SPC Flooring Vs Porcelain Tiles: A Comprehensive Comparison

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SPC Flooring Vs Porcelain Tiles: A Comprehensive Comparison

  • May 17 , 2023
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SPC Flooring Vs Porcelain Tiles: A Comprehensive Comparison

When you have to choose a beautiful tile for your home, you often get confused about which tiles would suit the best. SPC flooring or Porcelain flooring tiles? 

Both flooring options have disparate benefits as well as positive points, so which tile should you choose for your property? Thats why we have a detailed guide that compares SPC flooring and porcelain tiles to give you an eagles eye view into what we do. 

This blog helps you look at the construction guide of each flooring and how easy it is to install as well as maintain these floorings. So why not read the blog and get an accurate idea about where your interior interests lie for you? Lets look at the aesthetic facts of porcelain and SPC flooring. 

Upgrade with SPC Flooring

What does SPC flooring mean, and how does porcelain flooring match up to it? 

When the time comes to find the perfect flooring for your property, the two most popular options are right in front of you: the SPC Flooring and the Porcelain tiles! SPC, in its elaborated form, stands for Stone plastic composite, where you have gained a great mixture of limestone texture as well as vinyl texture. 

SPC flooring

This specific mixture makes SPC flooring the longest-lasting flooring of all time, and it gives a natural touch to your abode. Porcelain tiles, on the other side, are constructed using extremely high temperatures. This makes them susceptible to wear and tear and thus can be maintained pretty easily in comparison to other types of floorings.

Are you looking for something innovative? Porcelain tiles come in a diverse variety of styles and structures, as well as great design pairings. This makes them the ideal choice for wet areas such as wet areas and bathrooms. They can even be installed in general areas with high traffic as they cannot be broken easily. You will have the time of your life gliding onto these floors with smoothness. 

Both these tiles have their own unique points, which makes them the best in their own way, but its up to you to choose one option that perfectly suits your needs. You should always consider some factors such as budget, property style, and lifestyle requirements as well. 

Durability and Maintenance: SPC Flooring Wins

When it comes to high longevity and durability, SPC flooring wins the race. It is obvious that when we have to choose the flooring for our space, we will check its durability and maintenance cost. Because the higher the durability, the longer it will live. And, as SPC flooring includes stone and plastic polymer in it, it can withstand any kind of the toughest pressure. In the case of porcelain, you will not find that sort of strong durability.

Durability and Maintenance SPC Flooring

Moreover, SPC flooring requires less maintenance compared to the porcelain one. Just regular sweeping and mopping will be enough to maintain the shine of your SPC flooring. Also, its water-resistant nature becomes very helpful for high-moisture areas like bathrooms. And its powerful scratch resistance is another winning factor for SPC flooring.

So, now you have the idea of when you need to choose from porcelain and SPC flooring in terms of durability then whom you can trust.

Design and Appearance: Its a Close Call

Do you know at which point the floorings, SPC, and porcelain agree with each other? It is their versatile design collection. Yes, both the floorings offer an enormous collection of attractive designs that you would never resist loving.

Design and Appearance SPC Flooring

Natural Looks

When its about giving a natural look and feel, both the floorings have the full potential of winning everyones hearts. Both of them offer a huge collection of designs, patterns, and colors. If you want a natural feel of wood, SPC flooring is your answer, and if you want a natural stone feeling, porcelain flooring will be better for you.

Design Flexibility

Although both the floorings, SPC and porcelain, are equal in terms of offering a qualitative and huge design collection, for design flexibility, our vote will surely go to SPC flooring. You can cut these SPC tiles in your required widths and lengths, thus proving to be fully customizable. At the same time, porcelain tiles will not allow such customization. 

So, as you can see, both the floorings, SPC and porcelain are in a winning situation when it comes to design.

Cost and Installation: SPC Flooring Is More Budget-Friendly

Everyone loves to play around with their respective budgets. And, so, at this point, SPC flooring wins the race through its easy installation and affordable prices.

Cost and Installation SPC Flooring


The per-square-foot price for SPC flooring is $2-$5. And for porcelain tiles, per square foot price will be $2-$20. So, you can see the huge pricing difference in both the floorings. So, now, you tell me which will you choose in terms of affordability?


You will be amazed to know that the installation process of SPC flooring is very easy. Yes, that is true. You can even install it by yourself with some technical guidance. While in the case of porcelain tiles, you will have to wait for the technical team for its installation, which obviously would not be free of cost. So, which one would you choose, one with free installation or with costly installation? Do you want to learn more about the installation process? We have a detailed guide on how to install SPC flooring

DIY Installation: SPC Flooring Is the Clear Winner

If you are the one who wants flooring whose installation does not take much of your precious time, then SPC flooring will be perfect for you. With a very handful of tools and less time, you would be able to install the SPC flooring.

DIY Installation SPC Flooring

While, for porcelain installation, you will have to call the technicians, which would not be free. So, if you have a rich enough bank amount, you go for porcelain tiles.

Moreover, the SPC flooring comes up with a special interlocking system that helps in fitting the tiles on the existing flooring perfectly. So, it allows you to wave a perfect goodbye to the traditional flooring installation, which would waste your innumerable days.

Now, if we talk about porcelain tiles, it involves a bit of a hectic installation process. Here, you would have to grout between all the tiles to align them properly. And is grouting easy? Not at all. It needs perfect precision; otherwise, the alignment of tiles would go wrong, and your flooring would look clumsy. But, yes, if you can afford a technical installation team for your porcelain tiles, then you can opt for it.

The Verdict: When Porcelain Tiles or SPC Flooring Is Better for Your Project

So, now its time to make a clear decision. Which one to choose, flooring or porcelain tiles? Well, I have a simple answer for this. While choosing from the two floorings, you will have to consider your budget, design preferences, and installation type.

If you are the one for whom budget is a strict constraint, then without having any second thoughts, you should simply opt for SPC flooring. And, if your budget is not that strict and permits you, then porcelain flooring will not be a bad idea.

The second thing is your design taste. If you are thinking of having a natural look of wood by living within your budget only, then SPC flooring should be your choice. Otherwise, for the natural stone finish, we would suggest porcelain flooring.

Finally, SPC flooring has a very easy DIY installation, while the installation of porcelain tiles is a bit hectic. So, in short, when you have the choice of these two floorings, you should go for the one which matches your preferences. Thats it.


Now, we hope you would have got a clear idea about the difference between SPC flooring and porcelain flooring. See, none of the two floorings are bad. Both have their own good points and some bad points. Now, which flooring should be your choice will merely depend on your preferences.

If you can afford the cost and installation of porcelain tiles, then it would be a good choice. And, if you want a highly durable and budget-friendly flooring option, then SPC flooring is the one.

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