FloorMonk Debut International Trade Fair at CEVISAMA ‘23

Floormonk At CEVISAMA 2023 – Let’s Join

CEVISAMA 2023 will mark the debut of the FloorMonk in international trade fairs, this would be an exclusive instance where the much-regarded Indian brand will showcase its much publicized and popular SPC flooring solutions in front of the world.

From 27th Feb 3rd Mar 2023, FloorMonk will be a part of one of the largest and the most reputed international trade fairs, CEVISAMA, for ceramic tiles, other flooring solutions, and bathroom accessories solutions.

Why FloorMonk Choose CEVISAMA 2023?

FloorMonk as a specialist in new-age SPC flooring solutions is the brainchild of the founders of Lightlink Solutions. A digital marketing company, yet with expansive knowledge in the flooring and ceramic sector, Lightlink Solutions visualized FloorMonk as the answer to high-quality flooring solutions without the hassles of traditional alternatives.

CEVISAMA as an annual global trade expo devoted to ceramics, construction, and bathroom fixtures in Valencia, Spain provides never before seen avenues for both established as well as up-and-coming names in the flooring sector. CEVISAMA is regarded as an important gathering place for specialists in the ceramic tile business, with over 800 participating enterprises and 90,500 attendees from across the globe, the most recent edition of the fair promises to be an extravaganza.

It is the only exhibition wherein participants from around the world may view the whole product line of the Spanish tile industry as well as the featured products and innovations from the world over. Each year, additional promoters from various nations attend the show, which makes it an excellent marketing forum for businesses and an essential gathering place for anybody interested in seeing the newest competitive landscape.

The trade fair opens up new horizons for up-and-coming brands like FloorMonk to display their most innovative product solutions to the world. It also provides a unique opportunity for them to learn and understand the market dynamics of the world. To better serve their existing market and expand their reach to other parts of the world, the newest trends on display at the event may prove to be fruitful exposure.

FloorMonk – A Premium SPC Flooring Manufacturer

With the most modern and innovative flooring solution i.e. SPC or Stone Plastic Composite, FloorMonk will look to make the most of the prospects provided by CEVISAMA '23. Their superior SPC flooring solutions are more practical than the LVT which is composed of combinations of vinyl and calcium carbonate powder, is moisture resistant, and is much more durable than regular LVT.

The structure of SPC multi-layered floor tiles is formed of a blend of stone particles and PVC plastic, creating an extremely durable, dent-resistant material that does not bend and compress in reaction to environmental changes.

Even though the business was established and has barely been around a year, its framework was formed almost a half-decade prior and with substantial specialized knowledge about the industry.

Based out of the tiles capital of India - Morbi, Gujarat, FloorMonk was a collective solution for all the things that let down the ceramic floorings and each of the drawbacks of the ceramics have been perfected in specially crafted SPC flooring.

The business has been enthusiastically welcomed throughout the Indian sector and is widely appreciated in the world market as well, with a production capacity that now exceeds 30,000 sq. ft. and has all the making of being a global market leader.

In addition to the upsides listed, the ability to transform and restore the floors at your leisure or in the instance of any damage provides the SPC floors an edge. Given the modern innovations and technology, this surface option has certainly transformed the demographics of floors not just in the Indian domestic market but also globally.

The rigorous product excellence and a multitude of options, along with competent and dependable assistance, distinguish them as a business. These premium SPC flooring can emulate the appeal of natural materials without the increased expense and upkeep. Sophisticated innovation has advanced this revolutionary floor alternative to the point that it can compete with any luxury flooring offered on the market currently.

FloorMonk SPC Flooring exhibit the following properties which make them stand out in the competitive flooring market:

Schedule a Meeting with FloorMonk at CEVISAMA ‘23

FloorMonk promises to be an exciting new participant at the trade fair. With their most modern innovation in the flooring solutions market, the brand intends to explore all the possible marketing opportunities as well as generate quality leads from around the world. As for individuals, corporates, experts, and everyone who is interested in their flooring alternative, FloorMonk extends an open invitation to get in touch.

Interested entities can schedule a meeting with FloorMonk at CEVISAMA ’23 to get more information about their product solutions, their technology, and market demography.

So don’t wait too long and contact them now!

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