Architect @ Work, Norway | Floormonk

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Architect @ Work, Norway | Floormonk

  • Nov 30 , -0001 TO Nov 30 , -0001
  • 318
Architect @ Work, Norway | Floormonk

A unique trade show for architects, design professionals, real estate developers, and those working in the area, Architect @ Work, Norway. The Exhibition is among the most highly acclaimed around the globe for its particularity, featuring over 250 innovative products that were rigorously chosen by a panel of interior designers and architects.
The popularity of Architect @ Work is even further enhanced by the wonderful atmosphere and original display idea. Especially novel goods that have never been on showcase previously may be shown by every exhibitor. Because every booth is the same size, there is a very nice perspective and a distinct display framework. Additionally, the expo has excellent intellectual and motivational presentations.

Venue: Norges Varemesse, Oslo, Norway

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