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SPC Flooring Brand In India

  • Aug 09 , 2022
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SPC Flooring Brand In India

SPC flooring is earning more and more popularity in the global arena owing to all then remarkably desirable traits and features. However, it is better to analyze what you know about the Best SPC flooring Brand in India,before jumping in and buying the floor tiles. 

The flooring material can be the epitome of perfection. But the manufacturing process decides whether the outputs will be flawless too. Not all companies can promise to manufacture the best quality SPC flooring. 

Applicable in commercial spaces

spc flooring in commercial spaces

While collecting information about spc flooring,you might get surprised to know that the floor tiles can be equally good for both residential and commercial properties. 

  • The tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, and it is a prime necessity when you consider the flooring options for commercial spaces like restaurants, shopping malls, and hospitals. 
  • The stain resistance feature of the tiles helps a lot in installing them in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. If you select the floor tiles from Floormonk India’s leading SPC flooring Brand, you are bound to get the perfect stain-resistant surface, thanks to their surface coating process.  
  • The anti-skid surface makes the SPC tiles perfect for commercial spaces where slip and fall cases can force you to pay the injury compensations to the employees or visitors. 
  • Zero maintenance needs will add to the list of reasons why you should pick the SPC flooring Brandfor the flooring of your commercial space.

However, you have to select a suitable variety from the collection of the exporter that will complement the nature of décor in your commercial space. 

Applicable for residential space

spc flooring in residential space

And who says that the SPC flooring is good only for the high traffic spaces, especially the commercial centers? Install them at your house to experience the comfort, luxury, and functions all at once. 

  • Maximum ROI as once you invest in the tiles, it is unlikely to pay for any repair or replacement in the next 8 to 10 years at the least. 

 Minimum wear and tear help to maintain the perfect new look of the floors., if you are purchasing from the top stone plastic composite flooring brand. 

  • A huge variety of styles and selections help to match the interior décor of the space.  
  • Flame resistance and scratch-resistant features will keep the surface safe from untimely damage, especially if your dog or cat especially loves to scratch the flooring surface.  

And of course, there are more reasons to install the SPC floor tiles that you will experience with time.

Different EIR collections of SPC Flooring

As you are now aware of the strength and features of the SPC flooring material, it's time to show how technology has added to the strength of the surface. 

EIR or Embossed-in-Register is a manufacturing process that will enhance the texture, depth, and realistic appearance of the flooring. 

  • The process involves the alignment of the embossing with the printed design on the surface. Thus, the different EIR collection of spc flooring looks tempting with the added gloss that none can miss. 
  • It is usable for both the vinyl flooring and laminate flooring options. 

The ultimate appearance will be more realistic like natural wooden floors. Naturally, it will be the product with the highest demand. Floormonk has a wonderful collection of the EIR SPC tiles with a size of 1220x181 mm.


1220x181mm bari

The natural brown color of this floor tile will be the first thing that will allure the customers. Once you take a look at it, you know that it is difficult to distinguish between real hardwood and this flooring type. 


The option is ideal for people who prefer the elegant look of natural wood on the floors. But it won't show instability in the dimensions owing to the temperature-resistant feature. So don’t expect expansions or contractions with the temperature outside.


1220x181 mm expresso

Does the wooden grain appearance draw your attention? Then this particular sample from Floormonk will show how the different Eir collections of stone plastic composite flooring can successfully create a different ambiance in the space.


It will do justice to the commercial and residential space, depending on the theme or type of interior décor you have chosen. The luxury feel with the traditional touch of natural wood grains will make all the difference.


If you hate noise production at home or office, then this style of EIR stone polymer composite flooringcan offer the appropriate solution. The leading brands use clip technology which makes the installation process easier than ever. 

You can regard it as a DIY job as the company will provide you with a very specific installation guide. However, it is always better to hire installers from the stone plastic composite flooring brandto make sure that the installation is flawless. 


The thickness of 4mm with the strength that will serve you for years is the perfect combination that makes the flooring material a mandatory addition to your house or office. You will like the grey color and finishing of the SPC flooring Brand from India. 

Moreover, the tiles are not at all expensive. The price justifies the quality and strength apart from the different features of the flooring. 


The elevated hickory design and the sleek tone of the flooring will immediately temp you to buy the floor tiles from the Top SPC flooring brandslike Floormonk. The right dimensions and the unparalleled appearance will create a mesmerizing effect that never fails to draw attention. 

Where is Spc manufactured?

Spc is manufactured in a variety of locations, but the company has been most successful over the past few years in China. This may be due to rising wages and an increasein demand for military-grade equipment and clothing among Chinese consumers. In addition, Spc has benefited from government subsidies that have helped to drive down production costs.
As global trade becomes more competitive, manufacturers are seeking new opportunities overseas. However, it's important to remember that not all countries are equal when it comes to working conditions and environmental standards.

Is SPC flooring expensive?

While SPC flooring may be a bit more expensive than other options, the extra expense is likely worth it. This type of flooring is designed to last longer and resist damage from moisture, traffic, and wear and tear. Additionally, SPC floors are often easier to clean because they have no grooves or channels that trap dirt and debris. Furthermore, this type of flooring provides a smoother surface that is less prone to injuries.

How much does SPC flooring cost?

The price of SPC flooring will vary depending on the type and size of installation you require, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, a standard SPC installation typically costs around $2 per square foot. So if you're looking to install flooring in an area with a total volume of 800 sq ft or less, then a cost estimate of $1,200 would be appropriate. If your project involves greater volumes or more complex installations, then the cost may be higher.

What is a good thickness for SPC flooring?

In general, the thicker the flooring, the harder it is to walk on. It is important to consider a few factors when choosing the thickness of your floor. These include your lifestyle and what types of activities you typically do in your home. For example, if you spend a lot of time walking on hardwood floors or terrazzo surfaces, then you will want to go with something thicker than normal laminate flooring.
Meanwhile, if you only need an indoor surface for occasional use (like during ceremonies), then something thinner might be more appropriate.

Why are we the Top Brand in India?

A flooring tile manufacturer does not become the best brand within the blink of an eye. It took years of hard work for Floormonk to become the best spc flooring brandin the country. Now, the company is a leading exporter of SPC tiles.

If you go through the reviews, you will see that our clients are highly satisfied with the use of the products. Whether it is the feel beneath your foot or the durability of the product, we excel in every aspect. Our application of advanced technologies has helped us to enhance our products with time. Contact us, if you have a flooring requirement.



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