The Least Slippery Flooring Options: Keep Your Home Safe And Stylish

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The Least Slippery Flooring Options: Keep Your Home Safe And Stylish

  • May 05 , 2023
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The Least Slippery Flooring Options: Keep Your Home Safe And Stylish

Hasn’t it happened in your life that you were walking inside the bathroom and suddenly slipped, and with a loud thud, you fell down, hurting your bum? Saying ouch! Ouch!

Nobody likes to slip and fall, embarrassing themselves, but what to do, falling and getting back up is a part of life. 

Many non-slippery flooring options are available, ranging from cork to porcelain tile, from vinyl floorings to natural rubber and stone flooring options. All such options may confuse you about which flooring you should go for. Allow us to assist you in choosing which flooring option may suit you.

When it comes to flooring, safety and looks both go hand in hand. To be honest, slippery floors can also damage your bones on falling wrongly. This is why we will explain the least slippery flooring options below without delay.


1. Cork Flooring

Do you want some natural and sustainable flooring options to cover your floors? Cork flooring does the same for you. This flooring is soft and comfortable to walk on, giving a warm feel to your feet.

Cork Flooring

The texture of cork flooring is such that it gives a good grip to your feet whenever you walk on them. This anti-slip feature makes cork flooring a very suitable choice of flooring if you have elderly people at home and also kids who are very susceptible to slipping on the floors and getting hurt.

Moreover, cork flooring is even resistant to moisture and germs, which makes it an excellent choice for people sensitive to various allergies.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes with anti-slip, easy-to-maintain, affordable and beautiful design patterns qualities, which makes it a popular flooring option for people who plan to install their floors on a very low budget.

3. Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Do you want to go for a durable and anti-slip flooring option that works very well and absorbs shocks as well? Then, rubber flooring will be a better flooring option for you. It provides extra grip and is safe for kids and pets prone to falling down and hurting themselves at home.

4. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile with a Matte Finish

Are you looking for anti-slip floorings that add style to your places? Matte finish porcelain and ceramic tiles are for you. 

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile with a Matte Finish

Their matte finish of porcelain and ceramic tile gives your feet a good grip, which helps you walk safely even when the surface is wet. They are suitable for heavy foot traffic areas due to their great durability. They are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

5. Carpet with Low Pile

Do you have sensitive feet and require to walk on a cushiony surface rather than tough floors, which are also slip-resistant?

Carpet with Low Pile Flooring

Rest assured, as Carpet flooring with a low pile does both these work for you. This flooring has a shorter pile height, which is easier to walk up on, and also provides a soft, cushiony surface for your comfortable, happy feet! Getting carpet low-pile floors is a great way to add a warm statement and stylish texture to your living places.

6. Natural Stone Flooring

Are you looking for flooring that looks as natural as natural stone finish flooring? If you have an eye for stone finish flooring, you can explore natural stone flooring options, including granite, travertine, slate finish, etc. The natural stone finish option of flooring consists of a natural texture surface, which gives your feet a good grip even when these floors are wet. 

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone finish flooring is comparatively less costly than its natural stone floor counterpart. These floors are durable and can prove to be a cost-savvy investment. Also, they add the touch of the natural and timeless beauty of a stony finish to your spaces.

7. Textured Laminate Flooring

Textured Laminate Flooring

Laminate floorings can be used to add depth and a touch of individuality to give character to your space. They come in a variety of designs and have features that fit different functions. These laminate footings are also available in different textured looks, which can mimic the looks of natural wood and even the appearance of stone finish while also offering an anti-slip protection feature for a comfy flooring experience. You can also read about laminate vs vinyl flooring to know which is better.

8. Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for the kind of flooring that with even space without any partitions in between, a floor that is a continuous flow of elegance and durability? 

Epoxy Flooring

You can get all these combined features in Epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring can be preferred in places including garages, industrial spots, and basements. Epoxy floors are very easy to customize, and you get customized patterns, drawings and differentiative prints as well. Also, Epoxy flooring is an amazing solution for flooring places where safety is of utmost importance and necessity.

9. Anti-slip mats and Treads

Anti-slip mats and Treads

To add more anti-slip elements to already existing slip-resistant flooring, anti-slip mats and adhesive treads can be added to the floors. These products can be placed in high-risk areas like staircases, bathrooms and entrances. These mats and treads are designed to increase the friction between the feet and the floors, reducing the risk of slipping and falling considerably.

10. Concrete Flooring with Traction Finish

Concrete Flooring with Traction Finish

Do you require hard and tough flooring with a high durability quotient and, in addition, provides slip-resistance features to increase the friction between the floors and the feet? A combination of three features comes in concrete flooring. The texture of concrete flooring is such that it provides added grip to its surface. It makes this flooring type safer to walk on even while the concrete floors are wet.

The Dangers of Slippery Floors: Why Safety Should Be Your Top Priority

Whenever customers search for flooring options, they mostly have one common thing in their mind: the look of the floors. However, they often overlook the issue of slippery floors. It can get them into serious trouble later on. Slip and fall accidents are quite common, resulting in minor to major injury through slipping accidents. Hence, you need to know why floors become slippery in the very first place. 

There are several reasons as to why the floors become slippery. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

Water and Moisture:

Liquid spillage on the floors, leakages from broken pipes and wet weather conditions are a few reasons which cause the floors to become slippery.

Polished or Waxed Surfaces:

Recently polished or waxed floors become extra slippery until they finish curing.

Inadequate Cleaning:

When dust and dirt gather on the surface of the floors, it forms a powdery layer on the floors, making them extra slippery.

Worn or Damaged Flooring:

When the floors have been overused over an extended period of time, this causes the floors to lose their anti-slip properties, making the floors to become slippery.

Slip Resistance Ratings and Testing: Ensuring Safety under Foot

Instead of just accepting any available flooring option and being okay with your floors being slippery, you can choose to research and find the right flooring option. No matter how you see it, you shouldn’t be okay with slippery floors at any cost. Frequent slipping accidents make our day-to-day life a bit messy, too. This is why it is important to know about the slip-resistance rating of the floors you are going for.

Slip resistance refers to the ability of flooring material to equip the floors with a certain amount of anti-slip friction ability even when the surface of the floors becomes wet. 

Another factor to measure the slip-resistance of floors is (COF) the Coefficient of Friction, which refers to the quality of force required to move an object across a surface horizontally, divided by the amount of force or pressure together vertically. In layman's language, it simply refers to the grip any floor provides.


In summery, from the multiple flooring options, you can go for anyone flooring option, namely, cork flooring, vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, porcelain or ceramic tile matte finish flooring, and lastly, the carpet low pile flooring. These multiple floorings last very long and are water and slip-resistant, making them a very good choice for flooring in places that provide safe flooring for both elderly and kids.

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