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Index New Delhi 2023

  • Aug 11 , 2023 TO Aug 13 , 2023
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 Index New Delhi 2023

Index New Delhi 2023, scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th August 2023, is an eagerly awaited event that will bring together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from various industries in India's capital city, New Delhi. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, New Delhi provides the perfect backdrop for this dynamic and engaging event.

Index New Delhi 2023 aims to be a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration across multiple sectors. The event will feature an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, covering a wide range of topics such as technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, art, design, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and experts, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations.

The event will showcase the diverse talent and creativity that India has to offer. Participants will have the chance to explore exhibitions featuring cutting-edge products, services, and designs, providing a glimpse into the future of various industries. From innovative startups to established companies, Index New Delhi 2023 will serve as a platform for businesses to present their offerings, forge partnerships, and connect with potential customers and investors.

In addition to the business-focused activities, Index New Delhi 2023 will also celebrate the cultural richness of India. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in the country's vibrant traditions, arts, and cuisine. Cultural performances, art installations, and culinary experiences will add a touch of uniqueness and excitement to the event, creating a truly memorable experience for all participants.

Index New Delhi 2023 promises to be a comprehensive and engaging event catering to professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts' interests. With its diverse program, inspiring speakers, and interactive exhibitions, the event will foster innovation, collaboration, and growth across industries, while also celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India.


Date : 11th to 13th August 2023

Venue: International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC), New Delhi


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