The Solid Wood Manufacturer In India

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The Solid Wood Manufacturer In India

  • Sep 13 , 2022
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The Solid Wood Manufacturer In India

If you are renovating the house or building a new house, it is mandatory to consider the best possible options for flooring. You have to keep in mind various factors like the planned interior décor, the theme of the interior, nature of use, climatic conditions, and more before choosing the ideal option. 

The best-manufactured wood flooring will always be a league apart owing to multiple reasons. In fact, it will be the most luxurious choice for any homeowner. Whether it is the attractive finishing of the surface or the durability of the floor, you will get maximum ROI from the best solid wood floor.

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Best Solid Wood Flooring Manufacturers

But the ROI will be high only when you are particular about selecting the brands of the flooring material manufacturer. For instance, Floormonk is undeniably the best option when it comes to the installation of solid wooden flooring. 

The company has in store a wide variety of options that will not only suit the different needs of the different customers but will also satisfy the customers with their quality and price. 

At the company, we produce two types of solid wood flooring:

#1 Natural solid wood flooring

Natural solid wood flooring

These are the simple rage of wooden floors that exhibit the features of solid wood at its best and natural form. You will get a number of color options and species in the collection. 

  • Customers are fond of the options of American Woods like Cherry and Walnut, as well as Asian Woods like teak, Merbau, and Kempus. 

  • Oak, Maple, and Beach are the European wood collection that will help to make your dream home a lot more beautiful.

The making of these flooring materials includes production from a single piece of timber, that contributes to the classic look of the material.

#2 Textured Solid Wood Flooring

And when you want the ideal blend of classic style with modern trends, you have to turn to the best manufacturers of solid wood flooring. The company is going to mesmerize you with the Brushed series and the Smoked Series.

Textured Solid Wood Flooring

The color tones are owing to the heat treatment of the flooring, which leads to the permanent coloring and not like a stain on the surface. The equal spread of the color on the flooring material is owing to the highly refined way of processing. 

Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring

If you have already visited the collection of flooring materials available at Floormonk, you will know by now how the materials are eye- catchy. But there must be other benefits of the best-manufactured wood flooring that makes them the most in-demand product right now.

Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring

Benefit #1 Durable and long-lasting

Even the most expensive and luxurious flooring material won't last for a lifetime. But if you compare the life expectancy of the different forms of wooden floors, you will learn that the durability of the best solid wood floor is the highest. 

As it is made from a single piece of timber instead of joining the strips of wood, the innate strength of the solid wood flooring will be always higher. Believe it or not, the best solid wood flooring can even outlast your home if you maintain the floor properly.

The surface can easily resist scratches, dents, stains, water damage, and other damage. 

Benefit #2 Reasonable price

Price is always a key factor that governs your buying decisions. The engineered flooring can always turn out to be a more affordable option than the other flooring types.

  • Solid hardwood is less expensive due to the lesser need for complicated processing than laminates. 

  • The appearance will be too attractive to make it appear as a cheap option. 

Thus, you can save some money without compromising the quality of the product if you choose the best brands.

Benefit #3 Refinished

When flooring looks old or worn-out, replacing the same is the only option to restore the vibrance, right? Wrong. For if you are buying from the best manufacturers of solid wood flooring, you have the liberty to refinish the same to give them a new life.

Refinishing the wooden flooring is a reasonable option to restore the beauty of the flooring and protect the investment in the installation of the product. 

Benefit #4 Lower maintenance

If you don’t like to spend hours cleaning the flooring and maintaining the shine of the surface, then solid wood flooring will be the ideal option. There is no need to worry about regular sweeping and vacuuming as a quick sweep is enough to keep the best-manufactured wood flooring in a good state for years. 

Once a week, you can mop using a damp cloth to make sure that the dirt or grease does not settle down on the surface. As the best solid wood floor is resistant to scuffs and scratches, there is no need to get tensed about damage even if you have pets and kids in the house. 

Benefit #5 Best acoustics

Some flooring options produce a hollow sound when you walk over. Or there can be vibrations on the least movement on the surface, this will always curb the experience of luxury flooring and will disappoint the customers to a great extent, 

But on choosing the top brands to buy the best solid wood flooring, you will be happy to see that there is no unnecessary noise production or vibrations on the floor. 

What makes us a good choice?

Floormonk is proud to occupy the top position as the manufacturer of engineered flooring. And why not? We put in maximum effort to analyze the faults in the floorings and find the best solutions to make sure that you get the maximum return from the investment. The quality of our product defines why we are the best manufacturers of solid wood flooring. 

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