The Advantages Of SPC Flooring For Rental Properties

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The Advantages Of SPC Flooring For Rental Properties

  • May 03 , 2023
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The Advantages Of SPC Flooring For Rental Properties

We humans have the maximum contact with the floors. We run, walk, play, sit and dance on them. Hence, it's essential to get quality flooring for your living places. You require durable but lavish floors to increase the attractive appeal of your spaces. 

But how do you get the desirable flooring if you live in a rented property? Worry not, as we bring the best solution of cost-savvy yet long-lasting, visually appealing SPC floors just for you from FloorMonk!

Let's explore the benefits of opting for SPC flooring for rental properties.


What Is SPC Flooring?

Do you feel confused while finding floors in your residential and commercial places because, at a time, you get exposed to a lot many options? 

Apart from a lot of confusion, you also need to keep in mind the flooring quality you are looking for. Hence, to avoid your confusion, we bring you one of the best flooring options, SPC flooring. It is Stone Plastic Composite flooring; it has all the features that you require from your flooring.

What Is SPC Flooring

Through our brief article, you will get to know about SPC floors, their composition, benefits and how these floors can become the perfect choice for your flooring purpose. 

If you are a customer looking for flooring that mimics the look of natural stone or wooden flooring and dynamic ceramic flooring, then SPC flooring is for you. SPC flooring comes as a type of Luxurious flooring that is manufactured by combining a mixture of natural limestone powder along with PVC (polyvinyl chloride ) and stabilizers. 

This mixture creates durable and stylish flooring to enhance the overall view of your place.

What is the Composition of SPC Flooring?

In order to deeply understand the benefits of any flooring, you must be acquainted with its core compositions:

Composition of SPC Flooring

Wear Layer: 

The surface of any flooring comes in the maximum contact of feet traffic and things. For this, the top layer of SPC flooring consists of a wear-resistant coating to protect and keep the floors in their original form for a long period of time.

Decorative Layer:

This layer consists of high-end resolution design patterns in order to mimic the hardwood and stone, along with many unique designs. This feature enhances your space's uniqueness quotient, making it visually appealing to the eyes.

SPC Core:

The innermost core of these floors consists of Stone Plastic Composite, which is combined with limestone powder and a perfect ratio of PVC. This combo gives the features of stability and rigidity to the floors.

Underlayment (optional): 

This optional feature can be added to get noise insulation as well as cushiony foot comfort for your feet.

The Benefits of SPC Flooring

Benefits of SPC Flooring

Improved Indoor Air Quality: 

Do you know that floors made from poor-quality materials can turn into a harmful health hazard? Floors manufactured from low and harmful chemicals release harmful fumes when they come in contact with different temperature variations. Hence, by opting for low-quality flooring, you are unknowingly playing with the health of your lungs, giving rise to future respiratory problems and other health issues.

To tackle this issue, SPC floors are built to withstand different temperature variations and not disturb the Indoor air quality of living areas. This is another good reason the SPC floorings are gaining recognition among its customers, as the air quality of your indoor places cannot be overlooked.

By choosing the right flooring for your space, you are choosing a healthy living environment for yourself. As SPC floors are hypoallergenic in nature, they do not attract dust or pollen to them. Your pet's dander also does not stick to the floors, and its non-porous surface doesn’t harbor irritants from the surrounding environment. 

All these benefits of SPC floors stand out when it comes to healthy flooring options for allergy-sensitive and asthma patients.

Resistance to Mold and Mildew

Not all floorings have the feature of being moisture-proof. Moisture brings dampness to any space, providing a perfect environment for bacteria build-up and mold development. This bacterial growth and mold build-up causes smelly air in the indoor space. Such issues don’t let you enjoy a healthy living environment. 

SPC floors are built with water-resistant features, which can keep all the molding problems at bay. This feature in SPC floors makes them a highly suitable flooring choice for humidity or moisture-containing areas like bathrooms, kitchens and damp basement areas.

Quick and Easy Installation

A hefty floor installation procedure can add unnecessary costs to your flooring projects and affect the project’s timeline. SPC floors contain easy-to-install features to cater to this issue. This saves your floor installation time, thereby reducing the labor costs of your projects. 

The features mentioned above make SPC floors very convenient as well as a popular choice among its customers. SPC floors are very easy to install and also come in multiple variety designs with long-lasting durability and luxurious looks. 

Their click-and-lock system makes them easy to install. Their plank interlocking system makes it easier to install the SPC tiles without too much space between them. You can easily DIY your flooring projects, eliminating the need for costly adhesives or hammering nails into the floors. In short, SPC floors are advanced flooring solutions for new-age flooring requirements.


The topmost advantage of getting SPC flooring for rental properties is its long-lasting durability. SPC floors are made up of a mix of stone polymer composite, giving very high tensile strength and resistance from wear-tear over time. 

You don't have to worry about your pet scratching your floors, as SPC floors are scratch-resistant. Also, they are stain-proof and can withstand heavy foot traffic in areas like kitchens, living areas and verandas as well.

The SPC floors at FloorMonk are easy to maintain and require minimum cleaning effort. A simple process of brooming/vacuuming and mopping would keep these floors shiny and intact for a very long time. Rented properties are places that many people keep on renting and again leaving. Hence, if you are a rental property owner or manager, then easy-to-clean SPC floors are just for you. These floors require less effort and less time and energy to maintain them.


FloorMonk's SPC floors are water-resistant, which can prove to be very advantageous for rental places. This feature makes choosing SPC floors a wise choice for moisture-containing flooring spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms and even the wash areas.


What makes SPC floors a better choice for rental properties?

The answer is SPC floors can save a lot of money as they are affordable and cost less when compared to expensive hardwood or ceramic tile flooring, yet they give a luxurious look to your floors.


FloorMonk is the lead manufacturer of SPC flooring, which comes in versatile designs, sizes, color shades and a lot more affordable yet amazing patterns. This is why the versatile nature of SPC floors makes them an excellent choice to create a high-end, luxurious look for rental properties. 

To summarize it all, choosing FloorMonk's SPC flooring is not only wise but also the best choice for flooring rental properties. SPC floors are durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for every kind of rental Property.

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