Habitare 2023

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Habitare 2023

  • Sep 13 , 2023 TO Sep 17 , 2023
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Habitare 2023

Habitare 2023 is set to captivate design enthusiasts and professionals alike as it takes center stage at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre from September 13th to September 17th, 2023. This highly anticipated event promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the art of living, making it a must-visit for anyone passionate about interior design, architecture, and contemporary living.

With its rich history dating back to 1970, Habitare has evolved into one of the most prestigious design fairs in Europe. This year, it continues to push boundaries and explore the ever-evolving world of design. The event serves as a platform for both established and emerging talents, providing a glimpse into the future of design trends, sustainable living, and cutting-edge technology.

Habitare 2023 will feature an impressive array of exhibitions, seminars, and workshops, all aimed at inspiring visitors and fostering a deeper understanding of design's role in our lives. Attendees can expect to encounter an eclectic mix of furniture, decor, and architectural concepts, allowing them to explore the latest design trends while gaining insights into sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for modern living spaces.

One of the event's highlights will be the opportunity to connect with leading industry professionals, designers, and visionaries, providing a unique networking platform for enthusiasts and experts alike. Whether you're a design aficionado seeking inspiration for your next home project or a professional looking to stay at the forefront of the industry, Habitare 2023 promises to be an enriching experience that celebrates the art of design and living in Helsinki's Expo and Convention Centre. Mark your calendars for this unmissable event!

Date : September 13th to September 17th, 2023

Venue : Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

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