Welspun Vs. Floormonk SPC Flooring

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Welspun Vs. Floormonk SPC Flooring

  • Sep 21 , 2023
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Welspun Vs. Floormonk SPC Flooring

In a world where choices often dictate the course of our lives, the flooring beneath our feet is no exception. Welcome to the electrifying showdown between Floormonk and other contenders in the SPC flooring arena!

Bursting with style and substance, this face-off unveils the ultimate choice for the discerning homeowner.

While some brands fade into obscurity, Floormonk stands tall, armed with a core material boasting 100% virgin polymer perfection, a high-density core that scoffs at heavy foot traffic, and an underlayment that cradles your steps in heavenly silence.

But don't blink just yet! The competition, represented by other brands, offers a hodgepodge of recycled materials, subpar interlocking systems, and aesthetic blandness.

Intrigued? You should be!

Stick around as we unravel the flooring mystery, debunk myths, and crown Floormonk - premium SPC Flooring as the undisputed champion. It's time to make an informed choice for your space!

Floormonk: The Unmatched Choice

When it comes to SPC flooring, Floormonk stands head and shoulders above the rest. Why, you ask? Well, let's dive right in:

  • SPC Core Material: Floormonk boasts a 100% virgin polymer material with a pristine white core, ensuring durability and a sense of luxury underfoot. It's the real deal!

  • Core Density: At a jaw-dropping 2000kg/m3, this flooring can take a beating and ask for more. Say goodbye to worries about heavy foot traffic.

  • Underlayment: A cushy 1 mm IXPE rubber pad beneath each plank, making every step a pleasure while reducing sound to a hush. Silence speaks volumes!

  • Interlocking System: Thanks to the Unilin patented locking system, Floormonk creates virtually invisible joints between planks. It's like magic!

  • Aesthetic Appearance: The EIR surface isn't just a pretty face; it replicates the allure of wooden flooring. What you see is precisely what you feel - pure elegance!

  • Anti-Skidding Feature: No slipping and sliding here! The EIR surface also makes it anti-skidding, making it perfect for bathroom or children's room applications.

  • Fire Retardant: It's been put to the test, and earned a B1 grade for fire retardancy. Safety? Check!

  • Dimensional Stability: Even extreme temperatures up to +-60°C don't faze this high-quality virgin material. It stands tall and firm.

  • Material Availability and Production: Fast-moving shades are always in stock, ensuring quick delivery. No stock? No problem! It'll be dispatched within 15-20 days from the order date.

  • Production Capacity: With a massive 30,000 sqft/day manufacturing capacity, Floormonk is always ready to cater to your needs.

  • Brand Value: As part of the TilesWale Group, Floormonk inherits the impeccable values of its parent company, guaranteeing trustworthiness and excellence.


Wait! There is more

Beyond the top-notch product, they offer installation services through their team of experts, boast a rock-solid supply chain, and even have an online LIVE marketplace for added value to stockists and dealers.

Floormonk isn't just flooring; it's a lifestyle upgrade waiting to happen!

Welspun vs. Floormonk SPC Flooring

Other Brands: A Lesser Choice

When it comes to SPC flooring, not all brands are created equal. Welspun might be in the ring, but there's some tough competition out there that falls short in more ways than one. Let's break it down:

  • SPC Core Material: Some brands use recycled or impure polymer material with a grey core. It's not exactly the gold standard like Floormonk.

  • Core Density: You'll find low-density cores that make their planks lightweight. But that means they won't stand up to the relentless march of heavy foot traffic. 

  • Underlayment: Many of these "lesser" brands skimp on underlayment. It's like they forgot about sound reduction and impact absorption altogether. 

  • Interlocking System: Poor interlocking systems lead to visible gaps between planks. It's like a puzzle missing its pieces. 

  • Aesthetic Appearance: Plain, flat surfaces might be their thing, but it's definitely not what you want. 

  • Anti-Skidding Feature: Wet Places? Forget about it. These brands don't offer the anti-skid proofing you need. 

  • Fire Retardant: Safety matters. Some brands offer poor fire retardancy. 

  • Dimensional Stability: Floormonk and Welspun's SPC flooring can handle high temperatures without a hitch, but the others? They may start warping and bending.

  • Material Availability: Extended delivery periods and limited shade options? It's not something you'd worry about with Floormonk.

Stay tuned as we unveil the clear winner in the battle of SPC flooring.

Welspun: The Challenger from Maharashtra

In the vast arena of SPC flooring, Welspun emerges as the underdog, hailing from the vibrant state of Maharashtra. But don't let its regional roots fool you; this challenger has its share of strengths and weaknesses that demand scrutiny.

Welspun boasts an impressive dealer network spanning 143 locations across the length and breadth of India. Their competitive pricing might initially catch your eye, promising savings.

However, the glaring market feedback paints a picture of subpar quality – a risky gamble for a long-term investment. The interlocking system, a pivotal aspect of SPC flooring, falls short, leaving visible gaps that disrupt the aesthetic appeal.

Oh, and let's not forget, Welspun offers only a modest 5-year product warranty. Five years might seem like a blink of an eye when it comes to flooring, especially compared to Floormonk's robust performance and quality.

In this flooring showdown, Floormonk stands tall as the undisputed champion, while Welspun struggles to keep up. The choice is clear: When you seek durability, aesthetics, and unmatched performance, Floormonk reigns supreme.

Also, you can know why SPC is a better choice than hardwood, ceramic, and laminate flooring.

Your Decision Matters

When choosing flooring, think about making investments in the durability of your space as well as visual appeal. And Floormonk triumphs in this high-stakes competition of floors without a doubt. 

Given that you are able to have it all, why would you get settled for anything substandard? With Floormonk, you're upgrading your way of life in addition to purchasing a floor. You'll notice the distinction as soon as your feet touch its plush EIR surface; no basic, flattened surface can compare.

But they're more than simply about appearances; material is important as well. You have peace of mind that inferior brands can only hope to offer thanks to the unrivaled core density of 2000kg/m3 and the fire-resistant B1 grade reliability.

Floormonk offers you something more instead of just a floorings solution. They can meet any demand, big or small, thanks to their installation capabilities and efficient distribution network. Additionally, Floormonk assures a track record of reliability and quality as a member of the TilesWale Group.

Therefore, keep in mind that Floormonk is more than merely a floor; it's a statement—a declaration of your preferences, your comfort, and your future. Make a wise choice and pick Floormonk. Nothing less is deserving of your personal space.


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