What Is SPC Flooring?

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What Is SPC Flooring?

  • Jul 26 , 2022
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What Is SPC Flooring?

Home designers have a variety of materials and options to choose from when they are building an abode of your dreams. The newest addition to the market range of incredible products is SPC flooring and the great benefits it holds.

The SPC flooring process has gained a huge market due to its versatile usage, durable existence, and easiest installation processes. In this article, we will see what exactly SPC flooring holds for us and how it can prove as a great option for your clients. 

Before we start, if you've already made your mind to opt for SPC flooring, Floormonk has decent choices of SPC flooring for you.

Dimensionally Stable Product

SPC is an abbreviation of the words "Stone Plastic Composite." It is a type of mixture that builds the rigid core mixture needed for perfect flooring. It is concocted with a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. This combination makes a processed product that is dimensionally stable. 

Plus, it is waterproof, which makes it incredibly useful in case of high-speed working scenarios. It is also very adaptable to any kind of place- as no stains, scratches and dents can prove as a problem. SPC flooring is also well known as vinyl plank flooring and is available to us in a diversity of colors as well as styles. The designs available are wood look, tile look, and abstract designs for various types of settings. 

Upgrade with SPC Flooring

Easy Installation

One of the major advantages of SPC Flooring is the ease of installation. Installing it is a breeze as a click lock system enables the planks to close or snap together, and there is no need for any kind of adhesives or special tools. So, all the DIY processes can easily be done with this process - and it is useful for quick renovations as well. 

Easy Installation SPC Flooring

Durable existence

Who doesn't love durable products? The SPC flooring products have a mixture of limestone powder as well as PVC - and this is something that is of great quality for commercial as well as residential uses. SPC flooring is something that is resistant to the disadvantages caused by water. So, when you want to use SPC flooring in humid places like bathrooms, laundry rooms as well as kitchens. 

Aesthetic Looks

In any interior project, the main need while using any kind of flooring products is the vibe they give to the rest of the products used while designing a specific kind of interior. SPC flooring is a kind of product that has a range of patterns, colors, and textures that have a realistic but fairytale-level impact on the interior vibes of different home decor styles. 

Why buy SPC Flooring with Floormonk? 

Floormonk is a leading SPC flooring manufacturer . It offers an extremely wide range of flooring options that fit different genres of interior projects. The products that Floormonk makes are made with the highest quality materials. Also, they are genuinely tested to their full capacity. 

The durability and performance of the SPC flooring are unparalleled, and the diversity of colors and styles that it offers are popular with the clientele. Floormonk is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a commitment to quality. It is a good addition to their home or business. 

SPC flooring is an excellent option for all people for anyone looking for everlasting, waterproof, and easy installation options. The combination of the best practical and aesthetic benefits makes it a great choice for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Thus, the manufacturers of Floormonk company lead the best way towards all kinds of innovative solutions in the industry.


1. Is SPC Flooring a good option for home flooring? 

SPC flooring is an option that is best for laminate flooring, that has become increasingly successful in the last years. This product is made up of a diversity of layers, which are adjoined using heat as well as pressure. SPC flooring gives great benefits towards durability as well as sustainable products. It is a low-maintenance product that you can easily clean in all kinds of properties. 

2. Is SPC good for application in the living room?

Definitely, SPC flooring is an excellent choice if you are planning to install it in your living room applications. You can easily maintain SPC in high-traffic areas like the living room as it has benefits like durability and water resistance.

3. Does SPC flooring feel cold?

Yes, you may feel SPC flooring a bit cooler when you touch it when we compare it with other flooring materials, such as carpet or hardwood.

However, SPC is not excessively cold. Its temperature influences the room's overall climate. Also, you can make a cozy space with SPC flooring if you include it in area rugs or underfloor heating systems. You will surely appreciate the refreshing coolness of SPC flooring, especially in summer.

What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?

• SPC flooring has a relatively lower strength-to-weight ratio, which may result in reduced long-term durability if we compare it with some other flooring options.

• Its lower resistance to moisture can make SPC flooring more susceptible to issues like staining and potential deterioration. We suggest you avoid using SPC flooring in water-exposure areas.

• SPC flooring demands regular maintenance, which may turn into ongoing expenses if you're a homeowner with a tight budget. It would potentially affect the overall cost of ownership, but it won't cost much to maintain SPC flooring either. It's totally under budget.

• Due to its sensitivity to moisture, SPC flooring will ask for regular cleaning routines and moisture protection measures if you want to ensure its longevity. It might add a bit of burden to your overall maintenance budget.

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