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  • Apr 27 , 2023 TO Apr 29 , 2023
  • 332

ROOF INDIA 2023 is an upcoming event that is set to take place at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India from 27th to 29th April 2023. The event is focused on the roofing and allied industries and aims to bring together professionals and businesses from across the industry. The event is expected to attract participants from across India and from international markets.

The expo promises to be a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products, services, and technologies in the roofing industry. Participants can expect to see a range of roofing solutions including metal roofs, tiles, membranes, coatings, and insulation products. The event will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest advancements in roofing materials and techniques.

ROOF INDIA 2023 will also feature a range of seminars and workshops led by industry experts and professionals. These sessions will provide attendees with valuable information on the latest trends and practices in the roofing industry. Participants will have the opportunity to network and connect with key players in the industry, including manufacturers, distributors, and contractors.

The Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India, is an ideal venue for the event due to its central location and state-of-the-art facilities. The center offers ample space to accommodate a large number of exhibitors and attendees expected at the event. The location is also convenient for attendees, with easy access to transportation and accommodation options.

Overall, ROOF INDIA 2023 promises to be an exciting and informative event for professionals and businesses in the roofing industry. It presents a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their latest products, network with industry players, and gain new knowledge and insights. Attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars and plan to attend this prestigious event at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India.


DATE:     27TH to 29TH April 2023
VENUE:  Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India

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