SPC Click Flooring Manufacturer In India

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SPC Click Flooring Manufacturer In India

  • Sep 13 , 2022
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SPC Click Flooring Manufacturer In India

Stone plastic composite or SPC is the new trendsetter in the world of flooring materials. It is a premium variety of LVT, offering 100% water resistance and a higher level of stability than the traditional forms of LVT. 

The core of the SPC click flooring has multiple layers comprising the amalgamation of PVC plastic and stone powder. This is the secret to the high durability of the product. It is time to see how the premium manufacturers of the flooring materials like Floormonk are creating wonderful styles and patterns for maximum impact. 

Transform Spaces with SPC Flooring

Varieties available in SPC Click Flooring

You will be impressed to know that Floormonk is one of the leading names when it comes to the manufacture of top-rated flooring materials. 

#1 Alamo 

ALAMO - SPC Flooring

This is one of the common forms of SPC flooring that you can purchase from the manufacturers. The wooden appearance of the surface makes it ideal when you want to maintain an elegant tone in the space, with the use of nude colors for the furniture too. The thickness is sufficient to provide a strong surface even in areas with high foot traffic. 

#2 Bari

BARI - SPC Flooring

If you are ready to experiment with some colors, tones, and shades of the flooring material, then you must try the Bari collection at Floormonk. The reason behind developing this kind of flooring material is to provide an ideal floor that you can handle easily in daily life. 

The SPC Click flooring manufacturer in India provides 2G locking systems that will also aid in easy installation. The simplistic look is the best part of this material.

#3 Bitola

BITOLA - SPC Flooring

When you have plans to lay the floor over an underlay, you need to make sure that the quality of the flooring is as good as the appearance. The Bitola collection mesmerizes homeowners with the perfect balance of appearance and functionality. 

Check out the specifications of the SPC flooring material at Floormonk as the Bitola is one of the most popular options from the click spc flooring options.

#4 Expresso


Incredible durability and complete waterproof surface- these are the two points that can define the collection of Expressed flooring planks anytime. The innate strength of the flooring material is so high that you can easily use the material for covering the living room’s surface. 

It is the place where you expect maximum traffic and so, the flooring material will be ideal.

#5 Fluid

FLUID - SPC Flooring

This collection of the spc click lock flooring from Floormonk is applicable for both residential and commercial use. The high-performance flooring option has a great visual impact that helps in enhancing the price of the house too, as you plan to sell it. 

#6 Kodiak

KODIAK - SPC Flooring

Are you a person who loves to play with shaded, textures, and tones while decking up the house? Then the Kodiak range of SPC flooring materials will be ideal for your home. The cold color palette of the flooring will reflect the cooler climatic conditions. 

You may find the interesting juxtaposition of bright and dark tones on the boards along the lighter side of the spectrum. Multi-toned variations are unique. The wear layer is appreciable too, with a long warranty for residential purposes use. 

#7 Luna


This one is ideal for commercial complexes too. It is one of the most beautiful and durable versions of spc flooring click style. The ease of installation apart from the strength of the flooring material makes it the best for flooring in the areas where you expect maximum footfall. The thickness of the material is one of the chief reasons contributing to its strength. 

#8 Milano

MILANO - SPC Flooring

For the solid hardwood effect in spc style, why don’t you use the Milano range of flooring planks from Floormonk? These have incredible looks and features that will immediately upgrade the appearance and demand of the present structure. 

#9 Opal

OPAL - SPC Flooring

Even if you are planning to sell your house within a few months, you can install this type of composite core click flooring that will always help you to quote a higher amount from potential buyers. After all, all the buyers know how new flooring can help in saving money over the long run, 

#10 Orian

ORIAN - SPC Flooring

Do you like the classic look of the flooring with a touch of modernism? Then the Orian collection from Floormonk will suit your needs. It is ideal for spacious areas where you need larger planks to cover up the floor space.

#11 Sedona

SEDONA - SPC Flooring

The vintage look of hardwood floor just git better with the Sedona range of stone plastic composite flooring. You can't deny that the smart look with the essence of old times will always enhance the entire appearance of the space. 

#12 Sofia

SOFIA - SPC Flooring

It's time to deck our house a little. Changing the flooring to the new Sofia range of flooring materials will not only make the space water resistant but will also make sure that there is less harboring of allergic microorganisms.

#13 Twilight


As romantic as it sounds, the flooring material is indeed going to provide you with a dreamy surface that will help to make the house look surreal. 

#14 Verona

Verona - SPC Flooring

If you want the floor to be water-resistant and durable to make sure that your investment is promising the highest return, do invest in the Verona series of Floormonk’s stone plastic composite flooring. It has become the epitome of excellence.

#15 Zion

ZION - SPC Flooring

And this is another option from the famous collection that will show how the surface is anti-skid to prevent slip and fall accidents. 

What is SPC click flooring?

SPC click flooring is a type of laminate floor that uses metal pressure plates to create sound and tactile feedback when people walk or stand on the surface. This helps to improve comfort, safety, and security in workplaces and educational institutions.

SPC click flooring is also known for its resistance to moisture build-up, which makes it an ideal choice for areas where heavy foot traffic occurs. In addition, SPC click floors are easy to maintain since they can be stained or waxed without affecting their performance.

Do you need to leave gap for SPC flooring?

There is no set rule, but generally speaking you should leave a gap of between 1/8 and 3/16 inches between the bottom of your SPC flooring and the ground. This will help to avoid potential water damage that may occur if there is any liquid seeping through the substrate.

Is SPC flooring easy to install?

There is no difficulty in installing SPC flooring. With a variety of styles and colors available, you're sure to find the perfect flooring for your home.

The installation process usually takes around 2 hours, and most people find that it's very simple and straightforward. All you need are some standard tools like a saw or drill, measuring tape, levelers/jigs, adhesive pads or screws with washers (if using wall anchors), and clean cloths to help cleanup the job afterwards.

Does SPC flooring need moisture barrier?

Moisture barrier is typically not necessary for SPC flooring, as the wood species used in this type of flooring typically does not contain a lot of moisture. However, if you are concerned about water damage or possible mold growth, then it is advisable to install a moisture barrier. A moisture barrier will block water from entering the wood and protect it against decay and mildew.

Why choose Floormonk's SPC Click Flooring?

The different varieties of stone polymer composite flooring are available from a variety of manufacturers. Then why Floormonk? It is mostly because of the reputation that the company has earned over the years as the top SPC click flooring manufacturer and the company lives up to the expectation of the customers. 

Premium quality flooring material is available from the manufacturer. The company believes in selling nothing but the best quality of products. the  SPC floors are the most durable flooring option if you are buying from Floormonk. 

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