Leading Manufacturer Of Various Kinds Of Wood-Look Flooring 

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Leading Manufacturer Of Various Kinds Of Wood-Look Flooring 

  • Nov 21 , 2022
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Leading Manufacturer Of Various Kinds Of Wood-Look Flooring 

The immediate thought while purchasing fresh flooring for the house may be aesthetics. Be it rustic, worn timber, beautiful handmade tiles, smooth, gleaming stones, vinyl checkered tiles, or about something basic and inconspicuous to place beneath the rugs, it all depends on personal tastes.

But there's one look that is desired by all or has been in everyone's consideration at least once; the wooden look flooring is perhaps the most desired flooring solution across the globe.

When you've decided on the ideal floor, it's time to face reality. Putting in fresh flooring is one of the most costly home renovation jobs you'll do, so ensure you have enough money set up for the floors you want. However, reliable brands do come up with superior choices such as vinyl or SPC floors that are the perfect alternatives for actually designed wood floors and yet are so much like it.

Floormonk is the leading hybrid flooring manufacturer and a top producer of the most popular wood look flooring in the Indian market today. The wood look flooring options that Floormonk offers are perhaps one of the most extensive collections in the Indian market and are also one of the most sought-after for their reliability.

The wooden flooring options available at Floormonk include, include Embossed SPC Flooring, Hybrid Flooring, MSPC Flooring, and Designed Wood Floors. We have further discussed various pros and cons of these various types for the customers to make an informed decision for their next flooring purchase

Explore Wood Look Flooring

1. Embossed SPC Flooring

Embossed SPC Flooring

Pros of Embossed SPC Flooring

  1. Embossed SPC floors appear and feel just like real hardwood, thanks to better high-definition imagery, denser embossing, and superior seaming processes.

  2. It is simple to care for and resistant to scrapes and damages.

  3. Long-lasting and extremely durable

  4. Unlike other organic materials, embossed SPC flooring does not discolor in the weather, preserving its natural beauty aesthetics.

Cons of Embossed SPC Flooring

  1. They may be harmed if subjected to water for an extended period of time.

  2. They cannot be sanded or polished to their former beauty once they lose their lustre (which happens eventually).

  3. It might include chemicals that react with the environment of a place.

2. Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

Pros of Hybrid Flooring

  1. Because of the strong topcoat reinforced by a PVC core, hybrid flooring is completely waterproof.

  2. The upper surface of hybrid floors provides staining resistance and increases endurance, rendering hybrid floors resilient to damage.

  3. Hybrid flooring is simple to install and keep clean.

  4. Hybrid flooring is versatile because of the numerous mix-and-match alternatives and aesthetic choices.

Cons of Hybrid Flooring

  1. Hybrid flooring costs more compared to other laminate types of flooring.

  2. In certain cases, lower-quality hybrid flooring may be less genuine in emulating the aesthetic of wood flooring.

  3. Hybrid Floors demand a Flat Sub-Floor, and you must confirm that your floor is perfectly level when installing a hybrid floor.

3. MSPC Flooring

MSPC Flooring

Pros of MSPC Flooring

  1. MSPC (MVP) is far more scratch-resistant than ordinary laminate flooring.

  2. It also generates significantly fewer pollutants, like formaldehyde, and so helps to improve air quality.

  3. They are an environmentally beneficial solution.

  4. MSPC is fire-resistant, giving it an advantage over laminate flooring.

Cons of MSPC Flooring

  1. Melamine paper's basic ingredient is expensive, so the total cost is expensive.

  2. Because it is a novel product, it is still in the stages of development.

  3. SPC is primarily automated, whereas MSPC is entirely hot-pressed by labor board after board.

4. Designed Wood Floors

Designed Wood Floors

Pros of Designed Wood Floors

  1. Designed wood flooring is extremely sustainable and may be greatly customized.

  2. They, like all other wooden look flooring choices, are simple to install and maintain.

  3. Design wood flooring is available in both contemporary and traditional styles, as well as a variety of color options, textures, and distinctive design characteristics.

Cons of Designed Wood Floors

  1. They may distort and function poorly in humid situations.

  2. They are more expensive than the other flooring alternatives available here.

  3. To keep their radiance, designed wood floors sometimes require polishing.

Floormonk as the leading manufacturer of wood look flooring has made an unmistakable mark in the Indian market. In just a short duration they have been able to serve the market and demands with superior quality wood look flooring solutions.

Apart from this we also manufacture different SPC products


Optra : SPC Flooring

Optra is one of our more popular wooden look flooring solutions. The design and texture which is so much life-like and the color all comes together in the one-of-a-kind SPC flooring. 1220 mm in length and 181 mm in width is a perfect dimension for easy installation across all Indian homes.

The thickness of 4 mm with SPC Core and 1 mm with IXPE underlayment ensures ample underlayment for a softer and more comfortable feel under the feet. A wear layer of 0.3 mm ensures the surface is protected substantially with the necessary coating.


Milano : SPC Flooring

The continental-style SPC flooring, Milano is yet another mesmerizing addition to the Floormonk catalog that has been our most popular offering. The darker tones and the grainy structure makes it perfect for bedrooms and a cozier environment. Offered in the standard size of 1220 mm in length and 181 mm in width, the Milano wooden flooring also comes with a 0.30 mm wear layer.

The SPC core and IXPE underlayment combinations ensure a greater experience with warmer floors. And as a manufacturer of wood look flooring, Floormonk’s commitment to the best customer experience has led to the development of superior-quality SPC floors.



Another SPC flooring solution from Floormonk, Trenz is a trendy design fused with classical engineering and concept. The UNILIN interlocking system that is offered in all of our SPC floorings, makes for an easy and hassle-free installation. The standard size of 1220 mm x 181 mm and the thickness of 5 mm is the near-perfect dimension needed for Indian floors. 

The darker hue of wooden flooring i.e. Trenz is perfect for a bigger space, for a rich feel. The appearance also brings all the surrounding elements together for a perfect blend.


Twilight : SPC Flooring

Twilight as the name suggests is a wooden flooring SPC design inspired by the twilight. The glowing wooden texture and color fit perfectly in a lounge or hallway area. The light refraction around the floors is guaranteed to mimic the twilight ambiance in any space. 

The Twilight wooden flooring is available in conventional dimensions of 1220 mm long and 181 mm wide. It additionally has a 0.30 mm wearlayer. Compositions of the SPC center and IXPE layer provide a richer experience over the floors.


Expresso : SPC Flooring

The Expresso SPC flooring is a contemporary wooden flooring design that fits perfectly with all modern homes and spaces. The UNILIN interlocking system enables a convenient installation phase. The standard size as common with all other SPC flooring alternatives is perfect for Indian application in nearly every space.

Floormonk has risen in prominence in just a year’s time and it is all because of our commitment and the experience that the founders have gained over the years. Our dedication toward customer satisfaction and thrive to improve and enhance ourselves as a world-class brand have consequently gained us a reputation of being a leader in SPC flooring solutions.

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