Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

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Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

  • Aug 10 , 2022
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Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

Flooring is always an important part of any residential or commercial building. It not only adds to the value of the property but ensures that your interiors look the best. Vinyl flooring has always been a common choice of every property owner. 

The growing demand for spc flooring companies shows that people are loving the concept of adding rigidity to vinyl floors. SPC flooring is the favorite of property owners because the stone-polymer composite enhances the durability of the flooring dramatically.

Understanding the layers

The spc floor tiles have almost the same layering as the luxury vinyl flooring.

  • The SPC core layer is responsible for the high durability and serves as the foundation for the entire stone polymer composite flooring.
  • The design layer will be similar to the stone or wooden floor patterns and colors.
  • The wear layer acts as the protective shield that will protect the flooring from all possible minor damages. 

But it is essential to procure your flooring materials only from the best supplier of SPC in Gujarat like Floormonk to ensure that you get the premium quality product. 

Myriad advantages

The best part about this flooring type is the plethora of advantages that you can enjoy with the installation of the floor tiles.

Benefit #1: Ultra-durable

The prime reason why any SPC supplier in Gujarat will suggest you invest in the SPC floor tiles is their durability. Invest once, and you don’t have to think about any repair or replacement in the next 8 to 10 years. 

Benefit #2: Scratch resistant

The innate strength of the Stone Plastic Composite makes it resistant to scratches and dents. So, if you have dogs, cats, or crawling little kids at home, you will love this flooring.

Benefit #3: Completely waterproof

Although the flooring looks close to the wooden floors, it does not have the same properties. That is why the top SPC supplier will advise installing the SPC flooring even in the bathroom owing to the high water resistance. It is one of the best waterproof flooring options. 

Benefit #4: Stylish appearance

Consider the options of SPC tiles available with Floormonk, a leading supplier of SPCYou will realize that the flooring will be the perfect amalgamation of style and functions. 

Benefit #5: Cost- effective

You cannot deny the fact that the stone polymer composite flooring will be a cost-effective option for most property owners.

  • the initial expense can be a little higher, but the consequent service quality will justify the price
  • consider how much money you can save by avoiding all the repairs and possible replacements. 

The high-end stone plastic composite flooring will provide the most affordable but beautiful flooring option. 

Benefit #6: Eco-friendly option

In a world where people are now searching for eco-friendly products to ensure the complete safety of their family members. The SPC tile flooring in Gujarat makes sure that you don’t get exposed to any harmful chemicals as the flooring material is chemical-free.

We supply a wide collection of SPC flooring

As already elaborated above, the most attractive factor about the SPC floors is the perfect balance of functionality and attractive external appearance. 

If you check out the Great collection in SPC available at Floormonk, you will feel tempted to buy each of them. Here, we are sharing a few premium varieties from the collection that can be on your shortlisted chart. Finalize the flooring after comparing the different features of the tiles. 

The blackish appearance of the flooring will draw the attention of every guest and potential buyer visiting the place.


  1. Kodiak:


    It is one of the best among the collections of the company. It belongs to the dimension category of 1220X181 mm. The wear layer is 0.30mm.  
  2. Luna:


    If you prefer the wooden appearance, then you should definitely check out these tiles of the same dimensional category from the SPC flooring supplier in Gujarat. It will be ideal for your bedroom and other rooms.  


  3. Milano: 


    It is for the ones who love the grey texture on the floors. In a box, you will get 10 planks. 
  4. Opal: 


    Deck up the floors with elegant tiles that will never show dents or scratches even if the space gets heavy foot traffic. 
  5. Orian:


Being the top-rated SPC floor tiles supplier in Gujarat, Floormonk has already earned a huge reputation in the market owing to these varieties of tiles that enhance the look and feel of every home or office space. 


Why are we the best suppliers of SPC in Gujarat?

Although many companies are manufacturing SPC flooring tiles these days, not all companies are equivalent in the quality of the products. Floormonk is already the best supplier in the country.

  • The company provides very easy installation help that will minimize the headache of property owners. 
  • The flooring that we manufacture is resistant to flames. Hence, in case of fire damage, especially in commercial properties, the flooring will have minimal damage.
  • The tiles are the epitome of style. We know that every customer looks for SPC floor materials that look stylish. After all, you will invest in flooring only when you know it can turn a few heads. 
  • the surface is stain-free, making the product ideal for commercial use. It will be also good for kitchens where there is a high chance of liquid and oil spills. Being stain-resistant, the surface will never show the marks of staining. 

The remarkable features of the tiles that our company is manufacturing will make the property owners feel how these tiles will enhance the appearance and value of the property. 


Value addition

Even if you are planning to sell the house or commercial space within a few years, installation of the tiles from the best SPC flooring supplier like Floormonk will be the ideal solution. The flooring will enhance the value of the property. 

You can quote a higher price for the house just by showing the flooring. And the potential buyers also know that the SPC flooring will serve for the maximum period. 


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