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Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer In Gujarat

  • Aug 09 , 2022
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Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer In Gujarat

Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer in Gujarat

If you are in the market to search for new flooring options, you must be overwhelmed with the options available. With so many companies manufacturing vinyl planks, it is challenging to find out the best vinyl manufacturing company in Gujarat. 

Nevertheless, Floormonk has proved itself to be the leading company in the manufacture of vinyl flooring materials. If you want the appropriate flooring that will be apt for your lifestyle and home, you need the right vinyl flooring company to provide you with the high- quality flooring materials.

Some features of the vinyl flooring will add to the glory of your residential and commercial space, especially if you team up with the Stone Plastic Composite version of the vinyl floors. 

We provide a variety of vinyl flooring options

It is time to check out the great collection in the inventory list of Floormonk that will help you to make the best decision in selecting the style, texture, material, and surface finishing. So why don’t you take a look at the top five selections from the top vinyl flooring manufacturer in Gujarat? 


    alamo image

It is a common fact that microbes find it very easy to grow on the surface of the floors. If you have kids and pets at home, you know how harmful can it be. But you can bid farewell to the headache with this EIR collection of floor tiles. 

The ultrathin tile is lightweight but offers the best surface when it comes to antimicrobial rigid flooring needs. The surface looks shiny and offers the safest space, all thanks to the reputed vinyl floor tiles manufacturer in Gujarat. 

  • BARI


The brown color is the perfect representation of a natural wood floor. But you get that look with the features of SPC the moment you choose this tile from Floormonk. The company is aware that the stone polymer composite is the ultimate requirement for commercial and residential spaces.

Hence, the manufacturer has been smart enough to add the appearance of natural wood to the SPC floor tiles that have a stronger core and underlayment for resisting heavy foot traffic. 


    bitola image

If you are ready to spend an affordable amount on installing the best quality stone plastic composite flooring, you have to invest in these tiles. The variety of printing possible on the tile is a great opportunity to customize if necessary.
The original look of the tile is so special that you will just get the tiles and install them as it is. The longer planks will help in covering more space with a lesser quantity of tiles.


    expresso image

If you aim to add a luxury tinge to the space, you are ready to explore these tiles that will serve the purpose exactly. The tiles are highly durable, and of course, waterproof as these are stone polymer composite flooring. These are devoid of formaldehyde, which makes them 100% safe for contact and exposure to humans and pets. 

  • FLUID 

    fluid image

Be it the supermarket or the hospital, you need the right combination of style and function which is possible by adding this tie to your space. Such tile flooring in Gujarat will not only make the space attractive in appearance but will ensure that you don’t have to pay for repair expenses often.

Moreover, the tiles are stain-resistant. So you can have the assurance of a consistent appearance of the flooring over a long time. 

Vinyl flooring has a variety of features  

Feature #1: Waterproof

waterproof floor

Your chief headache while selecting the flooring material for the kitchen and bathroom will be the water resistance factor. And none can beat the waterproof nature of the vinyl planks. 
Sometimes, the pupils outdo the master. And that is the case with the SPC vinyl floor tiles. Whether you spill accidentally or the pet messes on the floor, the best manufacturer of vinyl flooring in Gujarat can assure for the water-resistant feature. 

Feature #2: Realistic visual

realastic floor

Unless you see with your own eyes, it is really hard to believe how the vinyl plank flooring can take up as many appearances as possible. Perhaps, this is one of the biggest reasons for the high demand for flooring material.

With a plethora of colors, textures, and patterns available, the creative planks look extremely authentic, with the feel of real wood on the face. The authentic appearance depends largely on the efficiency level of the vinyl manufacturer in Gujarat. 

Feature #3: Easy to clean

easy to clean floor

No property owner can deny that a flooring material with the least demand for cleaning will be the most advantageous solution. And that is why the vinyl SPC tiles are the favorite of residential and commercial building owners. 

The vinyl manufacturer will certainly explain why this flooring material will be appropriate if you are going to install it in a space with heavy foot traffic. Luckily, the ease of cleaning and maintenance adds to the sales of the tiles. 

Feature #4: Highly durable

most durable floors

Now, who won’t like the idea of getting a maximum return on the investment in flooring? As you all know, installation of new flooring will be always an expensive affair, regardless of the tiles that you choose.

If you are buying from a leading manufacturer of SPC tiles like Floormonk, you can get the best deals. The price will justify the quality and quantity that you bring home. The company offers perfect dimensional accuracy which helps while installing the new floor in the space. 

Is it worth it to put in vinyl flooring?

It can be a great choice to put in vinyl flooring if you're looking for an affordable and easy solution that will improve the look and feel of your home. Vinyl is a soft, durable flooring material that is resistant to spills and everyday wear-and-tear. Additionally, it's relatively easy to maintain, so there are minimal costs associated with keeping it in good condition.
One downside of vinyl floors is their susceptibility to heat damage. If the temperature exceeds 72 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time, then vinyl floors may start peeling or cracking. Make sure to install transition strips between different types of thresholds (carpet, wood baseboards) in order not overheat your flooring material unnecessarily.

Is SPC flooring expensive?

While SPC flooring may be a bit more expensive than other options, the extra expense is likely worth it. This type of flooring is designed to last longer and resist damage from moisture, traffic, and wear and tear. Additionally, SPC floors are often easier to clean because they have no grooves or channels that trap dirt and debris. Furthermore, this type of flooring provides a smoother surface that is less prone to injuries.

How much does SPC flooring cost?

The price of SPC flooring will vary depending on the type and size of installation you require, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, a standard SPC installation typically costs around $2 per square foot. So if you're looking to install flooring in an area with a total volume of 800 sq ft or less, then a cost estimate of $1,200 would be appropriate. If your project involves greater volumes or more complex installations, then the cost may be higher.

What is a good thickness for SPC flooring?

In general, the thicker the flooring, the harder it is to walk on. It is important to consider a few factors when choosing the thickness of your floor. These include your lifestyle and what types of activities you typically do in your home. For example, if you spend a lot of time walking on hardwood floors or terrazzo surfaces, then you will want to go with something thicker than normal laminate flooring.
Meanwhile, if you only need an indoor surface for occasional use (like during ceremonies), then something thinner might be more appropriate.

What makes us the best manufacturer of Vinyl in Gujarat?

A common question bugging you must be about the reasons why Floormonk is the present leading company in the manufacturing of vinyl floor tiles.

the company maintains strict quality control policies that will ensure consistency in the quality of the tiles.
The finishing is always impeccable, which is the reason for the unparalleled appearance of the tiles. 
The prices of the vinyl flooring manufacturer are justified by the opportunity to get further discounts on bulk orders.
Shipping policies are great for export.
hence, the company is the Best manufacturer of SPC vinyl tiles. These tiles will surpass your expectations in their service and appearance level. Deck up the house with our tiles for a great appealing ambiance.


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