Why SPC Flooring Is The Best Choice For Dance Floors?

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Why SPC Flooring Is The Best Choice For Dance Floors?

  • Jun 10 , 2023
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Why SPC Flooring Is The Best Choice For Dance Floors?

What is the secret sauce behind the long-lasting and anti-slip functionality and shock absorption features in the SPC floorings?

These floors will make dancers wanna dance a bit more. The smooth and buttery surface of these floors makes dancers glide their feet on these floors like the popular moonwalk of Micheal Jackson!

Let us explain to you how dance and SPC floors are interconnected. And how FloorMonk's expertise became a game changer for flooring the dance floors. You can dance, you can shake, and you can rehearse various moves from hip-hop to ballet. We assure you that SPC floors have the ability to transform your dance move into amazing performances.

Why do dance floors always have to have an SPC Floor? 

For dance artists, the art of dance means everything to them. To perfect their dance moves, they practice for long lengths of hours. During these dance rehearsals, they jump, do spins, glide their feet, and perform synchronized moves all together. 

Why SPC Flooring is the Best Choice for Dance Floors?

For all these powerful moves, they need sturdy and smooth floors on which they can dance and unleash the dance artist freely without worrying about damaging the dance floors. This is where SPC floorings come into play: the role of providing stable, scratch-free, chip-free flooring solutions for providing that smooth dancing experience to the dancers.

The quality of floors can greatly impact the dancers. They can feel like dancing when they know that the floors can absorb shock, won't break, and are smooth to dance on. 

Dancers also want their floors to be slip-resistant so that they don't slip and injure themselves when performing, as injuries can greatly impact a dancer's performance, to a large extent. Slip-resistant floors help the dancers maintain their balance and showcase difficult choreographers with full confidence.

A bird isn't afraid to fall even if the branch doesn't break because the bird has full confidence in its wings. Similarly, the dancers can dance well when they have full confidence on the floors they are dancing on.

What is SPC Flooring? 

SPC floors have a combo feature of being attractive and also being durable for a long time. They are manufactured via stone and plastic composite mixed together, giving high tensile strength to the SPC tiles and making them attractive to the eyes of onlookers.

SPC Flooring is the Best Choice for Dance Floors

Dancers, you can jump on them, you can glide your feet and freely dance on them, and you can make a human pyramid on them without worrying about the chipping or breakage of SPC tiles. They are highly strong and can last very long. Dancers can dance confidently when they are confident about the base under their feet, which is highly sturdy SPC floors. Also, do you know SPC flooring is sound proof as well? To know more benefits of SPC flooring, you can read this guide.

What are the benefits of SPC Flooring for dance floor construction? 

FloorMonk can prove to be a superb choice for flooring your dance floors. SPC floors are built to stay as they are for a very long time. Features like visual appeal make it a very suitable choice for flooring the dance floors as after long hours of practice, dancers would also wanna shoot their perfected dance videos later on.

Advantages of having SPC floors for dance studios: 

SPC Flooring

Durable Lengths of time

No dancer has to face any kind of hesitation and dance freely on the stable SPC floors. Experience the feeling of confidence while dancing on the stable yet elegant SPC floors and choreograph your beautiful dance moves.

Slip-resistant as well as safety

We even slip and fall while normally walking on glossy floors. Therefore, it's understandable to imagine how many occasions the dancers slip and fall on the dance floors while dancing, right?

To tackle all these issues, FloorMonk has designed SPC floors, especially for dancers, as these floors are very stable to dance on; their surface is matt enough not to slip on yet smooth enough to glide your feet upon. You can practice various dance forms without feeling worried about slipping on the dance floors and injuring yourself.

Hygienic problems are a big no! 

FloorMonk's SPC floors are stain-resistant and waterproof; you don't have to worry about staining the floors from sweating while dancing on these floors, and also not be worried if condiments while eating food drops on the floors. Just a broom/vacuum and an easy mop. These are all SPC floors required to be maintained and will stay fresh as they are during any time of the day.

Aesthetic brilliance

The dance studio owners can design their studios with passionate colors. It will give a unique feel to establish a specialized image in your dance studio. Create a sense of being attached to the theme image of a specialized dance studio. 

For example, a ballet dance studio, hip-hop studio, etc. FloorMonk has tiles for each and every dance studio that bring out the passion of artistic dancers. They can shine with confidence when they step up to dance on highly stable SPC dance floors.

Explore SPC Floors for Flawless Dancing


Bring out the dance artist in you by stepping on FloorMonk's specially designed SPC dance floors. Our floors are durable enough to withstand jumps, glides, weights, and every move of any perfectionist dancer. 

Our floors are designed to support each and every specific need of the dancers. Also, they require a minimum effort of vacuuming and mopping to keep them as they are for the longest time. 

Enhance the beauty of your dance performance with FloorMonk's elegant SPC dance floors. Transform a boring dance place into a well-designed, amazing dance studio for performing and shooting memorable dance performances. 

Don't miss a beat and dance to your full potential without worrying about slipping on the dance floors. SPC floors act as cushions for the dancer's body with their anti-slip quality. Attain new heights of dance performances by perfecting difficult dance moves on the amazing SPC floors brought to you by FloorMonk.

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