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India’s Leading SPC Flooring Exporter

  • Aug 09 , 2022
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India’s Leading SPC Flooring Exporter

The development of technology has introduced many new things into your lives. And most of them have added to the convenience. The stone plastic composite flooring is the perfect instance of a concept that has completely changed the face of the modern flooring industry. 

With the very introduction of the material, stone plastic composite has become the darling of the property owners. But before going into further details, it is essential to know what is the flooring all about. 


What is SPC Flooring?

The chief components of the SPC floor are 

  • Calcium powder
  • Polyvinyl chloride stabilizer

The mixture maintains a certain proportion of the two components that form the stone plastic composite material. Hard SPC flooring is the prime choice for indoor flooring these days. It is the perfect representation of home décor with maximum functionality. 

The chief raw material of the flooring is calcium powder which undergoes plasticization and extrusion. When you start learning about SPC flooring, you will realize that you are discussing a flooring material that does not contain any heavy metals like metal formaldehyde or other harmful substances. Therefore, it is safe to say that the floor material offers a 100% formaldehyde- free surface. 

Path to Innovation

All of you know that the present generation is tech-savvy and they will not use the traditional forms of flooring without much research. Innovation is thus, the key to reaching and impressing Gen Y. 

if you discuss with Floormonk, India’s leading SPC flooring Exporter, you will understand that the thickness of the flooring is not at all high. And this is innovation in the true sense. The ultra-thin design is certainly one of the boldest innovations without compromising the quality of the floors.

  • Abrasion resistance is one of the most popular features of surface printing material. It will improve the service life of the stone polymer composite flooring to a great extent.
  • SPC floor tiles can withstand heavy traffic. 
  • The surface usually mimics the texture of real wood or natural marble. 

If you have been looking for the SPC flooring Exporter in the country, you can very well consider the floor as the only choice for underfloor heating as the thermal conductivity level is high, with a longer period of heat retention. 


We Export Different Collection of SPC Flooring?

When you have planned to invest in SPC flooring, you will always look forward to buying from the shops that provide you with the maximum collection of tiles. Floormonk is undeniably the one-stop solution with its different collections of spc flooring. 

  • Alamo


This type of SPC flooring is ideal when you prefer a no-glue and no-hassle SPC floating floor. Look for the ones available with lock technology to minimize the installation complications.

  • Bitola


And it's time to take a look at the tiles that will be suitable for the different surfaces of spc.size of 1220x181 mm. indeed, the floor will never fail to turn the heads of people who visit your house or office. 

  • Fluid


How would you like the idea of installing a floor that will never allow the stains to settle on it? Would you jump in joy to find a flooring option that will make your cleaning process easier than ever?

Then check out this model from the collection of the leading SPC Exporter company. If you are looking for tiles for the commercial space, then this is certainly the best option. Whether you want the stone plastic composite flooring for a hospital, shopping mall, school, college, or supermart, this tile will be an incredible solution for withstanding the continuous heavy traffic. 

  • Luna


If the brown-colored flooring has been always an enticing prospect according to you, then you should always consider this model from Floormonk. The embossed finish will add the right amount of elegance and style to the restaurant or hotel that you own. 

This is also going to be an attractive addition to the home flooring. But you should always buy from the most reputed SPC flooring exporter from India to make sure that the product is authentic with high durability. 

  • Opal


The SPC tiles are an upgrade to the luxury vinyl tiles. If this luxurious feel under the feet and the appearance matter to you, the Opal tiles from Floormonk will be the most compatible option. 
The tile is cost-effective in the sense that it will not undergo wear and tear quickly. All you need to do is to maintain the stone polymer composite flooring as per the directions of the seller. Don’t worry, for the maintenance needs are always minimum. 


Is SPC flooring considered vinyl flooring?

SPC flooring is not considered vinyl flooring, as it is made from a different material. SPC flooring is a resilient tile that offers the look and feel of traditional ceramic and hardwood tiles but with many benefits over other types of floors. It's environmentally friendly since it doesn't require chemical adhesives or sealants, enjoys lowmaintenance thanks to its easily cleanable surface, and has longer lasting wear than most other types of floors.
Additionally, SPC tiles are customisable which allows you to create a unique look for your home or office without having to deal with the hassle of renovation. So if you're looking for an upgrade but don't want to break the bank, consider opting for SPC flooring!


Is SPC flooring good for residential?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the quality of SPC flooring may vary depending on the specific needs of your residential property. However, generally speaking, SPC flooring is a good choice for properties that require easy maintenance and are prone to water damage. Additionally, it offers an aesthetically pleasing finish that can be customized to fit your particular specifications.
If you're looking for a cost effective option that will meet all of your residential requirements, then SPC flooring might be a good choice for you.


Can you steam clean spc flooring

Yes, you can clean spc flooring with a steam cleaner. However, be sure to use the correct type of cleaner and the correct settings on your machine. First, make sure that the floor is completely dry before starting. Second, use the lowest steam setting possible and spray the cleaner directly on the floor. Work slowly and carefully in a straight line until the floor is clean. Finally, use a hose to rinse the floor clean


Is spc flooring slippery?

While spc flooring may be attractive, it is not the best option if you are looking for a carpet that isresistant to slipping. This type of flooring typically consists of a plastic or rubber backing that contains small bumps or nodes. As pedestrians walk on these surfaces, they create microchips that can accumulate moisture and cause them to slip and fall. In addition, this type of flooring cannot stand up to heavy use, such as spills or messy pets.


Why are We the Best Exporter from India?

When you are planning to buy SPC floor tiles, you will always search for the best sellers available from all corners of the globe. Floormonk is presently the most reputed SPC flooring Exporter from India with its reputation spreading far and wide. 

The company has maintained its consistency in the quality of the flooring tiles, which has helped the seller to maintain the top position over the years. The products from the company sport certain attributes that make them the first option for buyers. 

  • Core material

If the core is strong, the floor tiles will serve a longer duration. As the core material in our product is 100% virgin polymer, you can always have the assurance that we are selling Premium Quality SPC flooring.

  • Aesthetic detail

Quality is not always the sole factor that you consider for buying floor tiles. We know the importance of aesthetics and so, Floormonk manufactures some of the most beautiful tiles. The EIR surface of the tiles imparts a luxurious effect and offers the feel of the wooden floor. 

  • Anti-skid

The SPC flooring Exporter guarantees the manufacture of the anti-skidding versions that will make your bathroom safe and beautiful.

  • Dimensional stability

Temperature, humidity, or air quality change won't affect the flooring material.

The SPC floors are the most durable flooring option if you are smart enough to buy from Floormonk. The manufacturers are ready to cater to the huge customer base. Contact the company if you need quick flooring solutions. 


For any query, contact us at / +919409908294

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