SPC Vs. WPC - Which Is The Best Outdoor Flooring Option?

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SPC Vs. WPC - Which Is The Best Outdoor Flooring Option?

  • Jun 05 , 2023
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SPC Vs. WPC - Which Is The Best Outdoor Flooring Option?

With our attention-grabbing SPC and WPC floorings, you can now turn on your creative side and start elevating your outdoor spaces. Two options are floating around in the market for outdoor floorings. These are SPC (Stone plastic composite) and WPC (Wood plastic composite). Let’s set out on the explorative journey of differentiation between these alternative floorings for outdoor flooring. 

Do you want traits like durability, scratch resistance, and resilience altogether in the unit composition of your floors? Chill, as your search ends here because SPC and WPC flooring is for you. We bring you updated knowledge of SPC and WPC floorings so you can decide which outdoor flooring you wanna go for.

Explore Outdoor Flooring Options

Exploring the Wonders of SPC Flooring for Outdoors

Try our SPC and WPC floorings to prepare an inviting and alluring outdoor view and create a magical look for your outdoor spaces. You must be feeling as if we are boasting, but as you read further, you’ll learn stunning facts.

Exploring the Wonders of SPC Flooring for Outdoors

SPC floorings are manufactured by infusing limestone and PVC, which prepares it with a sturdy core that can withstand varying temperature differences. These tiles can withstand the sun's UV rays and do not fade that easily.

One extraordinary quality of SPC flooring is its ability to incorporate different color patterns and surprise you with its alluring looks in spite of being prepared by adding raw materials like wood, stones, and recycled tile powder. They also have glazed surfaces and can withstand moisture, making them perfect for the outside rainy environmental conditions. After cleaning them, you’ll see no after-rain stains, as these tiles are stain-resistant, too. 

You can design inviting outdoors with SPC flooring and enjoy long-lasting floors that stick to your floors like a best friend for life.

Discovering the Marvels of WPC Flooring

Bring WPC flooring to your home, bringing along the enhanced fusion of nature and stability. Bring a quality attention-grabbing experience to your home with our ingenious floorings, which are merged with wood-plastic composite to get that balanced feel of dimensional stability and also a water-resistant surface. So you don’t have to worry about your floors being damaged with moisture if you install WPC (Wood plastic composite) floorings to your surfaces.

Discovering the Marvels of WPC Flooring

You can design your poolside areas, turn boring-looking decks into beautiful masterpieces, and enchant your guests with welcoming patios without worrying if your floors are able to endure the harsh and changing weather conditions. WPC flooring’s versatile nature adds a creative twist to your simplistic home and transforms it into a magnificent masterpiece. 

Let Floormonk be your flooring companion in the journey of transforming your home into a magical abode. Explore the advanced and creative flooring experience, a beautiful mix of nature’s touch, reliable flooring that stands the test of time, and the extraordinarily crafted WPC floorings from our company.

SPC vs. WPC Flooring - Exploring Outdoor Options

Some of you might still be dwelling on the see-saw of which flooring to choose between the two best WPC and SPC flooring options. Well, we do understand that choosing between low-quality and best-quality products is easy, but choosing between the two best options becomes a tough choice. This is why we are here to assist you. 

SPC vs. WPC Flooring - Exploring Outdoor Options

Now, we will explain some key benefits of the difference between the material composition of SPC and WPC flooring. Let’s start!

SPC Flooring

When the question of durability and stability arises, SPC floors regain their kingly position due to their pricing, which matches the quality. The quality features of SPC flooring include its withstanding capacity to varying weather conditions. 

These floors are waterproof as well. The color and texture of SPC flooring do not fade away in spite of being under constant UV rays of the sun. SPC floors are highly durable; you can march on them, jump on them, and still not worry about the flooring becoming damaged. 

SPC floors can handle it all. All these amazing features make SPC floors an ideal candidate for outdoor floorings, isn’t it?

WPC Flooring

On the contrary, WPC flooring has a wood-plastic composite core, giving a harmonious blend of dimensional stability and long-lasting durability. You don’t have to worry about your floors wilting off whenever there is water spillage on the floors or in the case of the rainy season. 

Have you ever walked on the floors without removing dirty shoes? Many times, right? Don’t be concerned about your floors getting stained. WPC floors are stain-proof and you can easily clean them using simplistic methods like vacuuming and mopping. They are moisture-proof and mold-resistant as well. If you want to go with WPC flooring, you can read about the best manufacturer of WPC flooring.

Advantages of SPC Flooring for Outdoor Applications

Whenever you think about outdoor flooring options, SPC flooring is best for you. These floors are remarkably known for their stability and temperature endurance capacity. They also offer various other advantages.

The cases of water spillage are very common when it comes to residential places. Worry not, as SPC floors are waterproof and do not wrap or swell up even in a humid environment. This feature helps the SPC floors to stay flawless throughout the years.

SPC floors come in different varieties and offer creative design possibilities for enhancing the elegance of your spaces with their captivating, colorful combo designs and geometric pattern mixed flooring options. Welcome sustainable and luxurious-looking flooring into your spaces by opting for SPC floorings now!

Final Thoughts

Customers should carefully consider both options, weigh both SPC and WPC flooring options, and decide what's best for them.

If you are a wise consumer who has already decided to go for SPC floors, reach out to FloorMonk. It’s a renowned brand in the field of SPC flooring. Also, it is currently efficiently working at its best in the Morbi district of Gujarat to provide the best quality SPC floors worldwide.

By embracing the SPC floors from Floormonk, you choose to save your time and energy. These floors require minimum upkeep and do not chip away or break easily. We at FloorMonk guarantee you to deliver the best SPC floorings to elevate your outdoor aesthetic appeal. Magnify your outdoors by trying SPC floors. We assure you you will not regret but feel proud of your decision to get SPC floors.

For an order query about Floormonk's SPC flooring, you can reach us at +91 9484535875 or email us at [email protected] today to know more or request samples.

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