Furniture Salon Expo 2023

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Furniture Salon Expo 2023

  • Sep 15 , 2023 TO Sep 17 , 2023
  • 93
Furniture Salon Expo 2023

For Armenian and foreign manufacturers involved in the home décor, interior, timeless furnishings, design fixtures, furniture accessory, finance, and furnishings industries, Furniture Salon offers a distinctive stage. It displays goods from the furniture, office & industrial supplies, home furnishings & textiles, and architecture & design industries.
Furniture Salon enables you to thoroughly investigate and obtain essential facts on all established businesses, organizations, and businesses that operate not just in Armenia as well as throughout the world. It also aids in preserving effective promotion. The Furniture Salon EXPO 2023 offers experts and business owners a special experience to learn about the most recent advancements, engineering, and innovative concepts in all sectors of interior solutions because of how thoroughly it covers the subject exposition.

Venue: Karen Demirchyan Complex, Yerevan, Armenia

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