SPC Flooring : An Alternative To Wooden Flooring

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SPC Flooring : An Alternative To Wooden Flooring

  • Mar 11 , 2023
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SPC Flooring : An Alternative To Wooden Flooring

In case you're looking for a strong and jazzy option in contrast to a wooden flooring surface, think about SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring. This kind of deck isn't just profoundly strong, but it also offers you various appealing varieties to choose from. In next 7 minutes, you'll find all the data you’ll require to choose, install, and keep up with your SPC flooring in this blog.

Experience Luxury in SPC Floors

Understanding SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is a combination of stone dust and recycled plastics. This type of flooring is very easy to maintain, and it's waterproof and long-lasting. For those people who are searching for a style of wood without the added price or sustentation, SPC flooring will be the ideal choice because you can get lots of wood grain prints. High-quality SPC flooring going long years with the use of least maintenance.

Understanding SPC Flooring

The main advantage of using SPC flooring is that its installation process is very quick and easy. Also, it has a locking system, so you don't need to wait for long days or weeks after putting in the new floors. This eco-friendly product is apart from being reused due to its lack of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

When you compare solid hardwood and SPC flooring, you can see that SPC flooring is better because of its sound insulation and safety. SPC flooring can save your work costs and time. For bathrooms and kitchens, SPC flooring will be the perfect option because it's waterproof.

Installation of SPC Flooring

The SPC flooring installation process is very simple and effortless. The "Floating click-locking" technique is what makes it very easy.

Installation of SPC Flooring

You have to place each plank into the next piece without the use of glue. Before pushing them together for installation, at first, SPC planks set out in a proper arrangement with the right direction.

Once the installation process is done, just check if your planks are perfectly placed.

Advantages of SPC Flooring

There are a lot of advantages to using SPC flooring

It’s not an issue even if you have heavy furniture, as it requires too little maintenance. Also, it's long-lasting and resistant to water exposure. So just sweeping or wiping on the SPC flooring will also be enough. It comes in wood grain prints.

Therefore, it's less expensive and not too hard to maintain real wood. Moreover, you can install it on pre-existing surfaces, for example, tiles or concrete, without any extra requirements.

Advantages of SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring is waterproof, which means you don't need to be given extra care and airtight like traditional wooden flooring, and this element is made of shell, simple stone powder, and polymer resin. SPC flooring is better than wood because of its waterproof qualities.

Washrooms and cooking areas: both places always face water leak problems, so SPC flooring will be better for these two zones because it can endure mold and mildew growth. 

The SPC flooring installation process is simple and clutter-free. It just needs to be clicked together along the edge of one board that fits into a groove along the edge of the other board without requiring any glue. When you compare it with other flooring types, you will also get low installation costs in this SPC flooring.

Maintenance and Care for SPC Floors 

Proper maintenance for SPC flooring is essential for maintaining its condition. In a similar way, SPC flooring needs proper care and right maintenance. If you're using a vacuum cleaner to clean your floor, it’ll be pretty handy to clean all the dirty things from your floor.

Thus, it’ll give your floor a shining floor. Also, you can use a cloth or a mop to remove all the marks on your floor. Don't use a lot of water to clean your floor because excessive water might weaken your planks. Furthermore, you can put mats in those areas that are subject to water spills or excess moisture.

Maintenance and Care for SPC Floors 

Use doormats to protect your entryways from scratches and pits. For more protection, you can use furniture pads on a couch or chair legs. If you want to ensure longevity, use a protective pad under heavy furniture.

SPC floors are undoubtedly waterproof. Not just on SPC flooring, but you shouldn’t drag heavy things on any kind of flooring. It can mark a scratch on your floor. Make your floor shine & attractive by using quality hardwood cleaner.

Benefits of Using SPC Flooring Over Traditional Wooden Flooring

For those people who are searching for waterproof, reasonable, and classy flooring, SPC flooring will be an excellent choice for them. Compared to traditional floors, you can get a variety of design options in SPC flooring.

It is not only designed but also has lots of mesmerizing color and texture options. No need to worry about looks. SPC flooring is enough to give your flooring a commendable look and a positive vibe.

Moreover, compared to the wooden floors, SPC flooring is waterproof and free from mildew, mold, and blemishes. Wood floors need proper care, whether SPC flooring requires too little maintenance, but don’t skip normal wiping and cleaning.

Benefits of Using SPC Flooring Over Traditional Wooden Flooring

Hardwood and laminate flooring are both mixers of stone powder, plastic, and stabilizers. That's why are their price higher than SPC flooring. SPC flooring is not harmful to our environment, but few assets are necessary to maintain the floor.

These floors don’t need extension holes like wooden floors do; they can be quickly installed with more precision due to their click-together installation system.

Lastly, SPC flooring is waterproof and won't give you splinters or chips like wooden floors, despite the harm due to the high-pressure activity of moving heavy furniture around.

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