SPC - Vinyl Flooring Tiles - 1220 x 181 mm - TRENZ - Wood look a like Floor Tile

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There are some things to jot down before you plan to work on your flooring option. You don’t want the planks to change in shape and size with changes in temperature. It will cause the floors to expand and crack, because of the unwanted movements. Trenz is one of the leading SPC flooring options from reputed manufacturers and suppliers. SPC Flooring is here to mimic the exact look of rustic wooden planks, but with some safety, guards to add more popularity to the final result. Reliable wholesalers are now offering some great discounts on Trenz, which makes it even more popular among the masses.

More on Trenz:

According to distributors, Trenz is pretty versatile. It is not just because of the classic grey-and-white color combo, but also because of the long-lasting variations. Join hands with the exporter if you are looking for some discounts on the selected SPC flooring planks.
  • Each box from a reputed retailer consists of 10 planks in total. The weight of the box will be at 19kg.
  • The experts will pack the flooring planks using the safest method possible. So, when the box reaches your destination, the planks remain intact without any damage.
  • The SPC click flooring box comes with special manual instructions. Due to the interlocking section, you can install the planks on your own without any secondary help.

Taking the measurement first:

Before you place an order for SPC Floors with reliable centers, remember to measure the size of the room. It helps you to determine the number of best SPC flooring boxes you need to cover the available space. If you are in doubt, ask online professionals to send an inspector and get the place measured correctly. Based on that measurement, you can look at the best wood plastic composite flooring here!

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