Indian SPC Flooring Vs Chinese SPC Flooring Which Is Better?

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Indian SPC Flooring Vs Chinese SPC Flooring Which Is Better?

  • Jul 25 , 2023
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Indian SPC Flooring Vs Chinese SPC Flooring Which Is Better?

Right now, SPC flooring is ruling the flooring market. And, due to its amazing qualities, it is truly deserving. From its high durability to stylish content, there is not a single thing that would restrict you from loving it. And that’s the reason why the whole world wants to have the SPC flooring anyhow.

But, when we talk about Floormonk's SPC flooring, we mostly get confused between its Indian SPC flooring and Chinese SPC flooring.

Now, what difference lies between the two? Well, just like India and China, Floormonk's two SPC flooring variations stand apart from each other. Thinking how? Well, don’t worry. Today, Floormonk will give you this answer. So, tighten your seat belts, as today’s blog is surely going to be very interesting for you.

Upgrade to Quality Indian SPC Flooring

Indian SPC Flooring: The Pros and Cons

The coin always holds two sides, and so does the Indian SPC flooring by the Indian SPC manufacturers. It has its good side and a bad side.

But, first, we’ll tell you what its good side is. Well, Indian SPC surfaces are well-known for their high-quality standards that many flooring types fail to provide. Moreover, their high durability will allow your flooring to live a longer life. Also, their versatile design collection will give you innumerable designs and colors that will always fascinate your space look. Isn’t it great?

Indian SPC Flooring vs Chinese SPC Flooring Which is Better?

Now, if we talk about its bad side, its lack of availability proves to be its biggest weakness. Yes, in some parts of the world, you would fail to find Indian SPC flooring. And, if you try to export it from India, you would have to pay a large sum of money to its supplier. But, it will not be a constraint for the ones who would have rich bank balances.

So, as you saw, Indian SPC flooring, although it wins through its quality and versatility, loses in terms of its unavailability.

But cheer up, here’s some decent news for you - You can contact FloorMonk if you want to import SPC tiles from India at an unbelievably low cost.

Chinese SPC Flooring: The Pros and Cons

Chinese SPC flooring has a brighter side and a darker side. 

But first, we’ll be sharing its brighter side with you. Chinese SPC flooring is available at comparatively low prices. So, all groups of people, whether rich or poor, can afford them easily. Moreover, its long supply chain ensures its easy availability in any part of the world. Its astounding and enormous design collection has the full potential of giving a luxurious touch to your flooring space. Isn’t it amazing?

Indian SPC Flooring vs Chinese SPC Flooring Which is Better?

Now, let’s talk about its darker side. Although the Chinese SPC flooring has a huge design collection, it fails in passing the SPC quality control. Yes, you cannot expect the Chinese SPC flooring to be highly qualitative. 

Moreover, it does not guarantee high durability, which degrades its longevity. And, the ones opting for Chinese SPC flooring will have to face some logistic issues during their export. So, you need to be ready for some difficult situations.

Also, If you’re in the US, importing Chinese SPC flooring tiles is going to be unbelievably tough for you. You’ll truly be baffled by the documentation and heavy taxes. So, as we saw, despite providing affordability and easy reach, Chinese SPC flooring is lagging somewhere in quality and difficult logistic issues.

Now, it’s easy to figure out that importing SPC flooring tiles from India is a much better choice.

Quality and Durability Comparison

For SPC flooring, quality and durability are its strongest considering factors. And these factors will even help you out in differentiating between Indian and Chinese SPC floor selections.

Structure of SPC Flooring

Material Strength and Stability

The material strength in SPC flooring reflects its strength of withstanding high foot traffic. And, in terms of material strength, Indian SPC flooring wins the race. Why? Definitely because of its high durability. Chinese SPC flooring, on the other side, doesn't provide that level of durability. Not even close!

Wear Layer Thickness and Resistance

Wear layer thickness and resistance always show you what amount of longevity your SPC floors have. The stronger the wear layer thickness, the higher its longevity will be. And, here, Indian SPC flooring wins the race. As it is highly durable, chances are its wear layer is very thick, thus increasing its longevity. In comparison, Chinese SPC flooring has low resistance to wear and tear, and that’s a big issue.

Resistance Against Water

Accidental spills on our flooring can lead to unwanted stains, which would eventually damage your flooring. So, we will always opt for highly water-resistant flooring solutions. , this is where Indian SPC flooring is attracting the USA. Its excellent water-proof capabilities make it a great option for moisture areas like bathrooms. And, here, Chinese SPC flooring bends down a bit due to its low water resistance.

Dimensional Stability

Scratches never occur by knocking. So, your flooring should be strongly prepared to fight with it through its high dimensional stability. Here, both the SPC floorings, Indian and Chinese, have very impressive impact resistance, ensuring high dimensional stability.

Customer Considerations and Preferences

As mentioned in the beginning, both Indian and Chinese SPC flooring have different ways. So, when you need to choose between the two, you need to have customer considerations in your account.

SPC Flooring India

Budget Constraints:

While purchasing anything, you will always have to play the game around the budget. And, for the ones for whom budget is the central prospect, we would recommend opting for Chinese SPC flooring. But, there is one thing: its cost-effectiveness would not stand highly qualitative in your expectations. On the other hand, although Indian SPC flooring is slightly (really, slightly) costly, it is double qualitative and durable.

Design Preferences:

We all know that both the Indian and Chinese are providing versatile and mesmerizing SPC flooring design collections. But, ultimately, only one can win the race. And, here, Indian SPC flooring, with its intricate designs and patterns, becomes worthy of winning. However, we cannot say that Chinese SPC flooring is offering fewer designs. Its designs are simple and elegant, while Indian SPC offers bright and attractive patterns. So, the ultimate decision is yours.

SPC Flooring

Environmental Concerns:

Today, everyone is trying to save a degrading environment in every possible way. Even many flooring options are eco-friendly. And SPC flooring in one of them. Here, Indian SPC flooring strictly follows eco-friendly manufacturing standards, while Chinese SPC flooring would fall apart. 

Installation Requirements:

Both the SPC flooring, Indian and Chinese, have different installation requirements. If you are a DIY enthusiast who likes to install everything in your space, then Indian SPC flooring is for you. It is easy to install due to its locking system. Chinese flooring, on the other hand, would mostly require a technical team as it is a bit difficult. So, ultimately, it depends on your preference. So, we have differentiated fairly between the Chinese Indian and SPC flooring. Now, which SPC flooring you would like depends on your space requirements and your preferences. Your budget, design requirements, installation, and environmental preference will ultimately help you in making a fair choice.

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