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Economic Times ACETECH Hyderabad | Floormonk

  • Jan 20 , 2023 TO Dec 22 , 2022
  • 391
Economic Times ACETECH Hyderabad | Floormonk

The Economic Times hosts the third-annual ACETECH Hyderabad, which is Asia's premier trade show for architecture, construction products, art, and design. Because of India's growing market and architectural growth, ACETECH has made significant contributions with its exclusive breakthrough debuts in prior editions.
The distinctive forum provides chances to not only present but also leave a lasting impact on the architects' business decision-makers. Both exhibitors and consumers will have plenty of chances during the event. The show offers a wide range of product exhibits, making it a perfect place to introduce fresh developments. Becoming a part of ACETECH Hyderabad can assist companies in securing new deals and attracting more commercial inquiries.

Venue: Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India

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