Is Chinese-Made SPC Flooring Safe?

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Is Chinese-Made SPC Flooring Safe?

  • Sep 14 , 2023
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Is Chinese-Made SPC Flooring Safe?

Exploring floor surface cladding options is like embarking on a design adventure. With options like soft and cozy carpets that invite convenient gatherings and contemporary innovative tiling options that scream sleek sophistication, choices abound. But, ah, here's the twist—their origin matters more than you might've thought.

Local versus overseas, that's the crux. While you're planning your dream floors, think about longevity—because a floor should last, right? But that's just the start. Your family's health and our lovely planet also step into this grand flooring tango.

Now, why the chatter about origins? Cue quality concerns. In 2015, China's laminate flooring had its European and American rendezvous marred by some quality hiccups. But wait, that's not the end of it. It was precisely during this spell that SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring sneaked in and conquered hearts in most of the major and demanding countries on every continent.

So, dear reader, stick around—this journey's all about why Indian-made SPC surface solutions might just be your safest bet.

Indian SPC Floors

Stone Plastic Composite, or SPC flooring, has become increasingly prevalent in the surface coverings industry in recent times. It's an innovative and out-of-the-box surface solution that carefully balances and has a significant improvement over PVC floors. With so many advantages, this marvel is absolutely free of any and all harmful substances like formaldehyde and is fast turning into a homeowner's beloved companion.


This cutting-edge floor-covering solution isn't a new option by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it's been here for a while and has been gradually establishing itself. Indian companies have consistently been at the forefront in recent times when it comes to superior surface solutions, demonstrating their expertise in the industry through corporations like Floormonk. Indian SPC flooring is reinventing the concept of what it signifies to be a fashionable, secure, and sustainable floor coverings choice, thanks to Floormonk's experience and dedication to workmanship.

Therefore, Indian SPC flooring, particularly from a trusted brand like Floormonk, might serve as your ideal flooring solution if you're looking for flooring that combines visual appeal with safety and environmental responsibility.

Indian SPC Flooring vs. Chinese SPC Flooring

In the world of SPC flooring, the clash of titans: Indian-made versus Chinese-made. But what sets them apart? Safety, quality, and conscientious choices.

Indian SPC Flooring:

  • Floormonk, an Indian standout, crafts SPC floors with precision and care.

  • Exemplifies quality control with a commitment to safety.

  • Made from virgin materials, ensuring zero heavy metal risks.

  • Local production means supporting domestic industry and boosting accountability.

Chinese SPC Flooring:

  • China's industry dominates global SPC flooring markets.

  • Quality varies, making it essential to tread carefully.

  • Recycled materials may hide lurking hazards.

  • Your safety and environmental ethics are your choice.

In the end, it's not just about the flooring beneath your feet; it's about your family's health. Also, you'll ensure the planet's well-being by choosing the right flooring option. Floormonk ensures you make the right choice – where safety and quality unite.

Environmental Considerations

When it comes to eco-conscious flooring, the choice between Indian-made SPC flooring and its Chinese counterpart reveals a fascinating landscape of environmental benefits.

Indian SPC flooring, exemplified by brands like Floormonk, champions sustainability with a fervor that sets it apart. The key here? A commitment to virgin materials. This ensures not just the longevity of the floor but, more crucially, a healthier environment.

Think about it—virgin materials don't just create a safer floor; they promote a greener planet, too. When you opt for Indian SPC flooring, you're investing in a product that doesn't rely on reprocessed supplies with hidden risks.

Let's not forget the heavy metals, the proverbial "elephant in the room," particularly those made with recycled supplies. Chinese SPC flooring occasionally goes over the recommended thresholds. With SPC flooring, however, made in India, you can relax identifying that you're selecting a product that puts the planet's well-being and your health first.

The environment and safety should be kept in mind when choosing your flooring, to sum up. The very best of the two worlds is available when you choose Indian SPC floors, which is demonstrated by reputable brands like Floormonk. It's an environmentally friendly option that ensures your family's safety and provides an unmatched assurance that you can trust.

Safety Assurance

When you consider the usage of PVC substances that are frequently the subject of scrutiny, the Indian SPC surface covering sits largely as an indicator of dependability. Also, it has a strong track record of efficiency. It's important to note that Chinese households have adopted PVC in a variety of applications since the dawn of the millennium. It shows its dependability in everything from plumbing to electrical installations.

Furthermore, China's PVC industry has advanced substantially, and as a result, a powerful industrial clustering is created when the SPC flooring factories regions are combined with important manufacturing hubs in South and East China. This integration strengthens the safety details of SPC flooring produced in India even more.

Hence, if you're thinking about SPC floors, know that Indian SPC floor coverings are not only dependable but also secure and safe. Responsible customers benefit in 2 significant ways: protect the health of others and practice environmental consciousness.


The Indian-made SPC flooring stands out as an icon of safety and environmental sustainability in a universe abounding with flooring options. By choosing Indian SPC flooring options, one can ensure quality without compromising the safety aspect of the floors and, of course, the environmental protection. 

The lure is found in the trifecta of these SPC floors: credibility, environmental responsibility, and health awareness. It's an intentional choice to use caution and safeguard your home and family, not just a flooring choice. 

So keep this in mind as you consider your next flooring project: Indian SPC is more than just a floor; it's an enduring base for your haven. Make an appropriate decision, and you can walk with assurance because you've welcomed quality, ecological responsibility, and, beyond that, safety!

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