistant enough to rough use. 

  • The exterior of the flooring imitates a texture of real wood or marble.

Are you searching for the most suitable flooring exporter? SPC Flooring Exporter is the best one of your choices for underfloor heating as its thermal conductivity level is at its balanced requirement with a high amount and rate of heat retention.

We Export Different Collection of SPC Flooring

To keep up the best for your plan in SPC flooring, the raw thought in your mind would be of getting a wide variety of tiles having vivid features. Floormonk is undoubtedly an all-in-one solution providing all the collections of distinct SPC flooring.


SPC Flooring ALAMO

If you choose to keep a non-sticky and problem-free smooth floor, this one is your choice of SPC floating floor. To minimize your work, searching for items available with lock technology can reduce installation problems. Also, it can make the task easier and quicker.



Now let us look at the suitable sizes of different SPC sizes of 1220x181 mm. For sure, no one will fail to glare at your floor while passing through your house or office.


What do you think about installing a floor to be stain-proof and be the same and new all the time? Are you excited to view a flooring process that is helpful to you in cleaning it and ensuring sustenance? 

SPC Flooring FLUID

If yes, dive into this model from a multitude of proficient SPC Exporter companies. Here, you can also find tiles for the commercial-purpose areas with the best choices. It contains all your requirements, like stone plastic composite flooring for medical areas, shopping centers, schools, colleges, or supermarkets. It is the go-to solution to stand up to high traffic nowadays.


If you find the brown-colored flooring always appealing, this Floormonk model is made for you. The embossed finish adds a proper touch to the richness and is adorable at the hotel or restaurant you own.

SPC Flooring LUNA

This way of flooring is also favorable in home flooring to attract an eye. To get away from all the insecurities, be the one to make a plan with the most named SPC flooring exporter from India to enhance the ethnic quality of your choice. 


The SPC tiles are the better version of lavish vinyl tiles. If you find this a crucial part of your choice, having the best appearance and high-standard feeling, the Opal tiles from Floormonk are a right and accordant alternative. The tiles are modest in that they will be rigid to rough and tough use.

SPC Flooring OPAL

All you have to do is keep an eye on the stone polymer composite flooring per the conditions the seller mentioned. Relax! The maintenance is always minimal.

Is SPC flooring considered vinyl flooring?

SPC flooring differs from vinyl flooring as it consists of different materials than the latter. SPC flooring is easy to bounce back from hard usage and offers contentment of traditional ceramic and hardwood tiles with advantages over other types of floors.

It is an environment-friendly product as it does not contain any chemical adhesives or sand plasters. Its low maintenance quality is favorable as it can be easily cleaned and is more durable. 

Moreover, SPC tiles are personalized, allowing you to make over a distinct lookup for your residential area or professional purposes without pushing you towards the fuss of timely upgrades. Hence, to save more and work less, keep the SPC flooring as your top priority.

Is SPC flooring good for residential?

To get the best answer, you must look at the preciseness of your living area and decide accordingly, as the SPC flooring has all the products with their various features.

To talk about the common choices, SPC flooring is the right move for properties that require easy maintenance and are inclined to water damage. Furthermore, it gives an aesthetic touch with a pleasant appearance that can be organized per your specifications.

To get rid of the worries of exorbitant prices, SPC flooring best suits all your residential requirements.

Can you steam clean SPC flooring?

Well, indeed, you can clean it with a steam cleaner. But, be careful to use an appropriate type of cleaner, making its settings per your flooring type. Firstly, be clear about the dryness of the floor before cleaning it.

Secondly, make sure to use the lowest steam setting possible and then spray the cleaner. Be slow in the cleaning process and go in a straight line to keep the floor clean. End the task using a flexible tube conveying water to rinse off the floor.

Is SPC flooring slippery?

Even though SPC flooring is fascinating, it is unsuitable for an overlay that is hard to slip. This type of flooring is primarily made up of plastic or rubber, which consists of minor humps or knobs. As people walk on these floors, they create microchips that can store moisture and cause the surface to be slippery and prone to slipping. Also, this flooring type is unsuitable for harsh use, such as spills or unclean pets.

Why Are We the Best Exporter from India?

When you get an idea to buy SPC floor tiles, you will look for the best producers in the market worldwide. Floormonk is a recently highly acknowledged SPC flooring Exporter from India with its wide network and services to consider.

SPC Flooring Exporter

This company is highly consistent in keeping up their assurance of the quality of the flooring tiles, which has been the cause of their outlets to remain in the topmost position over these years. The company's products are unique enough to be their customers' first choice.

Core material

Base building is the root of every task as it is the basic parameter of the duration of the product. In our case, you can be utmost sure enough as our product is 100% virgin polymer, and be positive about our Premium Quality SPC flooring.

Aesthetic detail

As quality is not solely a factor in the factors of looking for floor tiles, Floormonk is well aware of the aesthetic looks, too, and, in turn, provides products having more elegance. The EIR(Embossed In Register) surface of the tiles provides the appearance of woodgrains similar to real hardwood, showing a high profile look and giving a royal feeling.


The SPC Flooring Exporter makes it a point to build the products with plastic or rubber to prevent skidding and make your bathroom safe and shiny.

Dimensional stability

Temperature, humidity, or air quality changes will not make any changes to the flooring.

The SPC floors  are very durable if you place your order with Floormonk. The producers are always ready to manage a huge crowd of consumers. So, go and connect with the company to enjoy the best flooring experience.

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