Caucasus: Building And Reconstruction Expo 2023 | Floormonk

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Caucasus: Building And Reconstruction Expo 2023 | Floormonk

  • Mar 17 , 2023 TO Mar 19 , 2023
  • 76
Caucasus: Building And Reconstruction Expo 2023 | Floormonk

One of the biggest and most prominent construction competitions in the Caucasus is called Caucasus Build. Caucasus Build is an excellent chance for businesses to get engaged in the thriving Caucasian and Georgian construction field and to connect significant builders, planners, and distributors from Georgia and throughout the Caucasus. Caucasus Build will feature 150+ exhibitors, nearly 4,000 construction industry participants, and visitors to the local administration.
The show centers on 22 important segments of the construction industry, such as construction tools, and construction materials. Caucasus Building & Reconstruction EXPO, the 19th international specialized exposition, will feature a number of categories, such as Building Technologies, Building Materials, Construction Equipment, Reconstruction, Materials and Supplies, Building Instruments, Projection, Interior and Exterior Design, Heating Technology, Construction Services, and Air-conditioning Systems and more.

Venue: Yerevan EXPO, Yerevan, Armenia

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