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SPC Flooring Brand In India

  • Aug 09 , 2022
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SPC Flooring Brand In India

SPC flooring is gaining more and more craze in the global world because of all the remarkable features that this product holds. However, it is best to know what is the best brand before plunging into a shopping spree for floor tiles.

The flooring material should be the epitome of perfection when you design your dream home. The manufacturing process of each product decides how it will look when the product is finished. However, not all companies follow the standards of a good manufacturing process.

Experience SPC Perfection

You might have already made up your mind about installing SPC flooring in your home, but our first suggestion is to select a reliable brand and flooring type! We’ll know which EIR collections of SPC flooring are currently providing the best results in this blog.

Commercial spaces application

While gathering information about SPC flooring, you would be astonished to know that the floor tiles would be good enough for both residential and commercial properties. The tiles are something that we can depend on for heavy foot traffic where restaurants, hospitals, and malls are constructed.

Commercial spaces application of SPC Flooring

The tiles from Floormonk’s leading SPC floor brand (you can check their amazing SPC collection) are great products for when you need a stain-resistant surface, thanks to the process of sugar coating. The anti-skid surface makes the tiles perfect for smooth pacing, which reduces injuries to employees or visitors.

Zero maintenance requirements are the best reason why you should pick SPC flooring for commercial space. However, you should know a suitable variety from the collection of different tiles, and you can complement the decor with a suitable design of your choice. 

Residential space application

SPC Flooring is good only for high-traffic spaces - and equally the best for residential uses. When you install these tiles in your house, you can experience comfort and luxury without any pain. You can check out this guide to learn how to install SPC flooring. This is a great investment from an ROI point of view as you would not have to pay for any repairs for the next 8 to 10 years.

Residential space application of SPC Flooring

Minimum corrosion helps you to maintain the looks and finishing touches if you are purchasing from a good brand. A huge variety of design styles help you to maintain the interior decorum of your preferred space.

The tiles can be flame-resistant as well as scratch-resistant and will support you in your time when you have erratic pets all over. Also, you will have more reasons to install the SPC floor tiles when you search in detail for flooring surfaces. 

Different EIR collections of SPC flooring that help you revamp your area as per your taste. 

As you now know how SPC flooring is a value addition, you should now know how technology is adjoined to enhance the strength of the surface. EIR and embossed-in-register is a process for manufacturing that can enhance the texture, depth, and realistic appearance of the flooring.

This process means that the design is directly embossed on the surface. Thus, the different designs that you can find within the SPC flooring EIR collection are tempting choices with the added gloss that no one can ever miss. This option is usable for both the vinyl flooring as well as laminate flooring options.

The ultimate finish that it provides will be quite beautiful, i.e., the wooden doors. Naturally, this product line will be the product with the highest demand in the global as well as national world. Floormonk has a great repertoire of the EIR SPC tiles with a size of 1220 * 181 mm


The natural brown color of these floor tiles is the first thing that will pull you in as a customer. Once you see how this makes a difference, you will easily be able to distinguish between real hardwood and this flooring type.

SPC Flooring Bari Collection

People who like the rich mahogany look will ultimately find this product the most ideal. Due to the temperature-resistant feature, there would be no issue with the instability. You can easily expand the expectations with your choice of tiles. 


SPC Flooring EXPRESSO Collection

Does this appearance attract you to it? Then, the great samples of Floormonk’s designs can show you how EIR designs can create a whole new vibe for any expected decorum. It will do justice to any kind of commercial and residential space. However, it will depend on the kind of decor you want in your house. The traditional touch of these kinds of designs gives you a perfect view.  


If you don't like noise production at your official or residential place, this particular design of EIR stone polymer composite flooring design can offer a great solution. The best brands now use clip technology, which makes installation processes extremely easy to do.

SPC Flooring KODIAK Collection

You can even choose a DIY job, as this product provides you with a guide on how to do the perfect installation. Still, it is always better to hire third-party installers from branded teams. It will make sure that the installation is perfect. 



These tiles are the perfect fit, which can last for years due to their 4 mm thickness, and they create a necessary value addition to your house. You will appreciate the gray vibe that these tiles have, and the finishing touches provided by the SPC flooring brand in India provide a royal touch. Also, the tiles are not at all expensive, which makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of customers. 


SPC Flooring ORIAN Collection

The sleek look of the hickory design allows a beautiful value to your interior, and you will be tempted to buy the floor tiles from the best SPC Flooring brands in Floormonk. The right angle of installation will give you a whole new dimension, which never fails to create an awe-inspiring decor.


1. Where are the SPC tiles manufactured? 

SPC creates its products in diverse locations, and the company has been hugely successful in recent years in creating its foothold in China. This is because of the rising costs of military-grade machinery as well as clothing for Chinese customers.

In reality, SPC has greatly understood the value of government subsidies and has taken their help in pulling down the production costs. As global trade increases more and more, manufacturers are also looking for business opportunities outside China. However, it is evident that not all countries are equal when it comes to real-time work conditions & environmental SOP. 

2. Is the cost of SPC Tiles high? 

SPC flooring surely holds a higher edge in terms of cost, but the quality it provides is far better than all the other options that exist in the market. This kind of flooring makes sure that you don't face wear and tear or any other technical difficulties for a long period of time.

Additionally, SPC floor tiles are very easy to clean. This is because they have no storage spaces that can store dirt or debris for a long period of time. It has a smooth surface, which is very less prone to injuries. 

3. What is the actual cost of SPC floor tiles? 

The cost of SPC floor tiles depends on the type and size of the installation. So, there are no specific costs for the same. However, typically, a standard process of SPC tiles installment might cost you 2$ per Square foot.

So, if you believe that you would need tiles for 1000 Square feet or more, the cost would be a bit higher than usual as per the unusual number of square feet. However, Floormonk offers you the most affordable SPC flooring solutions while ensuring supreme quality.

4. What is the best thickness for SPC Flooring? 

In general, the flooring that is thick benefits you in many ways. The ideal thickness can be easily chosen, keeping in mind a few core factors. This includes your lifestyle as well as activities that can easily be done in your home.

If you spend a lot of time walking on terrazzo surfaces, normal laminate flooring might not do it. Therefore, you might have to choose thick SPC floor tiles. Meanwhile, if you frequently have occasions or ceremonies, something normal might also work in thickness. 

5. Why is our brand applauded throughout India? 

A Flooring brand manufacturer never gains success overnight. It took years and years of planning and hard work to reach a space where we became the top brand choice for SPC Flooring in the country.

Now, Floormonk is one of the leading exporters of SPC Tiles after completing a long journey to attain success in the flooring industry. If you check the reviews, you will see that our clients are highly happy & satisfied with our products and their long-lasting impact.

Whether it is the gloss of the tiles or smooth pacing beneath your feet, we excel in every aspect. Our application of advanced technologies has given us an edge over our competitors. Contact us if you have a great flooring requirement for your residential or commercial uses.

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