Premium Quality SPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

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Premium Quality SPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

  • Aug 15 , 2022
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Premium Quality SPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

Floormonk SPC flooring is a step forward from classic flooring in terms of innovation and gives absolute brilliance underneath your feet. As a specialist, SPC flooring manufacturer in India Floormonk has risen in the ranks with their trusted and reliable flooring solution all over the country. The unparalleled simplicity of grout-free placement preserves the flooring germ-free over time, and the entire installation procedure is peaceful and dust-free.
Whether at home, the office, a commercial store, or a restaurant. As an SPC flooring manufacturer Floormonk promises to add a sense of opulence and relaxation to the area. This flooring is simple to lay, preserve, and enjoy! This will appeal to your emotions and produce a seductive environment. 

SPC flooring has evolved as the most preferred flooring option for both business and domestic applications. This is due to the reason that it provides several benefits for home remodeling and, most importantly, the SPC floor is quite inexpensive. SPC flooring provides a diverse array of options, not only in terms of texture and style but also in terms of functioning and assembly methods.

These anti-skid floorings are also stained and tear resilient, impervious to fire and skids, and antibacterial, giving you the greatest flooring and making Floormonk flooring ideal for any room in your home. Discover our broad collection of styles and layouts to embrace endless grandeur, efficiency, and sophistication in your home. Really do not put off the evolution of floors; it's already here!

SPC tile floors are the most durable flooring option in the current times and their cost-effectiveness and their visual possibilities make them quite a sensible choice for all kinds of settings. The stone plastic composite flooring is the most modern solution to flooring needs. Along with the stone polymer composite flooring, these SPC floor choices are the most “happening” thing in the market today.

SPC Flooring Manufacturing Company in India

Floormonk has revolutionized the Indian flooring market with its SPC flooring solutions. For a place that has always taken to grasp the newest and the latest in traditional tiles, to make them understand and answer the burning question as to what is SPC flooring? This was a task in itself, however, the brand Floormonk has established itself as one of the leading SPC flooring manufacturers in India and has conquered a good chunk of the market share.

As an SPC manufacturing company, Floormonk has been up to speed with the growing demand and the latest trends in the market all over the world. The brand has been able to not only earn loyal clientele across the Indian market but has also been able to improve its innovative product solution.

Floormonk is engaged in the manufacturing of top-quality stone plastic composite flooring, also known as stone polymer composite flooring, these flooring solutions are the new age solution for a sturdy and long-lasting vinyl flooring choice. 

Being an SPC flooring manufacturer, the brand has dedicated itself to creating and innovating the finest quality stone plastic composite. These innovations render them a limitless quality which makes them uniquely adaptable to any and all settings.

Major Forms of SPC Flooring

SPC Tile Flooring: 

SPC Floor Tiles are high-quality building substances produced of stone polymeric natural stone rating blended with various classes of other elements to attain the preferred resilience and aspect consistency, which is a critical feature for floor coverings, particularly in areas with extreme thermal variations. 
It is completely impermeable, not merely weather-resistant; no moisture will enter the flooring thanks to the modern click latching mechanism. SPC tile flooring provides excellent noise absorbent capability when paired with cushioning. Luxury SPC tile (LVT) is a high-standard robust flooring that may be used both in the home and in the workplace. Luxury SPC tile is often larger, up to 5mm thick, with a wearing coating of up to 0.5mm. This is also why LVT has a longer lifespan than standard SPC tile flooring.

SPC Sheet Flooring: 

SPC vinyl is a more recent substance with a distinctive hardcore that is practically unbreakable. This sort of flooring comes on a large roll that allows for dimension versatility. You may adjust the size to fit your room by trimming it once you place it. Regardless of the fact that it is in flat sheets, it has no effect on the overall comprehensive view of the flooring. 
The SPC core is why renders this flooring so tough, keeping its shape even on irregular subfloors. The most notable feature of SPC sheet flooring is that it is waterproof. Its premium vinyl flooring took to the next level with a unique waterproof base that is appropriate for any room in your home.

