The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

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The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

  • Sep 13 , 2022
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The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

Investing in the right flooring option has now become a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it's only natural for homeowners to get confused about choosing the right one. Each flooring option has advantages and weaknesses, but Engineered Wood is a gem. It cannot be compared in terms of cost and elegance when we talk about engineered wood flooring that has top-tier standards. 

However, there must be some major reasons why engineered wood manufacturers like Floormonk have witnessed a significant increase in demand for these floorings. We'll discuss those benefits, and the engineered wood flooring companies have put even more emphasis on providing the finest quality of flooring solutions.

Elevate Your Wood Look Solutions

Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers

Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers

If you want to buy top-quality wooden floors, choose them from the high-end manufacturers. By choosing it from the best manufacturers, you'll ensure both rich quality & high durability. 

  • Engineered wood is completely resistant to shrinkage and expansion. Therefore, it's ideal for environments where solid planks aren't suitable. The durability of artificial floors is unmatched.

  • The best wood plank manufacturers offer a wide selection as well.

 So whether you prefer a unique design or a simple look, you have the right options.

Discover Our Collection Of Engineered Wood 

Visit the Floormonk website, and you'll find that they have a huge collection of flooring that you're sure to love.

3- Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

3- Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

This type of flooring looks like three wood strips or planks stacked on top of one plank. The outside will be a narrow board if that's what you're looking for. 

  • This form of flooring remains an affordable option for homeowners.

  • The wooden planks that make up the top layer are much narrower than standard planks, which makes them cheaper.

  • High dimensional stability is there. So, don't expect your board dimensions to change due to weather changes. Also, these are suitable for underfloor heating.

  • Perfect for rooms with varying levels of temperature and humidity. The installation process will be quick and easy.

Even if you have an underlay, flooring professionals can easily install the floor over the underlay. 

Plank Engineered Wood Flooring

Plank Engineered Wood Flooring

For those who want to maintain a sense of exclusivity and tranquillity in the look of their room, plank-engineered wood flooring is the best option. 

  • One strip per plank for a classic look.

  • The best plank makers take advantage of the board's excellent flatness to create designs and styles.

Such flooring designs are performed both in plywood and hardwood. Common features of these flooring options are heat resistance, availability of a wide range of designs, ease of installation, and affordability. 

Handcrafted Engineered Wood Flooring

Handcrafted Engineered Wood Flooring

What if a company like Floormonk said you could customize the look and feel of your flooring to suit your comfort and needs? Well, that's exactly what they do. 

If you are ready to decorate your room with the best planks, you need to make sure that the floor is perfect and complements the interior decoration. Nothing compares to the look and feel of engineered wooden flooring for your home.

Herringbone & Chevron Design Engineered Wood Flooring

Recently, Chevron wood has become popular. In this case, the manufacturer installs the floorboards in a Chevron pattern. Each board has a cut corner on the edge to create a perfect V-shape where the two boards meet.

Herringbone & Chevron Design Engineered Wood Flooring

Place the Chevron pattern across the floor, and you'll see long zigzag threads and arrows. A Chevron floor is made of rectangular boards of the same size. The installer places the artificial wooden boards at 90 degrees to each other to create a discontinuous zigzag pattern.

This asymmetry makes the flooring unique. The visual movement of the Chevron-pattern floor is ideal, allowing you to visually expand the visual space of a small space. But the chevron pattern is more luxurious. The installer will adjust the dimensions of the cut based on the board layout.

Chaletino Engineered Wood Flooring

Chaletino Engineered Wood Flooring

The beauty of the Chelation planks is beyond imagination. By installing these planks, you can create the most elegant atmosphere.

  • Your floor will look great if you can place the perfect lighting well.

  • If the area of ​​​​the room is large, the flooring will create the most spectacular views.

  • Dust and dirt will not accumulate on the surface.

This option is ideal for rooms with high humidity. For example, the basement, kitchen, and bathroom.

Specials Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring manufactured by Floormonk raises the bar of its closest competitors. The company's highly skilled craftsmen are constantly experimenting with parquet designs and appearances to improve the appearance of the planks.

Is engineered wood better than real wood?

Both engineered and natural wood have many advantages, but engineered wood is probably the best long-term investment. Engineered wood is made from various synthetic materials and, therefore, has certain advantages over real wood. These include improved moisture and heat resistance, improved durability and fire resistance, lighter weight and density, and lower manufacturing costs.

A portion of the wood business' greatest players is at present dealing with projects that utilize innovations like 3D printing to work on the exhibition of their products. As a result, we can expect further improvements in the durability, strength, appearance, and cost of engineered wood over the next few years.

What are the disadvantages of engineered wood?

Fake wood has a few disadvantages.

  • In the first place, it's not stylish all the time.

  • It is additionally powerless against water and enduring, so it might decay or spoil.

What's more, it isn't an area of strength for regular wood and may twist or break.

Is engineered wood waterproof?

There is no clear solution to this inquiry since whether or not fake wood is genuinely waterproof is as yet open. A few specialists say the substance medicines used to make it water-safe may ultimately quit working in wet circumstances. Furthermore, many individuals stress over poisons let out of treated wood when it downpours.

So, if you want your new deck or fence to withstand heavy rains and floods, consider using natural materials instead. Also, you can read about SPC flooring waterproof vs. water-resistant.

How long should engineered wood last?

Regarding the type of wood and its processing, the answer to this question depends on many factors. However, engineered wood containing plasticizers is unlikely to last as long as natural wood. Engineered wood generally lasts 10-20 years under ideal conditions.

Why we are India's leading manufacturer of engineered wood

Reviews of flooring companies show that Floormonk consistently gets very positive feedback from their customers.

The reason is simple.

  • The company maintains a strict quality control policy to ensure no deviation from the highest quality products.

  • The packaging of the board is excellent and guarantees no damage in transit. 

  • With the largest number of plank types available, each owner can choose the style that defines the taste and style of the person or property.

Therefore, to learn more about plank floors and choose the right flooring solution, consult a professional manufacturer such as Floormonk.

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