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Domotex 2024

  • Jan 11 , 2024 TO Jan 14 , 2024
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Domotex 2024

Domotex 2024, a premier international trade fair for floor coverings, is set to take place from January 11 to January 14, 2024, at the Hanover Fairground in Hannover, Germany. This highly anticipated event serves as a global platform for professionals in the flooring industry to showcase cutting-edge products, innovative technologies, and the latest trends in the market. The Hanover Fairground, with its state-of-the-art facilities, provides the ideal backdrop for exhibitors and attendees to engage in meaningful discussions, network with industry leaders, and explore a diverse range of flooring solutions.

Attendees can expect a dynamic and immersive experience at Domotex 2024, where exhibitors from around the world will present their offerings across various categories such as carpets, rugs, resilient flooring, and parquet. The event is not only a hub for discovering new products but also a knowledge-sharing platform, featuring seminars, workshops, and panel discussions that delve into the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of the flooring industry.

Domotex 2024 is not only a marketplace for business transactions but also a source of inspiration for architects, designers, and flooring professionals seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. The event's strategic location in Hannover, a city known for its industrial significance and excellent infrastructure, adds to the overall appeal of Domotex, making it a must-attend for anyone involved in the flooring sector.

As the flooring industry continues to innovate and respond to changing consumer demands, Domotex 2024 promises to be a vital catalyst for growth, fostering collaboration and driving the industry forward. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the world of flooring, this event offers a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and discover the future of floor coverings. Save the dates, January 11 to January 14, 2024, and join the global flooring community in Hannover for an unforgettable experience at Domotex 2024.

Date: January 11 to January 14, 2024

Venue: Hanover Fairground in Hannover, Germany


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