SPC Plank Flooring: 

SPC plank flooring is one of the most frequent varieties of SPC flooring. It comes in a variety of sizes, densities, fastening techniques, and patterns. An SPC plank comes with a limited breadth of less than three inches. A broad plank typically has a breadth of 5 to 7 inches. A broader plank will create the impression of a bigger and broader room. 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive is often applied on SPC plank with self-adhesive methods. SPC plank featuring a click-lock fastening mechanism is particularly designed to join with neighboring planks avoiding the use of adhesive or underlayment.

Luxury SPC Plank (LVT) Flooring: 

LVP, like SPC plank flooring, comes in a variety of densities and sizes. Its resilience and moisture resistance is ideal for use in kitchens and even bathrooms. Luxury SPC plank flooring is offered in both click-on and loose-lay installation methods. These are indeed efficient and user-friendly. If you want to do it yourself, loose-lay SPC plank flooring is the solution to proceed. A basic PVC core gives an LVP floor flexibility and softness. Across plywood, concrete, and pre-existing floorboards, LVT may be placed easily.

Benefits of SPC Flooring

An SPC flooring has the following benefits over other flooring options of the modern age:


Because the SPC flooring manufacturing procedure is simpler, the associated machinery and labor costs have lowered, making SPC flooring more inexpensive than WPC floors. If you choose high-quality wood, the price of wood floors even for a single space can quickly approach the high "premium" range. Then there are installation expenses to consider (the typical price to install synthetic wood floors is expensive per square footage as opposed to the cheap cost of installation of SPC flooring, which may even be done DIY).


SPC flooring is known to be waterproof. The quality makes them versatile and adaptable to near about all spaces around the house. SPC flooring is constructed of PVC and organic lime dust that is 100% impermeable and fire resistant, so you are not required to fear further flooring becoming moist, moldy, or warped. As a result, SPC floors may be utilized in any area of your homes, such as the bathroom or kitchen. The worry-free implementation of any flooring solution might just be its greatest advantage.


SPC flooring may be the perfect bet for people who cannot set aside enough time for housework and are on a tight schedule. All you need to do to maintain your home tidy is sweep and run a wet mop on a regular basis. Although if you discover any broken parts or tiles, you can easily repair each one without needing to dismantle the complete flooring. When compared to alternative forms of flooring, preserving the integrity of SPC flooring is simpler.

Heat Resistant:

Whenever we contemplate proper insulation in our houses, we don't typically think of the flooring. The excellent thing about SPC flooring is that this is among the most fire-resistant materials available, owing to the stone polymer mixture utilized in the boards. Its material composition is its major benefit which helps to exhibit such a unique quality, which does not give in to the extremely high temperature or fire outbreaks. The heat-resistant quality or attributes easily helps them retain their shape and avoid warping.


SPC flooring is suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Floating (or click-together flooring) solutions are some of the simplest to lay on any form of flooring. You simply link every section of flooring to adjoining planks or tile, then just let weight and adhesion do the work. As a result, buying floating PVC plank flooring makes perfect sense if you want to save money—and most SPC floor companies produce click-together solutions. Following the manufacturer’s instructions diligently may be all you need.

Quick installation:

SPC flooring is also appealing because it can be installed over a variety of subfloors and pre-existing floors. Many patterns easily snap into position, removing the requirement for costly, complex, and possibly hazardous adhesives. Their easy and non-messy installations also are quite quick and ready to use in no time, when compared to other flooring alternatives. In most cases, the installation is quicker as it does not require professional installation experts and you can do it yourself.


Why choose Floormonk?

As a flooring specialist, Floormonk is committed to offering excellent quality flooring and solutions to every single client. Floormonk specialists have extensive technical expertise and decades of expertise installing SPC flooring. SPC flooring's design and workmanship have improved significantly throughout the years. It is no longer the low-cost, second-rate flooring alternative that you are accustomed to. 
In fact, SPC flooring has received such positive feedback from consumers that it has become the most preferred perfect option! Our consumers are particularly concerned about 2 variables: efficiency and aesthetics.
We are continually striving for advancement and breaking new ground to guarantee that all of our flooring designs and patterns are updated.


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