Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

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Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

  • Aug 10 , 2022
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Premium Quality SPC Flooring In Gujarat

Flooring is an integral part of any interior part of any property. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial property, the flooring adds great value to ensure that your interiors shine with their natural, attractive look. Vinyl flooring is one such common choice of every property owner that bestows great value on your pre-existing interior.

The demand for adding additional hardness to vinyl flooring is proof of how SPC flooring companies are in a craze right now. SPC flooring is the hot favorite of property owners because of the stone polymer mixture. This mixture can enhance the life of the flooring by a fair measure. 

Upgrade to Premium SPC Flooring

The In-depth understanding of layers:

SPC Layers

SPC floor tiles have a layering pattern that’s quite similar to luxury vinyl flooring. 

• The core layer of SPC is what makes the base for the whole stone polymer composite flooring and is responsible for the long life of the flooring. 

• The layers of design will be identical to the wooden or stone patterns and colors. 

• The wear layer is the layer that protects the flooring from the wear and tear caused in due time. 

Your flooring materials could be the best products you need. However, their quality can only be guaranteed if you get them from a good supplier in Gujarat. 

The plethora of advantages that are offered by SPC Flooring is limitless! 

A great thing about this kind of flooring is that it offers a variety of benefits. Let’s check those:

Advantage 1: Ultra Durable

SPC suppliers in Gujarat swear on the fact that these tiles will not cause you any trouble for at least 8-10 years after their first installation. Invest once, and you do not have to think about these tiles at all for a very long amount of time. 

Advantage 2: Scratch-proof tiles 

Scratch Proof SPC Flooring

The stone plastic composite is a major benefit, and the tiles are entirely free of dents or scratches. So, if you have kids, pets, or any such uses at your place where scratches are bound to occur, you will absolutely adore this kind of flooring. 

Advantage 3: Entirely water resistant

Although the flooring is similar to wooden floors in looks, it has entirely different properties. That is the reason why top SPC flooring suppliers advise you to install these tiles in your washroom areas due to high water usage. It is clearly one of the top water-resistant options

Advantage 4: Trending appearances 

Why not go with the top tile options available at Floormonk, a leading supplier of SPC? You will soon understand why this flooring option is the perfect symphony of style and functions. 

Advantage 5: Pocket-friendly at its best

Pocket Friendly SPC Flooring

PC flooring with the perfect composite of stone and plastic is a very pocket-friendly option for most property owners. 

  • The prices in the start might be a tad bit higher, but the service quality will easily justify the price. 

  • You will be surprised by the amount of money you can save by not having to spend on repairs and all possible tweaks and touches to the flooring. 

This globally famous stone plastic composite will provide the best pocket-friendly yet attractive flooring options for your property. 

Advantage 6: Eco-Friendly Option

In this world where everyone is always looking for eco-friendly options for everything, make sure that their family members are always safe. These SPC flooring tiles options created in Gujarat make for a perfect option as you do not get exposed to any harmful chemical products as the flooring materials are made in an entirely chemical-free manner. 

A wide range of SPC flooring is available for you! 

As already shared multiple times through this blog, the specification of these tiles is that these SPC floors are the perfect composite of external attractiveness and internal durability and strength. 

You will desire to buy each and every tile option once you have a look at the best collection available of SPC at Floormonk. You can have a look at some beautiful varieties that can be easily picked up for versatile properties and interior themes. Why not finalize your tiles after seeing their diverse features? 

The dark-themed appearances will draw the desired choices from every guest as well as potential buyers visiting your property. 

• Kodiak: Amongst the highest-demanded collections of the company, these tiles belong to the dimension category of 1220*181MM. The layer of wear is 0.30MM.

• Luna: If you like a rugged wooden look for your property, you should definitely have a glance at this tile option from the SPC flooring supplier in Gujarat. It will be a great choice for bedrooms as well as other areas of your property.

• Milano: These tiles are for the ones who love gray in their lives, as well as floors. In one single box, 10 planks are available.

• Orian: Being the best of the best SPC floor tiles suppliers in Gujarat, Floormonk has already made its place as the topmost supplier in the market with these tile collections, which contribute beautifully to the theme of any home or office space.

Why is Floormonk the best supplier of SPC in Gujarat?

Floormonk the best supplier of SPC in Gujarat

Although there are tons of companies operating the SPC floor tiles market, not all companies are similar in the efforts that go towards maintaining quality. Floormonk is the best supplier of SPC floor tiles in the country.

• The company is adamant about providing the best installation assistance required so as to minimize the headaches of the property owners. 

• Flame-resistant flooring is always the topmost choice of any property owner. Hence, in any situation of fire damage, the floors will prove to be the least dangerous for the occupants. 

• The tiles offered by us are the best option for stylish interior themes. Every customer is bound to look for attractive tiles that compliment their property in an extraordinary way. This way, they will invest in flooring that is sure to turn everyone’s attention to it. 

• The surface is sure to be quite stain-free, making the tiles an extremely handy option for commercial uses. Being stain-proof, the surface will never show the damage and tardiness that is caused by stains. 

The remarkable advantages of these tiles offered by Floormonk will make the property owners sigh in relief once they are installed. 

Wrapping up 

Even if you think that you want to put your house or property up for sale in a couple of years, the installation of these tiles from the best SPC suppliers similar to Floormonk is a great idea. The flooring is a sure-fire way to enhance the property valuation. 

You can easily charge a higher price for your property by showing the quality of the flooring. The potential buyers will consider this point and be sure to serve for the maximum period. 

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