Warsaw Home Build 2023 | Floormonk

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Warsaw Home Build 2023 | Floormonk

  • Nov 07 , 2023 TO Nov 10 , 2023
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Warsaw Home Build 2023 | Floormonk

The global fair for finished products and architecture is held in Warsaw. 4 days of the exhibition are dedicated to showcasing items from both domestic and international producers. It is an exhibition instituted specifically for enthusiasts of the architecture sector, finished products, construction, and architectural advances, as well as for builders, property developers, subcontractors, businessmen, and everyone else.
The creativity, craftsmanship, and creativity of the shown goods and solutions are what is valued most at Warsaw Home Build, which is touted as the new generation of trade shows for the construction sector. Bathrooms, Interior Finishing, and Outdoors are the three main categories into which the exhibition is organized.

Venue: PTAK WARSAW EXPO, Nadarzyn , Poland

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