The Best Pet Friendly Flooring: A Complete Guide For Pet Owners

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The Best Pet Friendly Flooring: A Complete Guide For Pet Owners

  • May 11 , 2023
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The Best Pet Friendly Flooring: A Complete Guide For Pet Owners

Are you a loyal pet owner and searching for the best flooring options for your bushy family members? Then you choose a really perfect place. In this extensive guide, we'll check some special flooring options that will be very comfortable options for your pet and also tell you how you choose the perfect one according to your needs.

If you're a pet lover, then definitely you want to give them a safe and healthy place. But you don't know which Flooring would be perfect for them? The first option that definitely comes into your mind is carpet. 

Now, of course, carpet is a good choice due to its softness and warmth, but when it comes to cleaning, it's a big problem. Getting rid of fur and temper is exceptionally tough. 

In comparison to another flooring option, like a hardwood floor, this is obviously a more permanent solution because you don't need to do high maintenance. But the disadvantage of this Flooring is it's very cold and hard for your pets.

Hey, don't stress because there are so many options available nowadays that will be perfect for your pets, and they look stunning as well. So now take a look at some perfect flooring options for your pet.

SPC Flooring for Happy Pets

What to Consider When Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring

For your home, selecting the best Flooring it's quite difficult. You must check the flooring equipment to keep your pet's fingernails and feet safe. So, this Flooring should be strong. Also, its cleaning process should be clean. When you choose the perfect pet-friendly Flooring, just check the following things. 

What to Consider When Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring

Durability: First, check the material that can take depreciation from pets, for example, laminate, tile, carpet, and Vinyl. The top layer must be pretty thick if you're searching for soft Flooring.

Low Maintenance: Nowadays everyone leads a busy life so they want a floor which can be cleaned easily. Some pet-friendly flooring materials, such as rubber and bamboo, can resist scratches, blemishes, and fragrances.

Safety: Cats and dogs' skin is very sensitive, so when you select the floor, ensure it doesn't cause allergic reactions. Cork, ceramic tile, or bamboo are considered to be the best Hypoallergenic options.

Best Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring Options

Wood floors look very classic and are long-lasting also. So most of the pet owners prefer this Flooring. A big percentage of American pet owners have wood flooring in their homes. The suitable pet-friendly wood flooring options are hardwoods such as hickory, maple, and oak. 

Best Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring Options

All of these are strong enough to protect your pets' feet from depreciation. If you choose the hardwood option, then you'll get multiple finishes, such as thermoplastic or fossil-fuel-based options. These both can protect the floor from wetness. 

But keep in mind it highly depends upon what sort of wood you're using for your Flooring. You can also check the protective adhesive to make your floor clean and work for many years.

If you're considering the maintenance process, go for engineered wood. It'll be perfect for you. Engineered wood gives you more solidity than solid hardwood. What's the reason? Engineered wood combines together lots of layers of wood under the surface layer. 

These floors need little maintenance, such as occasional sweeping or mopping. It gives you more protection from water dischargeable; also, you can slightly buckle or expand. This will change over time but depends on your home's natural humidity levels.

Vinyl Flooring: An Affordable and Waterproof Choice

If you're searching for long-lasting, efficient, easy-care Flooring, choose Vinyl flooring. It is best for your pet.

Vinyl Flooring: An Affordable and Waterproof Choice

Vinyl is made using artificial materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and it's the greatest water-resistant option out there. So no need to be concerned about injury or footprints! Also, if it's damaged for some reason, then it can easily be repaired. Nowadays, Vinyl gives you a variety of color and style options, for example, wood grains, tile patterns, and other designs. So you can make a look according to your taste.

If you decide vinyl flooring is good enough for your pet, then check the following considerations:

  1. Some kinds of Vinyl have flexible layers on top, which can cleave or scratch easily from fingernails, so select options that offer longevity.

  2. Make sure the seams between each piece of Vinyl are tight. If your pet's fingernails or toenails are pinched, it may create issues.

