The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

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The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

  • Sep 13 , 2022
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The Engineered Wood Manufacturing Industry In India

Investment in the right flooring option has become a challenging task nowadays. With plenty of options around, it is quite natural for homeowners to get confused about the right option.

Although each flooring option has its advantages and disadvantages, Engineered wood has turned out to be the hot cake of the moment. Nothing beats the value and elegance of the engineered wood flooring that has set a different benchmark. 

But there must be a few reasons why engineered wood manufacturer in India like Floormonk has been witnessing a massive growth in the demand for these flooring materials. As a result, the company is focussing further on the maximum quality refinement of the flooring materials. 

Best Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers

engineered wood

If you are looking forward to buying the best-manufactured wood flooring, you have to contact the premium manufacturers. Installation of the best-engineered floor brands will be ideal because these are

  • Entirely resistant to contractions and expansions. So the best-engineered wood flooring will be perfect for environments that are not conducive to solid wooden floors.
  • The durability of the engineered flooring is unparalleled.
  • The best manufacturers of engineered wood flooring will provide you with a spectrum of choices. 

So, whether you prefer an enigmatic design or a simplistic appearance, you can install the appropriate option.

Discover Our Collection Of Engineered Wood 

When you visit the website of Floormonk, you will realize that the company has indeed a huge collection of varied engineered flooring materials that will surely make you glad.

3- Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

This type of flooring will flaunt the appearance of three strips or planks of wood on a single board. The external appearance will be of narrow boards if that’s what you are looking for. 

  • This form of engineered hardwood flooring is always an affordable option for homeowners. As the planks of the wood that goes into the making of the top layer are much narrower than the standard planks, the price will be lesser. 
  • Dimensional stability is very high. So don’t think that the planks will exhibit any dimensional change owing to weather alterations. 
  • Easily usable for underfloor heating.
  • Ideal for rooms where there is fluctuation in the temperature and humidity levels. 
  • The installation process will be quick and easy. 

Even if you have an underlay, the flooring professionals can easily install the flooring on the underlay. 

Plank Engineered Wood Flooring

For people who like to maintain a sense of exclusivity and peacefulness in the look and feel of a room, the Plank Engineered Wood flooring will be the foremost option. 

  • There is a single strip on each floorboard that creates a classic look. 
  • The best-engineered wood flooring manufacturers will use the exclusive equality of the planks to make the designs and styling. 

The construction of such flooring happens on both plywood and hardwood. 

The common features of these flooring options include temperature resistance, availability in a wide range of designs, ease of installation, and affordable. 

Handcrafted Engineered Wood Flooring

What if a company like Floormonk says that they can customize the look and features of the flooring as per your convenience or demand? Well, that’s exactly what they do. 

If you are ready to deck up the room with the best-engineered wood flooring, you need to make sure that the floor looks perfect and complements the décor of the interiors. Nothing beats the appearance of the specially crafted engineered wooden flooring as it is customized for your house. 

Herringbone & Chevron Design Engineered Wood Flooring

The Chevron wood floor is getting popular these days. In this case, the manufacturers lay down the floorboards in a Chevron pattern. There is an angular cut at the edge of each board to make sure that there is a perfect V shape formation at the point where the two boards meet. 

If you install the Chevron pattern on the entire floor, you will be amazed to see the long strings of zigzag appearance and arrows. 

The Herringbone floor comprises rectangular planks of equal sizes. The installers will install the planks of manufactured wood at 90 degrees angles to each other to create a broken zigzag pattern. This asymmetry makes the flooring unique. The visual movement of the Herringbone floor is perfect and can broaden the visual appearance of small spaces. 

But the sense of luxury is higher in the Chevron pattern. The installers will adjust the size of the cuts depending on the pattern of laying down the planks. 

Chaletino Engineered Wood Flooring

The beauty of the Chelatino wooden flooring is beyond imagination. You can create the most elegant atmosphere with the installation of these flooring planks. 

  • If you can arrange for the perfect ambiance lighting, the floor will look magnificent.
  • If the room size is large then the flooring will create the most impressive look. 
  • The surface won't allow the accumulation of dust and dirt 

The option is perfect for rooms where the moisture content is high. Like the basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Specials Engineered Wood Flooring

The manufactured wood flooring from Floormonk has set the bar higher for the close competitors of the company. The highly skilled craftsmen from the company are experimenting with the design and appearance of the engineered wooden flooring all the time to enhance the appearance. 

Is engineered wood better than real wood?

While there are many benefits to both engineered wood and real wood, engineered wood will likely be a better long-term investment. Engineered woods are made from a variety of synthetic materials that give them certain advantages over real woods. These include improved moisture and temperature resistance, greater durability and fire retardant, lower weight/density, and reduced manufacturing costs.
Some of the biggest names in the engineering timber industry are currently pursuing projects that use innovative technologies such as 3D printing to improve the performance of their products. As a result, we can expect to see even more dramatic improvements in terms of sustainability, strength, appearance,and cost for engineered woods in the years ahead.

What are the disadvantages of engineered wood?

There are a few disadvantages of engineered wood.

  • For starters, it may not always be aesthetically pleasing.
  • It also doesn't take well to water or weathering, which can lead to rotting and decay.
  • It is also not as durable as natural wood, and can also suffer from warping and cracking.

Is engineered wood waterproof?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the jury still seems out on whether or not engineered wood is truly waterproof. Some experts say that the chemical treatments used to make it water resistant can eventually cause it to fail in wet conditions. Furthermore, many people are concerned about toxins emitted by treated wood when it rains.
As a result, if you're expecting your new deck or fence to stand up against heavy rainfall and flooding, then you may want to consider using natural materials instead.

How long should engineered wood last?

In terms of wood type and treatment, the answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. However, engineered wood that contains plasticizers likely won't last as long as natural wood. In general, engineered lumber should last between 10 and 20 years in ideal conditions.

Why we are India's leading manufacturer of engineered wood

If you go through the reviews of the flooring company, you will realize that Floormonk is always having very positive reviews from customers. 

The reasons are simple:

  • The company has been maintaining a strict quality control policy to make sure that there is no deviation from the premium quality of the products. 
  • The packaging of the planks is excellent and ensures no damage to the planks during transit. 
  • The availability of maximum types of engineered wood flooring helps every homeowner to choose a style that defines the taste and styling of the person and property. 

Therefore, contact professional manufacturers to know more about engineered wooden flooring and choose the appropriate flooring material for the surface. 


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