Premium Quality WPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

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Premium Quality WPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

  • Sep 10 , 2022
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Premium Quality WPC Flooring Manufacturer In India

Since its introduction to the market, WPC flooring has become the world's most promising commercial flooring product. WPC stands for Wood and Plastic Composite, which looks like wood but has many advantages over wooden flooring.

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What is WPC Flooring?

What Is WPC Flooring?

The W in WPC stands for wood, but WPC flooring manufacturers in India do not use wood in the traditional sense for flooring. Rather, it is a composite material containing a combination of wood or flour fibers and heated thermoplastic resin. The resulting material surpasses the advantages of conventional flooring foams available on the market. 

What Is WPC Vinyl Flooring? 

Here, we introduce WPC vinyl flooring, an upgraded version of WPC flooring. Vinyl flooring, which contains recycled wood pulp and plastic composites, is a special material that makes it the best choice for flooring.

Top-to-bottom waterproof WPC vinyl flooring has the following layers: 

  • Abrasion layer: This is a protective layer that protects the floor from dirt and makes it easier to clean the floor.

  • Vinyl Layer: This is a durable layer of colors and patterns.

  • WPC Core: This is the thickest layer of the plank. Made from recycled wood pulp and plastic composite. It is waterproof and stable.

  • Pre-attached liner: This will add extra noise isolation and underfoot cushioning.

It's time to take a look at two types of WPC vinyl flooring.

WPC vinyl tiles flooring

This is a WPC vinyl flooring tile format. You can choose between rectangular and square shapes. You can find shapes in different sizes. To cover the space of your home well, you need to choose the right size. WPC flooring manufacturers such as Floormonk are the leading brands when it comes to WPC vinyl flooring.

WPC vinyl tiles flooring

The tiles look very nice based on the composite tones and textures.

WPC vinyl plank flooring

For those who are not good at finding tiles, we recommend you go with planks. WPC vinyl flooring is perfect for homeowners who want to create the look and feel of hardwood floors. The planks are long and can visually expand a limited space thanks to the visual illusion.

WPC vinyl plank flooring

These panels are superior to stone-plastic composite flooring in terms of aesthetics and resistance to damage. In terms of durability, you'll have to do some research to know exactly how these boards really take damage. These boards are very durable and unbreakable. 

Benefits of WPC Flooring

There are many benefits of this type of flooring, but we would like to highlight only the most important ones. 

1: Real wood look

Homeowners always prefer flooring as classic as hardwood flooring. The resemblance between wood-plastic composite flooring and parquet is extreme, making it a favorite of modern homeowners and those who love the traditional form of flooring. 

The colors and shades of natural wood, such as WPC flooring, are the magic of wood-plastic composite manufacturers who work diligently to enhance the appearance of their flooring.

2: Unique design options

Have you been through the website of Floormonk? Once you go through the collection of WPC flooring, you will realize that the material has a plethora of designs that can complement any style of interior décor. 

  • The plate has various styles and colors.

  • The natural tone with deciduous fallen leaves in dark and problematic decorations can always impress customers.

  • WPC vinyl flooring with stone-like looks is currently trending among modern owners who are ready to draw classical hits with modern functions. 

You can use this option to plan any commercial or residential design.

3: Easy installation

Benefits of WPC Flooring

When installing traditional vinyl flooring, installers typically use an adhesive layer. But when it comes to WPC boards, there is a click-lock installation system, which is very easy to understand and implement. Advertising could very well be your next DIY project.

This process will take very little time, even if you plan to hire a professional for this task.

4: Durable and long-lasting

And who can doubt the durability of the best WPC flooring? The surface is highly resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. The flooring material is also very durable. Therefore, it is suitable for residential and commercial environments where high foot traffic and pets are expected. 

WPC flooring manufacturers can easily replace boards and tiles without having to replace the entire floor if a particular point is damaged. Remodeling is economical, and it is easy to keep using the same flooring for the rest of your life. 

5: Dimensionally stable

Even if you love hardwood floors, you'll hate it when you see them shrink and swell depending on the weather.

However, WPC floors are the most durable flooring option and have the most dimensional stability. You won't notice any change in size, no matter what climate you expose the flooring to.

6: Waterproof

It goes without saying that the water resistance of WPC is one of the most important factors affecting the durability of the floor. Keeping it moist will also prevent mold growth. There are several wood-plastic composite (WPC) alternatives available for different applications. Here are some examples. 

  • Natural Fiber Composites (NFC): These composites are made by combining natural fibers such as hemp, flax, and bamboo with thermoplastic polymers. It has similar properties to WPC and can be used for decks, fences, and other outdoor applications.

  • Bioplastics: Bioplastics are plastics made from renewable biomass sources such as corn starch and sugar cane. It can be used for packaging, bags, disposables, and many other purposes.

  • Cellulose Materials: Cellulose is a natural polymer found in plants and used to make a variety of materials, such as paper, fibers, and composites. Cellulose composites have properties similar to WPC and can be used for trim and other exterior applications.

  • Reused plastic composite: If we discuss reusable materials, these composites are an extraordinary decision. Their making cycle is straightforward. Supporting materials like fiberglass or carbon are joined with reused plastic. However, where are they used? Well, they are popular to be used as flooring and wall materials.

  • Metal Composites: Metal composites are a wonderful decision for making aviation and cars. These composites are made by joining aluminum and steel. The making system doesn't end here! Support materials are additionally required, like carbon and glass fiber.

Is WPC flooring Durable?

Although WPC flooring is an entirely tough material, how am I expressing it with certainty? Well, it has the ability to persevere through continued traffic and cleaning. Also, they won't get damaged without a huge danger. 

Along these lines, we suggest WPC flooring for high-traffic regions. You can depend on this ground surface for stores and eateries. Additionally, the WPC floors have no smell. Simply relax. No exceptional support like waxing or fixing is vital with this ground surface. They will remain in great shape even with essential cleaning.

Which is better, SPC or WPC?

We won't say any of these are awful, as both have their own advantages. Notwithstanding, I can assist you with concluding which deck can be a superior decision as per your prerequisites. Being an expert in terms of flooring at Floormonk, I suggest SPC flooring if you need a lightweight, breathable, and easily installable flooring solution.

Which is better, SPC or WPC?

Presently, WPC flooring is brilliant with regard to heat protection. Also, I would agree that WPC better perseveres through dampness, which makes it a reasonable decision for structures that need to stay calm and cool throughout the mid-year months.

Thus, you can make your last choice by understanding what ends up being the most suitable for your requirements. Our vote foes with SPC flooring, if you want a reasonable and basic decision. Also, this flooring can perform the best when it comes to sound protection. You can think about using SPC if you want a calm environment.

SPC can also be used in bedrooms, bathrooms (because it is waterproof), kitchens, balconies, and living rooms. It is safe for everyone, especially for children and pets.

Is WPC flooring expensive?

WPC flooring may look expensive at first glance, but it is actually one of the most affordable options compared to other types of flooring. The main reason is that WPC does not require frequent maintenance and repairs. Plus, it's scratch and watermark-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic areas

Another advantage of WPC flooring is its longevity. It can be used for up to 30 years without needing to be replaced. And since installation typically takes only a few hours, no coordination is required for team members after installation.

Why are we India's leading manufacturer of WPC Vinyl Flooring?

Floormonk is now the leading manufacturer of WPC click floors. We have a team of experienced professionals who understand the real situation and love to improve the appearance and functionality of your flooring frequently. Our sole goal is to create the most waterproof floors that will last for decades. That is why we strive to maintain consistent quality.

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