  3. Vinyl isn't good for soundproofing. So, if you have a pet who loves to stay active all day in your home and keeps playing and jumping around, don't select Vinyl. It's not perfect for you. 

SPC Flooring: Why It's Considered the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring

If you know the pros and cons of SPC flooring, you can try it for your pet. But still, we recommend you check out a few things about SPC flooring and decide later on.

SPC Flooring: Why It is Considered the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring

SPC is known as Stone Polymer Composite and has many advantages, making it the best choice for pet owners. This can resist water scratches, and it is also long-lasting. So you don't need to worry about your pet's footnails causing any damage. In addition, it doesn't soak up wetness, which makes cleaning your pet easier.

SPC Flooring is pretty friendly with nature. It is a combination of reused stone grime, limestone powder, and equilibrium, which means it has a very small carbon footprint in comparison to traditional hardwood or carpeting. Also, the manufacturing process needs a small amount of energy. This reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Above these articles, SPC flooring gives you multiple styles and coloring options so you can make your home attractive. No matter your taste, you can choose SPC flooring if you want something classic or bold. When your pets or family walk on it, they will feel comfortable.

Popular Stone Flooring for Homes With Pets

A responsible pet owner always wants pet-friendly Flooring. For them, natural stone can be a great choice. But definitely, you can ask a question: why do you select stone over other materials?

Here is your answer:

Durable and Easy to Clean

Stone flooring is very substantial, meaning it won't scrape or crate when your pets run around or play indoors. Another good thing about this Flooring is that it can oppose blemishes and clean it easily, so if anything happens on the floor, there is no need to worry about spot cleaning. If water falls from a bowl or some grimy footprints, just take a fast sweep or mop with hot water, and your Flooring will maintain a glamorous appearance.

Variety of Options

Another good thing about stone flooring is that you can get multiple options. If you're searching for stone, you have some superb options like lambast, granite, limestone, and terrazzo. You can give your home an attractive look through these many options. Just check one thing - the best non-skid ratings so your pet plays their favorite spot easily without stumbling and gliding across the room.

Everyone wants an easy-to-maintain flooring option that lasts long. If your desire is something that can manage your pet's adventures, go for stone flooring.

Other Pet-Friendly Flooring Alternatives to Consider

If you're looking for something budget-friendly or unique, solid hardwood flooring is not your cup of tea. Whatever you're looking for, there are lots of pet-friendly flooring options available to you. Check the following:

Other Pet-Friendly Flooring Alternatives to Consider

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a good pet-friendly flooring option. This looks not only charming but also long-lasting. Maintenance isn't tough, either. Many bamboo floors are tended with protective sealant, which makes them resistant to pet injury. Also, you don't put much effort into cleaning and maintenance; just take a moist sponge and gentle detergent if needed.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Tile (LVT)

LVP and LVT are also tremendous flooring options for your pet. These materials have a water-resistant layer, avoiding leaks and pet injury. The cleaning process is again very easy. You don't need anything more than just a broom or dry cloth. It is very strong and durable; if your pet bites on it, it won't be damaged.

Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring is anonymous but a good option for your pet due to its essential disinfectant properties. These qualities make it fungus and blight-resistant. If your pets are more excited about playing, then go for cork flooring because this is soundproofing and long-lasting. This Flooring helps to make your home hot and comfortable, especially in wintertime. It is beneficial for your pet, too. You can select color and design according to your taste - cork gives you multiple options.


Selecting a floor that is perfect for your pet by all means is quite a difficult task. However, if you read this blog thoroughly, we're sure things will now be easy for you. 

Many options are available for pet owners, from SPC flooring to bamboo and cork. So choose according to your budget and lifestyle. After all, it is important to consider all the options before selecting the best Flooring that can fulfill your needs and your fluffy buddies. So don't be in a hurry; just contact FloorMonk, and our experts will share the best recommendations and knowledge.

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