Premium Quality Wpc Flooring Manufacturer In India

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Premium Quality Wpc Flooring Manufacturer In India

  • Sep 10 , 2022
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Premium Quality Wpc Flooring Manufacturer In India

Since its introduction in the market, WPC flooring has become the most promising start in the world of commercial flooring manufacturing. WPC stands for wood plastic composite, which resembles wood physically, but offers more benefits than wooden flooring. 

What Is WPC Flooring?

Although the W in WPC denotes wood, the WPC flooring manufacturer in India will not use wood in the traditional sense for the processing of the flooring material. It is more of a composite material that contains a combination of wood fibers or flours and heated thermoplastic resins.

The resulting material will surpass the benefits of the conventional forms of flooring available in the market. 

What Is WPC Vinyl Flooring? 

And now, let’s introduce you all to an advanced version of the WPC flooring – the WPC vinyl flooring.The vinyl flooring that contains recycled wood pulp and plastic composites creates a special material that will serve as the best option for flooring. 

From top to bottom, the WPC waterproof vinyl flooring will have the following layers: 

  • Wear layer: it is the think layer that resists stains and makes it convenient to clean the flooring 
  • Vinyl layer: It is a durable layer that will feature colors and patterns.
  • WPC core: It is the thickest layer on the plank. It comprises recycled wood pulp and plastic composites. It's waterproof and stable. 
  • Pre-attached underpad: This will add some extra sound insulation and cushioning below the feet. 

It's time to peek into the two types of  WPC vinylflooring.

1. WPC vinyl tiles flooring: 


This is the tile format of the WPC vinyl flooring. The tiles are available in rectangular and square shapes. You can find the different dimensions of the shapes. You need to select the right size that will help in covering the space of your house appropriately. The WPC flooring manufacturer like floormonk is the leading brand that produces these durable tiles. 

The tiles look absolutely gorgeous depending on the color tone and texture of the composite. 

2. WPC vinyl plank flooring

And if you are not the person to go for the tiles, the planks are here. The WPC vinyl plank flooringis ideal for homeowners who like to create the appearance of solid wood flooring. 

The planks are longer and help to make a constricted space look larger owing to the visual illusion that it can create. These planks are better than stone-plastic composite flooring in terms of aesthetics and resistance to damage. 

As for durability, you really need to do some research to know exactly how you can actually damage these planks! These planks are highly sturdy and unbreakable. 

Benefits of WPC Flooring

Although there is a long list of advantages of this flooring type, we would like to share only the significant ones. 

1: Real wood look

 Home owners always prefer flooring that will look as classic as hardwood. The resemblance between the wood plastic composite flooring and hardwood flooring is maximum, making it the favorite of modern homeowners as well as the ones who love the traditional form of flooring. 

The color and tone of the real- wood like WPC flooring is the magic of the wood plastic composite manufacturers who work hard to enhance the appearance of the flooring materials.  

2: Unique design options

 Have you been through the website of Floormonk? Once you go through the collection of WPC flooring, you will realize that the material has a plethora of designs that can complement any style of interior décor. 

  • The planks are available in various styles and colors
  • Natural hardwood tones in dark and distressed finishes can always impress the customers. 
  • Stone look WPC vinyl is a rage among modern homeowners who are ready to bring in the classic touch with the modern functions.  

It is possible to plan any commercial or residential design with this option. 

3: Easy installation

The installers will usually use an adhesive layer for laying the classic vinyl flooring. Ut when it comes to the WPC planks, the click lock installation system will make your work easier.  The process is very easy to understand ad can very well be your next DIY project. 

Even if you are planning to hire professionals for the job, the process will take very little time to complete. 

4: Durable and long-lasting

And who can question the durability of the best WPC flooring? The surface is highly resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. The flooring material will also resist wear and tear. So this sounds apt for residential and commercial spaces where you expect high foot traffic or the presence of pets. 

Even if a particular spot undergoes some damage, the WPC flooring manufacturer can easily replace the plank or tiles without the ed to replace the entire flooring. As the repairs are budget-friendly, it is easy to carry on with the same flooring throughout your life. 

5: Dimensionally stable

those who like solid hardwood as the flooring will start to dislike the same when they will see the contraction and expansion of the hardwood floors with the climatic conditions. 

But the WPC floors are the most durable flooring option along with maximum dimensional stability. Expose the flooring to any climatic conditions and you won’t witness any change in the dimensional specifications of the flooring. 

6: Waterproof

Needless to say, the water resistance ability of the wood-plastic compositeis one of the critical factors contributing to the durability of the flooring. Also, it won't allow the growth of mold and mildew owing to moisture retention.


Is WPC flooring durable?

Yes, WPC flooring is a very durable material. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and repeated cleaning without fading or peeling. In fact, it's often recommended for areas that are heavily trafficked, such as commercial spaces or restaurants. Additionally, WPC flooring is odorless and does not require special care like waxes or sealants to keep it in good condition.


Which is better SPC or WPC?

While both have their benefits, SPC may be a better choice if you are looking for a lightweight and breathable substrate that is easy to install. WPC, on the other hand, can offer superior soundproofing capabilities and thermal insulation. Additionally, it is often more resistant to moisture damage which makes it a good option if you need to maintain silent environments or keep your building cool in summer.
Ultimately, the decision comes down to what is most important to you when selecting an acoustic sheeting material. Do you want something that's lightweight and affordable? Or do you want something with superior soundproofing capabilities? Consider using SPC if those are things that are of importance to you. 


Is WPC flooring expensive?

While WPC flooring may initially seem expensive, it is actually one of the more affordable options when compared to other types of flooring. The main reason for this is the fact that WPCs do not require frequent maintenance or repair. In addition, they are resistant to scratches and watermarks which makes them ideal for areas where high-traffic activity is expected.
Another benefit of WPC flooring is its lifespan - it can last up to 30 years without requiring replacement. Additionally, once installed, there's little need for coordination from your team members since installation usually takes just a few hours.


Why we are India's leading manufacturer of WPC Vinyl Flooring?

Floormonk is presently the leading manufacturer of WPC click flooringWe have a team of expert professionals who know the practical scenario and like to enhance the appearance as well as the functionality of the flooring often. 

Our sole aim is to create the ultimate water-resistant flooring that will last for decades. That is why we work hard to maintain quality consistency. 


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