The Best Laminate Wood Flooring In India

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The Best Laminate Wood Flooring In India

  • Sep 13 , 2022
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The Best Laminate Wood Flooring In India

Residential and commercial property owners are always looking for cost-effective and efficient hardwood floor options. Nothing compares to the performance of laminate wood flooring that offers homeowners so many benefits. Laminate is an attractive way to decorate floors, furniture, cabinets, and even walls.

Floormonk is a leading manufacturer of laminate flooring, and we can help you find out what kind of laminate flooring is available for your home. Through this guide, you'll know which laminate flooring type can be the best choice for you.

Transform with Top-Tier Laminate

Various types of laminate flooring 

Let's start with the main point: The types of laminate flooring! If you want to know the types of floor coverings available from a reputable laminate floor manufacturer  such as Floormonk, we've listed 7 of the most trusted laminate flooring types:

Various types of laminate flooring 

#1 Matte finish laminate 

Many people prefer this laminate because it has a reflective surface. Laminate is highly resistant to dust and scratches. Therefore, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

#2 Textured laminate

Mimicking the appearance of various natural surfaces, this textured finish always adds an element of depth to the surface. However, it is better to avoid using this laminate in the kitchen to avoid dirt and mold buildup.

#3 Gloss-finish laminate

Glossy laminate flooring is in high demand from laminate wood flooring manufacturers. Homeowners love the specular sheen of the surface, which adds constant brightness to the space. 

If you want to give your space a touch of class, you should always opt for glossy laminate flooring. The only drawback is that it shows smudges and fingerprints easily.

#4 Metallic laminate

For a sleek, modern look, metallic finish laminates are the best option. The best laminate flooring manufacturer develops floor coverings with high-end metallic effects. Add sophistication and richness to your space. 

#5 PVC-finish laminate

Looking for moisture-resistant flooring? Then, you need to go to the best laminate manufacturer for PVC finish laminate. Very suitable for bathroom floors exposed to moisture.

PVC-coated laminate is the perfect definition of water resistance and durability. The appearance is made of plastic, so maintenance is easy.

#6 Acrylic finish laminate

Acrylic finish laminate flooring is the best way to give your space a modern, high-quality look. It can reflect light and instantly brighten up a room. Also, the floor protects against discoloration caused by UV rays.

#7 Exterior laminate

You can always consider using exterior laminates for balcony railings, building facades, and other exterior areas of your home. The look and predictable performance of fine flooring wood is perfect for your home.

Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is perfect for homeowners who want to experience an elegant floor feel without the hassle of maintenance.

Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring

Benefit #1 Manufactured to be highly durable

The durable outer layer and resin coating increase the strength of the flooring. Premium laminate flooring manufacturers produce durable, high-strength, scratch-resistant flooring. The flooring has excellent impact resistance and is highly durable. Comparing the durability of the material to Vinyl, hardwood, and carpet shows that this option is superior in terms of durability.

Benefit #2 Easier and cheaper installation

Installing this flooring solution is very easy. Therefore, you won't require a specialist, and it won't consume a lot of time to complete the installation. Even if you hire a professional from the best laminate flooring manufacturer , you'll find the process simple and minimally time-consuming. You can contact us to get help on how you're supposed to purchase and install the brand-new laminate wood flooring.

Benefit #3 Scratch and water resistant

Scratches to the floor are inevitable in homes with children and pets. But thanks to the scratch-resistant shape of laminate flooring, you can enjoy a scratch-resistant surface that doesn't show any scratch-related damage. 

Water resistance is also a key feature that sets these floor coverings apart. The high drag coefficient of this flooring makes it ideal for residential and commercial flooring. 

Benefit #4 Hygienic and easily cleanable surface

The surface is easy to clean, so dust, dirt, and soot do not accumulate on your floor. Laminate flooring maximum surface hygiene. The potential for microbial growth in the soil is minimal.

Benefit #5 Realistic Design

Browse Floormonk's wood laminate collection to see the wide range of designs the company offers. These realistic designs are currently in trend. You'll surely find the laminate flooring of your choice.

Which is better: laminate or vinyl wood?

There is no unmistakable response to this inquiry, as both of these flooring types contain wood and have their benefits and weaknesses. However, Vinyl can be viewed as a more solid solution. However, they may not keep going as long when exposed to moisture and other brutal environments. Also, Vinyl will experience the ill effects of breaking whenever it faces heavyweight.

Thus, laminate flooring is the ideal decision for people who esteem toughness and simplicity of maintenance. However, if you are worried about bad weather conditions that could harm the flooring, Vinyl can be a better decision as it's tougher than laminate flooring.

What is more expensive, luxury vinyl or laminate?

Premium Vinyl and cover are great choices, yet overlay can be more costly. Laminate floors are coated in varnish and made of plastic, giving them a high-end appearance. 

This covering makes the plastic more scratch-safe than Vinyl, which expands the existence of the furnishings. Furthermore, the laminate dries quicker than Vinyl, so it won't get wrinkles when you clean it with water and it dries.

What is the downside to laminate flooring?

• The life of laminate flooring is roughly 10-12 years.

• They are defenseless to moisture and might twist if installed in such weather conditions.

• The durability is not that promising if your plan is to place this flooring in traffic areas.

• If your final decision's major point is longevity, laminate flooring is not the best option.

What are the problems with laminate flooring?

• Laminate flooring is often considered an economical option, but it does have some drawbacks.

• Regular simple cleaning is necessary because dirt and dust easily accumulate.

• It can also be easily damaged if you put heavy furniture on it.

• Another problem with laminate flooring is that it can release heavy smoke if not properly sealed during the installation process.

Why should you choose us?

Floormonk is a luxury flooring manufacturer specializing in high-end laminate flooring. This flooring company is one of the leading laminate manufacturers with quality service.

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